Monday, April 8, 2002

Tele Tales

Most people I know don't buy the Daily Telegraph. Why? Because of the lies and propaganda purported by them.

The story goes that they bend over and Cop-it off the Police Service. If they don't they don't get all the stories first hand. Nor do they get work (advertising) off the Government unless they produce lies and propaganda as well.

So bend over, and cop this. I sent your paper articles in relation to the Loser Gang (bikies) in particular Rebells, Polair and off duty police working together.

I picked up your Saturday edition 6 April 2002 while sitting on a park bench.There it was a racist article in relation to a list of so called ethnic (labels) gangs in our schools. But I didn't see the Loser Gang the agents who sell heroin and guns and employ youths and children in our schools. I did not see anything in relation to the fact that the Police Service Green light these bikies and in fact work with them off duty.

Perhaps if you want to give out Blue Ribbons to police who die in the line of duty then tell us why the constable was driving in an unmarked Police vehicle. Then you can go on and hand out Red Ribbons to the fireman who died in the line of duty. Then you can hand out Crimson Ribbons to all the Children who died because the Police Service sold them heroin in the line of their Survival.

What about Purple Ribbons to all the Garbage collectors who are nocked down and killed by motorists in the line of their work. What about Green Ribbons to all those Prisoners set up incarcerated and killed in the line of their Survival.You can go on to hand out Black Ribbons to all those people Murdered by Police and Civilians alike.

Only then can you tie a Yellow Ribbon around the Old Oak Tree.

Then we wont end up with another hit squad purported to be required because of the so-called alarming guns culture.

Police who will spend there time stalking innocent citizens instead of policing. I might add what about real police work. Perhaps they could take over and thoroughly investigate unsolved murders.

By William Tell 8 April 2002

ED: Sunday is Sunday without the Daily Telegraph Ruff Ruff.


Lord Denning
Interesting how a member of the Police Board Mr. Tim Priest would hold grave fears for his safety from dangerous senior police but fails to name them or have them sacked. Rather Priest resigns as if he had no powers. Could that mean what he was saying is that the Governments are also corrupt?

Clive Small is Bob Carr's choice for the new Police Commissioner. It could only be the case considering his, Small's special appointment into Parliament House. Small who suffers from the little person syndrome is the ideal bend over boy who gets shuffled through his corrupt actions. Rolling the legal system for him after the fact, just like his predecessor Roger the dodger Rogerson.

Black Nexus
The Separation of Powers Doctrine is nowcontaminated witharangeofcolours, now leaving us with a black shirt on a once blue bridge that crossed that thin blue line. The 'Amery and Woodham show'.

Same boat
The Premier, Bob Carr, relies on a militia. A gang of bikies and our Police Service, to show all of us he is no murderer. He should be taken to the task along with his partners in crime like Clive Small to account for those people who like my self have been maliciously assaulted and who have complained, without any service and those who cannot speak for themselves who were murdered, like Terry Falconer. Terry murdered in custody.

Good Cop
Why have our democratic institutions broken down? It's not just the criminal justice system. The Anti-Corruption Network exposes the same issues. A group of white-collar workers who say they have suffered as follows:

I refer to the Daily Telegraph article 22 March 2002 under the heading Priest quits advisory job.

Partners in crime - history!
Roger Rogerson, the old hero, who never faced a result in the Warren Lanfranchi, or Sally-Anne Huckstepp murders, was let off in my opinion when the New South Wales Government rolled the legal system (deciding what evidence to give the police prosecutor) to have the jury believe the illusion they (the Government wanted to create).

Police Chronology 1994-2001
View events in the NSW Police Force since the Wood Royal Commission began in 1994. 1994 May Justice James Wood is appointed Commissioner of the Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service ('WRC').