Wednesday, August 8, 2001

Youth Suicide

I would like to suggest firstly that starting at the root in a holistic pattern so that everyone in our community is included and a seed is planted to prevent our youth dying.

Firstly, children in our country have had extraordinary help from loving parents and perhaps for the right reasons. Hopefully the main reason is love.

However, we are all to willing to solve our children's problems, which can lead to children being stunted in problem solving areas.

For instance a child at any age can be asked to solve a problem before we suggest an answer to them. You may find that the child already has the skills required to solve their problem. If that is the case we can allow that child to solve the problem (whether we think there is a better answer or not). Unless the child asked us to help either because they do not have an answer or because they require a better way of solving the problem.

A child of six recently came up to me and said "can you open this box for me Mr?" I said Mm why dont you open it? The child said "ok" and opened the box. Therefore his parents may be opening this box at his request and not allowing the child to solve this simple task. All to willing to help because they love the child and had the time to show the child their way. Or it may simply, take a parent less time to deal with the problem. But did those parents help the child? Perhaps not, if in fact the child already had the skills.The child is not learning here to be affective at solving problems. In fact being road blocked by parents who either think it is either important to help all the time or because they have a better more efficient or suitable idea or because the parent is in a hurry.

The child is now a youth and is sixteen and doesn't make his/her school grade. Devastating to the youth's peer group and perhaps frustrating. Who knows how the youth really accepts the reality? That is why it is so important to know how to solve this loss of esteem for the youth.

The youth now is eighteen and loses his/her lover because the lover has moved on (as we do) and the same situation above may be also a problem (in this example) as well as the last (example) to move on past it by meeting someone else and accepting the loss.

Some things cannot be put to parents to solve for instance a drug dependency that has been hidden from the parents. Or in the last example even the (lover) depending on the culture and attitude of their parents.

Education Seed at the Root

At the root of course there is also a better seed to be planted in Government to prevent youth suicide.

Primarily our education system needs to be overhauled. So that ideas that are in the current literature are available to parents, friends and peers. Because parents somehow in their lives can get busy taking on a lot of commitment to get on in their lives (as we do) without thinking that there may be more efficient and new ideas to use raising children.

For instance Parent Effectiveness Training by Thomas Gordan PhD Importantly is redesigning the curriculum. For instance we need to have paramount those skills required for the children and youth to have maximum efficiency towards growth without taking to many risks and needing less resource to achieve equality. Like life skills, communication and conflict resolution together with John Howard's latest idea to improve Science and Maths. Further equal opportunity to obtain these skills.

The reason for this is that if you only depend on Maths and Science you may achieve more fiscal policy results (income from taxes) but not taken into account the inflation of loss from people who fall by the wayside not communicating or agreeing together Co-operatively to achieve a better result. If I may suggest some 5% in fact who end up either deceased or in jails.

For example try running to many sheep on a small block or farm land achieving an income without accepting that somewhere down the track the land will be worthless (inflation) and must be re purchased. The cost of course now needs to be taken off the income of the sheep to repurchase the land so you did not make as much as you first thought because the land was mismanaged. So how much income would be achieved by using our land efficiently?

A recent example is how much money was needed to be injected into the doctor patient regime whereby doctors who were highly educated still needed to notice that somehow they were not listening or getting the feedback required to solve their patients problems (sickness or ills).

Whether you're from lower, middle or upper class skills are not necessarily available to parents, friends or peers even if you have been to university level of education. Especially if we are all too willing to over help thinking we are doing our best (communicating).

Children need to be encouraged to express themselves, love themselves and communicate effectively and to resolve conflicts in order to form an agreement effectively.

For instance John is constructively feed back his achievements "I am a poet" Peter " I am a dancer". Mary "I am a pastry cook". Peers can suggest constructive criticism likes "John you're doing a great job and you have really tried hard that is so cool."

John can make an agreement and solve lots of problems in order to achieve without being frustrated to the point of wanting to end his life even if he cannot talk about his problem solving with any other person.

John may need less resources in order to achieve his goals and take fewer risks. John has a higher level of self worth and self esteem and sees himself as a dynamic instrument and loves himself. So much so that he would not want to hurt anyone elses feelings because he realises how important he is. Nor does he think he is not important enough to live.

Tantamount is that there is less inflation affecting the root source fiscally or otherwise. Like john who ends up (deceased) or in (jail) that in turn affects the macro level of resource leading to inefficiency. For Australia as a whole, or parents, friends and peers who are busy with their commitments.

We have heard it so many times.That no one had any idea that the deceased had such an enormous problem leading them to commit suicide. Even those so close to the person they loved so much.

By Gregory Kable 8 August 2001

Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Police Chronology 1994-2001

View [alleged] events in the NSW Police Force since the Wood Royal Commission began in 1994.

[I say alleged because no one should trust Four Corners [Walls], why? Because they spill out the propaganda of the day for the Government, whether it be wrong or right. A government that lies and has no remorse about it.]


May Justice James Wood is appointed Commissioner of the Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service ('WRC').


June Peter Ryan is appointed NSW Police Commissioner.

August Peter Ryan is sworn in, promising to nail the bent coppers and get rid of the hierarchy.

Sep. 1
Peter Ryan's first day on the job.

November The Wood Royal Commission announces its Interim recommendations:

* Abolish the Police Board.

* Commissioner to be given the power to hire and fire all staff.

* Officers to complete financial statements and explain how assets were acquired.

* A Police Integrity Commission (PIC) should audit police to detect corruption.

[? Why should they, ( hand picked senior police PIC) investigate their own? As soon as they flicked Justice James Wood? The corruption they (police) would detect would only be those 'selected few' who would not do Bob Carr's 'Noble Cause Corruption' or those 'corrupt cops' who couldn't escape 'public scrutiny' and who stood out like dogs balls?]

* Random drug/alcohol testing of all officers.

* Require police to provide integrity declarations every 3 yrs and on promotion.

Ryan outlines his vision for the service. He comments that the service is driven by fear which causes officers to lie and cheat and perjure themselves rather than admit simple mistakes. [So that is to suggest that the cops never lied and cheated and perjured themselves for Noble Cause Corruption? Good throw off anyway!] He states that he wants more police on the streets as a lack of supervision was largely responsible for the corruption.

2,000 police march on Parliament House to protest against Ryan's new powers under the Police Reform Act which includes the authority to remove officers based on a "loss of the Commissioner's confidence". [They couldn't get their own way?]

Dec. 16 NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan backs down by agreeing not to use his new powers to sack corrupt officers retrospectively. [Why not?]


January The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) opens for business. [Police Selective Commission, (PSC). If they don't do Noble Cause Corruption or if they stand out in the eyes of the general public, because they did something seriously wrong, then they get nailed, otherwise, that's alright then.]

March Ryan axes the Special Branch.
WRC Public hearings end.

April Justice Wood resigns as Commissioner of the PIC. [He won't do the dirty work?]

May NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan announces plans to sack 200 disgraced police. Final report of the WRC released with 174 recommendations on how to end the culture of corruption.

June 28 Ron Levi is shot by officers Rodney Podesta and Anthony Dilorenzo on Bondi Beach.

December Internal Affairs Operation Gymea, an investigation of the elite Task Force Bax which had been set up to clean up Kings Cross and the police service's image, culminates in the release of damning evidence at the PIC. [But perhaps not as damning if the evidence was looked at Independently?]


February NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan says 109 officers had been dismissed after being identified as inept or corrupt by the WRC, the PIC or Internal Affairs.

Ryan sacks 19 officers, 18 of whom are alleged to have committed drug offences or stealing offences.

March The State Coroner concludes the inquest into Ron Levi's death and finds that the 2 officers have a case to answer. The Director of Public Prosecutions declines to proceed.

May NSW Police Minister Paul Whelan says 99% of the 172 recommendations in the WRC final report have been implemented or are close to being implemented.

The NSW Ombudsman reveals that 380 officers have been targeted for dismissal for alleged corruption, misconduct and incompetence.

June NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan announces plans to introduce random drug testing for police officers.

August NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan decides on a backlog of 300 cases of alleged misconduct. 12 officers (4%) are sacked, 75 officers (25%) resign or are declared medically unfit.

Sydney criminal Neddy Smith tells of his 'green light' while giving evidence at his murder trial.

September NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan receives from Internal Affairs (IA) a fresh list of 100 officers whose careers are in jeopardy following IA investigations into alleged serious breaches of conduct including corruption.

November The NSW Ombudsman Annual Report details 5000 complaints against the police service and 110 criminal charges against police officers in the previous 12 months.

NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan admits there was "some truth" to reports that weapons handed in during the guns back-back scheme had been stolen by police officers and sold to gangs or turned in again for money. The investigation into the matter is called Task Force Majorca.

December The Police Integrity Commission Annual Report says the first half of the financial year saw a near doubling of complaints against police alleging attempts to pervert the course of justice.


January NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan admits in an interview with Britain's Daily Mail that "we are not winning on the drugs front" and that drugs are the "root of most crime".

February NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan signs a new contract making him Australia's highest paid public servant.

Feb-March The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) holds hearings into the use and sale of illegal drugs by serving and former police.

March The Police Service allows public access to their Special Branch dossiers.

April Superintendent Ray Adams retires from Kings Cross command after spending two years trying to clean it up. Adams admits that although crime rates are down that the drug scourge "remains unanswered".

August NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan sends a memo to every station in NSW advising that Cabramatta and other key commands have been downgraded.

5000 officers participate in a survey to gauge the progress of anti-corruption reform.

October On the eve of the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) hearing into the Roni Levi shooting, Rodney Podesta admits in Sydney local Court to dealing in cocaine.

November Police in inner and south-western suburbs begin a "go slow" over staffing shortfalls.


May A Police Integrity Commission (PIC) audit finds that internal police investigations are "biased", pursued with less vigour than criminal investigations, and that more than a quarter of internal inquiries into complaints against police were "unsatisfactory": only 7% included checks on an officer's history of complaints; juniors investigated seniors and officers often investigated colleagues working in the same area. The PIC criticised decisions not to investigate 43.5% of complaints as "unreasonable" where the offences involved were stealing, corruption, drinking and drug use.

the same could be said about the Ombudsman, and the PIC is no good cop either!!! Notice, that the PIC never criticiced itself, SEE, so who is going to do that? The PIC is selective! And the Ombudsman doesn't seek any formula for police investigations from the police who are being investigated. SEE!]

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a quarter of NSW's police patrols are officially without leaders. The Police Service advertises for 18 local area commanders and 960 vacant sergeants positions. The Police Service says the vacancies are due to "retirements, promotions and other changed circumstances".

An undercover Internal Affairs (IA)detective investigating crooked police in drug trafficking and gang warfare is arrested and charged with firearm and drugs offences.

July The Upper House Committee inquiry into police resources at Cabramatta is announced.

Police Minister Paul Whelan and the police service confirm that an investigation into serious misconduct at Goulburn Police Academy had been going on for "some time". [Who investigated Paul Whelan?

August The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) raises concerns in a report to Parliament that up to 50 officers are still moonlighting in risky areas such as the liquor, gaming and security industries.

Oct-Dec The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) hears in camera evidence [?] on claims that antagonistic senior officers are killing the reform process.

A draft of NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan's manifesto, Future Directions 2001-2005 is leaked to the Sydney Morning Herald and published on the Internet.

December The Police Integrity Commission (PIC) expresses "concern and disappointment" at unsatisfactory police response to anti-corruption proposals.

NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan reshuffles 16 senior police. Assistant Commissioners Clive Small (Crime Agencies) and Mal Brammer (Internal Affairs & Special Crimes) are relieved of their posts and transferred to field commands.

On claims that antagonistic senior officers are killing the reform process?]

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a leaked Internal Affairs report Operation Radium confirms officers have rorted the promotion system by circulating the lists of interview questions.


QSARP, a wide-ranging audit of the NSW Police Service, is released. It is critical of the reform process saying that although "some real progress had been achieved" it was "systematically limited", fragmented, patchy, slow and in some areas had come to a halt.

It disagrees with NSW Police Commissioner Peter Ryan's view that reform is near completion and criticises Ryan for a vision "which does not address the key themes developed in the recommendations of the Royal Commission". Ryan rejects the report saying it is 12 months old and narrow in focus.

March The Cabramatta Inquiry censures Police Minister Paul Whelan for interfering and for calling for the Inquiry's termination.

[The minister getting the drug money? What did he have to gain? Helping out his mates? A minister who could organise a political cover-up and could organise the death of John Newman even? Newman who wanted the drugs stopped? Paul Whelan owned and greenlighted a number of his own pubs that were selling drugs. Bad enough if it was just a bent cop who did Newman in but what about a police sinister?]

Officers at Cabramatta vote unanimously to support Detective Sergeant Tim Priest's evidence on drug and gang activity but stop short on his claims about management ignoring reports on gang crime.

Christine Nixon is appointed Commissioner of Victorian Police.

Victorian cops the most corrupt in Australia

One of the officers at the scene of the fatal shooting of Jim Hallinan from Tumut faces dismissal after testing positive to cannabis after the shooting.

The drugs case against Richard Gordon Tyler is adjourned after the court is told that an officer in the Internal Affairs unit may have lied to judges while applying for listening devices for a sting operation.

March NSW Premier Bob Carr announces a reversal of the 1999 Cabramatta downgrade.

May Police Minister Paul Whelan says police fabricated evidence to obtain convictions in "countless cases" and announces plans to establish an innocence panel in January 2002 to review suspect convictions.

[Which was terminated after one case. That doesn't make Whelan a hero!]

June The Police Integrity Commission recommends tough random drug testing be introduced immediately in a scathing report on the shooting of Ron Levi. It finds "compelling reasons" to broaden action over officers using drugs.

July Two senior commanders and five officers from Internal Affairs are stood down while being investigated on charges of perverting the course of justice. It is alleged that the officers lied to the Supreme Court to get search warrants and permission to install listening devices to be used in an ultimately botched sting operation/integrity test to trap young officers.

NSW Premier Bob Carr rebukes police leadership saying they had taken their eye off the ball in dealing with drug-related violent crime in Cabramatta. [Or they gave the green light, hence they also had to get rid of John Newman.]

The report of the Upper House Inquiry is released. It finds deficiencies in policing in Cabramatta are a direct result of the police service's failure to communicate with locals and the senior officers' failure to listen to front-line officers. [Nothing about a Green Light?]

It finds buck passing, mismanagement and low morale in front line officers and that drug related crimes ran out of control while the service instructed officers to focus on keeping crime statistics and normal suburban crime. [Nothing about a Green Light?]

August Tapes played at the Police Integrity Commission show Inspector Robert Menzies received confidential information about prospective questions from Senior Constable Graham Kel after the latter's interview for sergeant and before Menzies' interview for duty officer.

September The Carr Government ramps up sentences for gang-related crime. 16 new offences or tougher sentences are introduced in three weeks. [What has that got to do with a police chronology?

The Carr Government announces that it will make false complaints against a police officer a crime.

[And if the cops claimed someone did make such a complaint then that would mean that the perpetrator could reverse justice.]


Corrupt NSW police officer sacked
New South Wales Police Commissioner Ken Moroney has sacked an officer who confessed to being involved in corrupt activities over the past eight years.

A corrupt way to treat the community?
I seen the police bleeding on Nine's Sunday program arguing that promotion should depend on how many crimes police have solved and not how many brains they have and that was coming from police commissioner Ken Moroney and Police Minister John Watkins?

NSW police drug amnesty under review
A drug amnesty for the New South Wales police force is under review, Police Commissioner Ken Moroney has said.

Police to uphold law not decide mental health
A diagnosis of mental illness could be made over the phone instead of in person, and involuntary psychiatric patients could lose the right to have their case reviewed by a magistrate, under proposed changes to NSW mental health laws.

Policeman draws blank on fake raids
A suspended Sydney policeman has told an inquiry that he has "little recollection" of the details of fake police raids he set up.

Officer planned to kidnap criminals
A senior Sydney police officer who has admitted taking money for tipping off a child porn suspect had also been planning to kidnap criminals and extort money from them, the Police Integrity Commission heard yesterday.

Redfern police need education not weapons
According to the description of one senior police officer, the ACLO called out on the afternoon before the Redfern violence escalated was "hopeless, intoxicated and had no driver's licence."

Bulldogs simply not the best!

No confidence in 'Force' when service is out the door
How are shopkeepers and service staff going to feel today knowing police are vulnerable to be attacked while serving customers at the counter of a police station?

Every dog has his day: Brammer resigns
The Police Integrity Commission found that Brammer, along with other senior police, had at times displayed a lack of support for the former police reform body, the Crime Management Support Unit.

MPs told of police corruption
Corruption and mismanagement are still entrenched in the NSW Police, and problems at the highest levels are "whitewashed", according to evidence given yesterday to a federal parliamentary committee.

Black Knight Moroney to give evidence?
Accusations about former high-ranking NSW policewoman Lola Scott's alleged failure to act against paedophiles have dominated a federal crime inquiry hearing in Sydney.

The NSW Police Force
The NSW Police Force has stopped production on its new movie Viking. Viking, showing in NSW Parliament House and in the suburbs of Sydney recently.

Crime victim group wants say in money allocation
A spokesperson from Justice Action Mr Brett Collins said, "Victims should be properly compensated regardless of the source and that is currently the law. The law says you don't need to find even the offender to get compensation. This is an attempt by the opposition to create a law and order issue-involving victims when there is in fact no issue!

Abolition of 800 year old double jeopardy law a crime
The 800-year-old rule prevents a person who's acquitted of a criminal charge from ever being re-tried for that offense.

When real safety is jeopardised in NSW
Perception of crime is still a problem in NSW, with a new Productivity Commission report showing the state's citizens feel less safe than most of their counterparts.

Call to Bronwyn Bishop's Federal Crime Inquiry
I call on Bronwyn Bishop to allow me to produce first evidence about police corruption and to be able to attend Parliament House Sydney without fear of conviction.

Australia: politicians should watch police
In Sydney yesterday the Opposition police spokesman, Andrew Tink, urged Federal Labor MPs to allow the public hearing of the claims, which include that senior police, the PIC and the Ombudsman's office were failing to investigate legitimate complaints of misconduct, including corruption in the police promotion system.

The community questions ICAC's slagging and fobbing you off?
The ICAC, Commissions, Ombudsman, Police Integrity Commission (PIC), and numerous Tribunals etc, are all arms of government set up as an insurance police for the government's 3 or 4 year election terms. In short they'll be out of office by the time you may be lucky enough to have your matter heard.

Who is bad?
Super Rat? M5? M11? K8? N2? So I trust that some people who, with the photos and guns guessed that a jury would quickly establish a case against a profiled person whom, you just had a picture and a history of. Common knowledge? The government knew their victims would take the blame. Not just chess in court, 'moving around the pieces', but 'putting false evidence, or not enough evidence before the jury."

2,500 crooked detectives? Or a corrupt Government?
Evan Whitton: Either two things occurred. If you said you didn't join the police force to extort money from working girls, your papers were marked 'not suitable for plain clothes' and you were sent back to uniform.

How to become corruption resistant in NSW
Don't trust those who cannot prove themselves with the little amounts of trust you give them. Just because they have a letter of perceived trust doesn't mean they can be trusted.

This is not how you eat 'antisocial behaviour'
Process corruption, perjury, planting of evidence, verbals, fabricated confessions, denial of suspects rights, a solicitor to induce confessions, tampering with electronic recording equipment, framing. Generally green lighting crime, and I say Murder, including the kids who overdosed on heroin. No doubt.

Black Knight - Long way to go home
In line with the current climate of police corruption and the demise of the reform unit set up by Wood, these facts ought to have been a good reason to leave Moroney out of the package as Commissioner.

Come in spinner? Or Come in sinner?
"You don't have, in my view very vigilant processes. I suppose it's akin to the problem of corruption within the police," he told the ABC radio. " People say there's corruption with the police (but) do you get the police to investigate problems within their own ranks?

I am disturbed by Governments 'actions' in relation to shuffling the police service. Clive Small seconded into Parliament like a cocky in a perch. A breach of the fundamental Separation of Powers Doctrine does not in my view allow the thought of intervening, planning, or shuffling to stack the deck of our police service. The one that suppose to be autonomous according to Lord Denning. Where the Parliamentary Secretary can ask the commissioner of police to 'report' then sack him if he is not satisfied with such report.

Australia's Political Underworld...& their enforcers
The promotion of law and order means money to big business. Profits from insurance, security fixtures, patrol services and the like can only continue to grow if the perceived threat of uncontrollable crime wave escalates. In the past few months there have been many examples of the true nature of our blood thirsty politicians and their sinister attempts to spoon-feed a not so gullible public with their repetitious rhetoric.

Who is telling the truth? Well I guess Dr. Ed. Chadbourne or Mr. Peter Ryan may have the answer to that. Dr. Chadbourne sacked by Peter Ryan and more specifically in my view because he elected deputy commissioners Dave Madden and Andrew Scipione as the best men in the service in relation to his qualifications to make a recommendation in his capacity as human resources.That is if you believe that a Dr. can be corrupted.

What is happening between the Police Service and politics is quite extraordinary at the moment. If stand over tactics don't work tell half the truth honestly and follow the example of sheep. Another word for it is sleaze, yeah. Another word for it is workplace harassment. Another word for it is bribing a Police Officer. Another word for it is misleading Parliament.

Tele Tales
Most people I know don't buy the Daily Telegraph. Why? Because of the lies and propaganda purported by them.

Lord Denning
Interesting how a member of the Police Board Mr. Tim Priest would hold grave fears for his safety from dangerous senior police but fails to name them or have them sacked. Rather Priest resigns as if he had no powers. Could that mean what he was saying is that the Governments are also corrupt?

Clive Small is Bob Carr's choice for the new Police Commissioner. It could only be the case considering his, Small's special appointment into Parliament House. Small who suffers from the little person syndrome is the ideal bend over boy who gets shuffled through his corrupt actions. Rolling the legal system for him after the fact, just like his predecessor Roger the dodger Rogerson.

Black Nexus
The Separation of Powers Doctrine is nowcontaminated witharangeofcolours, now leaving us with a black shirt on a once blue bridge that crossed that thin blue line. The 'Amery and Woodham show'.

Same boat
The Premier, Bob Carr, relies on a militia. A gang of bikies and our Police Service, to show all of us he is no murderer. He should be taken to the task along with his partners in crime like Clive Small to account for those people who like my self have been maliciously assaulted and who have complained, without any service and those who cannot speak for themselves who were murdered, like Terry Falconer. Terry murdered in custody.

Good Cop
Why have our democratic institutions broken down? It's not just the criminal justice system. The Anti-Corruption Network exposes the same issues. A group of white-collar workers who say they have suffered as follows:

I refer to the Daily Telegraph article 22 March 2002 under the heading Priest quits advisory job.

Partners in crime - history!
Roger Rogerson, the old hero, who never faced a result in the Warren Lanfranchi, or Sally-Anne Huckstepp murders, was let off in my opinion when the New South Wales Government rolled the legal system (deciding what evidence to give the police prosecutor) to have the jury believe the illusion they (the Government wanted to create).