Friday, June 11, 2004

Hicks and Habib in the Melting Pot

Big enough now and we're gonna keep stirring, stirring, big enough.

Australia: The United States has brought three, [alleged], criminal charges against Australian David Hicks, accusing him of conspiracy to commit war crimes, attempted murder and aiding the enemy, the Pentagon has said.

But Mr David Hicks is really just a scapegoat for the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East, and he's being exploited, imprisoned and tortured. A after two years at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba most people would say that was harsh punishment for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being accused as a war criminal during a war of "some sort" in Afghanistan.

Take a pinch of white man, wrap it up in black skin, add a touch of blue blood and a little bitty bit of Red Indian boy.

David Hicks appeared to be getting on with his life exploring his wisdom like all young men and now he is no threat to anyone, especially once he had learned about the critical situation he just happened to be in 'the wrong place at the wrong time'.

Mr David Hicks has been bagged, bashed, tortured and kept in solitary confinement in extraordinary prison conditions. He never killed anyone, so who was he supposed to have attempted to murder, or is this some sort of mystery?

Curly black and kinky, oriental sexy, If you lump it all together, well you've got a recipe for a get along scene.

David Hicks was captured in Afghanistan in late 2001, then renditioned to Guantanamo Bay, and will face trial before a US military tribunal, [?] although no date was set, the Pentagon said in a statement.

Mr Hicks, 28, and another Australian, Egyptian-born Mamdouh Habib, have been held without charge at the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for more than two years.

By the way, what did Mamdouh do? Nothing as well? Oh does that mean he just lingers in Guantanamo Bat until he dies, because the US failed to find charges?

Oh what a beautiful dream, if it could only come true, you know, you know.

The Pentagon also confirmed earlier statements by the Australian Government that US prosecutors will not seek the death penalty against Mr David Hicks.

Is that because David Hicks is a scapegoat for the propaganda machine, the US, and that they would choose to spare his life? Good gracious what a bonus! If you serve the war effort they will spare your life!

What we need Is a great big melting pot, big enough to take the world, and all it's got. Keep it stirring for a hundred years or more, turning out Coffee coloured people by the score.

And it follows the US will charge their enemy with indictable charges whether their true or not to demonise them like Moqtada al-Sadr and use this great propaganda to defeat them.

The Pentagon alleges Hicks attended Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and conducted surveillance of the US and British embassies in Kabul.

[Just plain rubbish and propaganda.]

Perhaps he trained somewhere but conducting surveillance of the US and British embassies in Kabul that's just 'twist' the 'spin'.

They find some person who fits their ideal profile and they just exploit them.

[War criminal], Australian Prime Minister John Howard would like a few more sacrificial lambs for his election slaughter and that would validate his excuse for his war on terror, [?], that is actually a great war on liberty and resources in the Middle East, screwed around.

Just add that to the melting pot!

Now the US are trying to exploit our election and after we told, [war criminal], George Dubya Bush to pull his head in. Deputy Secretary of State, [war criminal], Richard Armitage had a go trying to bribe us and then that other idiot US secretary of state, [war criminal], Collin Powel bought into it as well.

The Un-Australian and US calls on Latham to rethink Iraq

Yes! out of our election scumbag and keep the black money for our collusion in your war crimes against humanity. This lunatic makes it loud and clear by trying to intimidate and threaten the Australian people.

Just add that to the melting pot!


JI assassins hunting for Australians

AN assassination squad of Jemaah Islamiah terrorists, [USA demon], is believed to have slipped into Indonesia to target Australian diplomats, businesspeople and other Westerners.

[Just plain rubbish fear-mongering and propaganda.]

Courtesy of the George Dubya Bush,[?], because we told him and his loser gang to pull their heads in and get out of our Federal Election.

If those fears don't work just watch the bombs go off.

David Hicks is the third Guantanamo prisoner to be charged.

"The defence team intends to fight these allegations, and that's all they are is allegations, to the fullest extent that we're allowed to and the resources that are provided to us," said Marine Corps Major Michael Mori, the military lawyer named to defend Hicks.

"It's unfortunate these allegations will never be tested in a fair and established justice system. There's just a complete lack of the independent judiciary and the independent appeals process that are the backbone of any criminal justice system we're used to. It's such a departure from fundamental fairness," Major Mori told Rooters.

Major Mori said the allegations show his client did not injure anyone.

"I think they're [the charges] a little weak and I'm wondering where the worst of the worst are," he said.

"David Hicks was labelled in the media that he's one of the 10 most dangerous men in the world and yet he's not charged with actually physically injuring anyone."

Rabbis and the friars, bishops and the gurus. We had the Beatles and the Sun Gods, a long time ago, it's true. But then it really didn't matter, what religion you chose, no, no, no.


The Pentagon statement said "military commission procedures provide for a full and fair trial," [?], including the presumption of innocence, a requirement of proof beyond a reasonable doubt to secure a conviction and an opportunity to present evidence and call witnesses. [?]

[Again, just plain rubbish and propaganda.]

Critics have noted the entire process is controlled by the Defence Department, including the appointment of the panel that will hear the case and a review panel to which any appeal would go. Unlike normal US military courts, there is no right to appeal to a civilian court in the military commissions.

Two months after the, [USA, CIA, reichstag, call to arms, false flag], September 11 attacks, President George W Bush authorised military trials of non-US citizens caught in what he calls the global war on terrorism.

[Just plain rubbish and propaganda.]

Mick and Lady Faithfull, lord and Mrs Graceful, you know the living could be tasteful. Why don't we all get together in a loving machine? I'd better call up the Queen, it's only fair that she knows, you know, you know.

Mr Hicks was held at Guantanamo for more than two years before being charged with conspiracy to commit war crimes, attempted murder by an unprivileged belligerent and aiding the enemy.

[Just plain rubbish and propaganda.]

The Pentagon said Mr Hicks attended Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan and conducted surveillance of the US and British embassies in Kabul.

[Just plain rubbish and propaganda.]

Prosecutors said David Hicks travelled to Afghanistan in January 2001 to attend a variety of al Qaeda training camps after earlier joining a paramilitary organisation fighting for Albanian Muslims in Kosovo and an Islamic extremist group in Pakistan.

[Just plain rubbish and propaganda.]

Prosecutors said Hicks met with Al Qaeda leaders including Osama bin Laden and Mohammed Atef and performed tasks including translating Al Qaeda training materials from Arabic to English.

[Just plain rubbish and propaganda.]

In February, the Pentagon charged Ali Hamza Ahmed Sulayman al Bahlul of Yemen and Ibrahim Ahmed Mahmoud al Qosi of Sudan.

What we need is a great big melting pot, big enough to take the world and all its got. Keep it stirring for a hundred years or more, turning out Coffee coloured people by the score....Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Just add that to the melting pot!

By Gregory Kable & Boyzone 11 June 04


Pentagon finds Bush not bound by torture laws: report?
A Pentagon report has concluded, [war criminal], President George W Bush was not bound by laws prohibiting torture and United States agents who might torture prisoners at his direction could not be prosecuted by the Justice Department, The Wall Street Journal has reported.

By the & of itself...just the facts..?
[War criminal], Alexander Downer: "Actually, if an Australian - if the Government is involved in a cover-up, then the Government therefore ipso facto must have known about the atrocities.

Looming Hicks charges no surprise, father says
The father of Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee, [prisoner], David Hicks says it would be wrong for, [war criminal], Prime Minister John Howard to take any credit for speeding up the legal processing of his son.

Howard double standard on prisoners
The [war criminal], Prime Minister's claim in Los Angeles overnight that "if an American commits a crime in Australia, that person is tried in Australia' falls flat in light of his decision to let the US try two marines alleged to be involved in attempted murder in Townsville, Greens Senator Bob Brown said today.

Labor, Greens criticise prisoner abuse probe
The Federal Opposition and the Greens have little confidence in an internal Defence Department investigation into the Iraqi prisoner abuse scandal.

Hicks, Habib detail abuse to Aust officials
A federal government department has revealed both Australians being held at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba have raised allegations of abuse with Australian officials.

I was misled on abuse: Howard?
[War criminal], Prime Minister John Howard says he did not mislead the public about when Australian officials became aware of allegations about the serious abuse of Iraqi prisoners.

Amnesty report criticises Aust, US
Amnesty International has accused Australia of using national security to justify the erosion of human rights and says the United States has proved "bankrupt of vision and bereft of principle" in its fight against terrorism and invasion of Iraq.

Australian officer visited Abu Ghraib
An Australian Army legal officer who served at the coalition's military headquarters in Baghdad visited the notorious Abu Ghraib prison on a number of occasions, a Senate committee has heard.

Family worried about son in Iraqi prison
The South Australian family of a man detained in Iraq says it is becoming increasingly concerned about his welfare. Ahmed Aziz Rafiq, 26, was born in Iraq, but has been living in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne.

Hicks interrogator features in CBS broadcast
An American television program has broadcast an interview with a man who interrogated Australian terror suspect, [scapegoat for the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East], David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

HRMU: Harm-U for Hicks, Habib?
[War criminal], Prime Minister John Howard, NSW Premier Bob Carr, Justice Minister John Hatzistergos and other State and Territory prison ministers have set out a grim blueprint of life in an Australian jail.

Hicks's lawyer welcomes prison decision
Guantanamo Bay detainee, [prisoner and scapegoat for the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East], David Hicks's lawyer has welcomed federal Parliament's decision to allow any prison sentence he may receive to be served in Australia. Mr Hicks and fellow Australian Mamdouh Habib have been held in Cuba without charge for more than two years.

Hicks trial won't be fair: US lawyer
The military lawyer assigned to Australian Guantanamo Bay inmate, [prisoner and scapegoat for the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East], David Hicks has launched one of the most serious attacks yet on the legal process surrounding his client.

US military criticises legal process for Guantanamo prisoners
Military lawyers assigned by the Pentagon to detainees, [prisoners], at Guantanamo Bay are planning to present a brief to the US Supreme Court tomorrow, criticising the fairness of the legal process.

Guantanamo detentions slammed
A leading human rights group has denounced the United States Government for continuing to hold prisoners without charge two years after it set up the detention, [prison], camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Vigil: Season's Greetings for David and Mamdouh
The objective is to continue to inform the public; and maintain the issue alive. There will be information on both David and Mamdouh to hand out to the general public. There will also be two Season's Greetings cards for the public to sign which will be presented to Alexander Downer - as Parliament will be on recess by then, I will ask the Fair Go for David Group in South Australia to present these to Downer.

US court delivers blow to Guantanamo policy
In a stinging rebuke of the Bush Government, a United States appeals court has ruled the US cannot imprison "enemy combatants," [scapegoats and patsy's for the Coaltion of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East], captured in Afghanistan, [held], indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay and deny them access to lawyers.

Hicks's lawyer hopeful of meeting before Christmas
Adelaide lawyer Stephen Kenny says he hopes to meet with United States military captive David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay before Christmas.

Red Cross warns resource wars in the Middle East are eroding human rights The head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has warned that the worldwide campaign against terrorism [the Coalition of the Killing's resource wars in the Middle East], must not be used to breach peoples right under international law.

Lawyers differ on Guantanamo deal
The lawyers for the two Australian men being held, [tortured in solitary confinement], at Guantanamo Bay have had different reactions to the, [war criminal], Federal Government's agreement with the, [war criminal], United States over procedures for any 'military trials'.

US 'political prisoners' demand rule of US law
FOREIGN prisoners, [scapegoats for the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East], held in Cuba, including Australians David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib, will never have played their legal card until they're freed!

Government should fund 'free Hicks' doco
TAXPAYERS have forked out $185,000 for a documentary promoting the release of David Hicks - because the Coalition of the Killing used him as a scapegoat for their illegal and degrading resource war's in the Middle East.

After a war waged by the U.S. military against Vietnam which took the lives of more than 3 million Vietnamese people and more than 58,000 GIs, the U.S. finally withdrew in 1975. It had suffered its first official major military defeat by a united people struggle led by the Vietnamese, along with a mass U.S. anti-war movement.

Supporters doubt PM's efforts to release Habib, Hicks
The supporters of two Australian detainees [prisoners] being held [tortured] by the United States at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba say they draw no comfort from [war criminal], Prime Minister John Howard raising the men's plight with [war criminal], US President George W Bush.

Greens For Freedom of Political Prisoners
The Greens politicians refused to be ejected and attempted to deliver a letter and photograph to the president. But Kerry was literally dragged away and that behaviour in Parliament was worrying.

Habib's wife to join Greens Protest during Bush Visit
The wife of an Australian man imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay has urged the Prime Minister to seek her husband's release when the United States President visits Australia this week.

Red Cross Criticizes Indefinite Detention in Guantanamo Bay
GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba, Oct. 9 A senior official of the International Committee of the Red Cross said on Thursday that the holding of more than 600 detainees [prisoners] here was unacceptable because they were being held for open-ended terms without proper legal process.

Australia: Crean backs war criminals
The Federal Labor leader, Simon Crean, has tried to head off planned protests by some opposition MPs when the US President addresses Parliament next week.

Bush's Vanished Prisoner
He Wonders Whether He Will See the Light of Day Again October 10th, 2003 6:00 PM

Guantanamo Bay treatment: Limbo
Former federal judges, diplomats, military officials and human rights advocates in the United States have urged the Supreme Court to review the cases of detainees [scapegoats for the Coalition of the Killing's resource wars in the Middle East], being held without charge at Guantanamo Bay in the name of terrorism.

Australia: Justice for Hicks & Habib
The public forum Justice for Hicks & Habib was quite a success. Approximately 130 people attended the event, a big number for a Saturday eve!

Pilger said White House knew Saddam was no threat
Australian investigative journalist John Pilger says he has evidence the war against Iraq was based on a lie which could cost George W Bush and Tony Blair their jobs and bring Prime Minister John Howard down with them.

Illegal and degrading war crimes: Society on the New World Order (OWN)! While Australia and the US are very distinctive societies war criminal, Prime Minister John Howard and war criminal, President George Bush share core values.

Civil Liabilities: Howard's diversity? I had a dream?
The war criminal, Prime Minister, John Howard, who only yesterday was claiming he was showing diversity has stepped up pressure on the states to support plans to increase the war criminal, Federal Attorney-General's powers to ban terrorist organisations, [scapegoats and patsies for the Coalition of the Killing's illegal and degrading resource wars in the Middle East.]

Terry Hicks Odyssey for Justice for his Imprisoned Son
Terry Hicks, David Hicks father, one of two Australian [scapegoats] held imprisoned [and tortured] at Guantanamo Bay, arrives tomorrow Saturday 20 September in Sydney. He will hold a Press Conference at 2pm at Breakout, 65 Bellevue St. Glebe.

Evidence that Howard was complicit in CIA, false flag, call to arms, Bali bombings War criminal John Howard was complicit in the call to arms - false flag operation - Bali bombings - instigated by the CIA - and the Coalition of the Killing - to bolster support - and quell dissent for their illegal and degrading resource wars in the Middle East.

State terror units caused the terror!
The level of suspicion and surveillance created by the [US false flag operation and call to arms] Bali bombings, created by [ the Coalition of the Killing and Australian's complicity to go to war on Iraq] means that all Australian's suffer the loss of their human rights, civil rights and their democratic rights, as well as those Australian's who lost their life in Bali.

Australia backs CIA Reichstag, Downer's propaganda
The Foreign Affairs Minister says the latest message from Osama bin Laden is worrying. [Just plain rubbish!]

Bin Laden calls? CIA blind man's bluff!
A [US propaganda, fear-mongering] taped message purportedly from Osama bin Laden has warned Arab nations against supporting a war against Iraq but has branded Saddam Hussein an infidel.