Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Same boat

The Premier, Bob Carr, relies on a militia. A gang of bikies and our Police Service, to show all of us he is no murderer. He should be taken to the task along with his partners in crime like Clive Small to account for those people who like my self have been maliciously assaulted and who have complained, without any service and those who cannot speak for themselves who were murdered, like Terry Falconer. Terry murdered in custody.

Like Ms Rebecca Bernauer murdered before she could give evidence against police and like all the youths that died of a heroin overdose after police sold heroin for a slimy mackeral. .

People who can prove that there has been an attempt on their life by the NSW Police Service and the bikies. Those who are still alive to prove it ought to be given the right to prove it before their taken away at the hands of the government.

The evidence my friends you have received by fax but not completely investigated by those who refuse to have it done. Directives issued to our democratic agencies and institutions by the government who veto complaints. Complaints that have either been interfered with or directed not to be looked at.

For instance who is going not only to check the vehicle registration numbers and be trusted to do so? The perpetrators? I do not think so.

Our political leaders are all messed up because they do not see equality as omnipotent when they make decisions for all of us. In other words they are not in the Same Boat.

Bob Carr, if you are in the same boat go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go and do not collect $200.

Throwing people on the scrap heap because of your own policies that do not work. First you want a taxpayer and when that fails you want a garbage bin (jail) for our young and old alike. How about a new policy? What you see is what you get.

Try leading by example and answer the allegations I put to you.

1. How many NSW Citizens, who have stood in the way of your political agenda did you murder?

2. How many times did your police-bikies and militia repeatedly assault NSW citizens?

3. How many times did you convict innocent NSW Citizens?

4. How many times did you set up NSW Citizens for crimes they never committed?

By Gregory Kable 20 March 2002


Good Cop
Why have our democratic institutions broken down? It's not just the criminal justice system. The Anti-Corruption Network exposes the same issues. A group of white-collar workers who say they have suffered as follows:


I refer to the Daily Telegraph article 22 March 2002 under the heading Priest quits advisory job.

Partners in crime - history!
Roger Rogerson, the old hero, who never faced a result in the Warren Lanfranchi, or Sally-Anne Huckstepp murders, was let off in my opinion when the New South Wales Government rolled the legal system (deciding what evidence to give the police prosecutor) to have the jury believe the illusion they (the Government wanted to create).

Police Chronology 1994-2001
View events in the NSW Police Force since the Wood Royal Commission began in 1994. 1994 May Justice James Wood is appointed Commissioner of the Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service ('WRC').