Friday, February 7, 2003

When real safety is jeopardised in NSW

Perception of crime is still a problem in NSW, with a new Productivity Commission report showing the state's citizens feel less safe than most of their counterparts.

Most likely because of John Howard and Bob Carr's fear mongering.

A spokesperson for Justice Action Mr Brett Collins said, "Why not deal with the problem honestly and use research to guide crime control. NSW citizens want real safety, not political posturing like, more police and longer sentences."

"Not more guns and capsicum spray. How about early detection and real community policing." He said.

Concern about crime is one of a number of performance "glitches" uncovered by the commission in its annual report card on state services.

All the publicity from the Police Integrity Commission early last year and now Bronwyn Bishops Federal Crime Inquiry late last year exposing [some, hand picked] senior police as corrupt.

[But noble cause corruptions, that's okay?]

Australia: politicians should watch police

In Sydney yesterday the Opposition police spokesman, Andrew Tink, urged Federal Labor MPs to allow the public hearing of the claims, which include that senior police, the PIC and the Ombudsman's office were failing to investigate legitimate complaints of misconduct, including corruption in the police promotion system.

The community questions ICAC's slagging and fobbing you off?

The ICAC, Commissions, Ombudsman, Police Integrity Commission (PIC), and numerous Tribunals etc, are all arms of government set up as an insurance police for the government's 3 or 4 year election terms. In short they'll be out of office by the time you may be lucky enough to have your matter heard.

Who is bad?

Super Rat? M5? M11? K8? N2? So I trust that some people who, with the photos and guns guessed that a jury would quickly establish a case against a profiled person whom, you just had a picture and a history of. Common knowledge? The government knew their victims would take the blame. Not just chess in court, 'moving around the pieces', but 'putting false evidence, or not enough evidence before the jury."

Ms Bishop said she will publicly air these allegations before the March 22 state election?

NSW Citizens will believe her so they can make the right choice when they go to the polls?

The 2003 Report on Government Services also highlights flaws in the key service-delivery areas of health, education and community services - ensuring the document will be hotly debated in the final weeks of the NSW election campaign.

It has already become a political football, with NSW ministers contesting some of the findings and the Howard Government using it to attack federal Labor over its policies.

On crime, the report notes that while nationally 91.3 per cent of adults felt "safe" or "very safe" at home alone during the day, only Western Australia - at 87.2 per cent - had a rate lower than NSW.

NSW also came second last in a study of adults who felt "safe" or "very safe" in their homes after dark, with similar results for safety perceptions on public transport and while walking or jogging after dark.

Last year the Premier, Bob Carr, acknowledged concern over the public's perception of crime.

Carr [allegedly] decided to make the reduction of community fear a key performance indicator in the contract of the Police Commissioner, Ken Moroney. [But not in relation to fear mongering about terrorists and the need for draconian laws!]

But even the International Commission of Jurists was not safe from the wrath of the rampant Premier.

When Supreme Court Justice Dowd told the Senate that anti-terrorism laws were exploiting a climate of hysteria to abolish fundamental rights, Carr was quick to demonstrate how hysterical he could get. "Can't John Dowd get it into his thick head that [the CIA false flag] Bali occurred, that we have a problem here, that these threats are real?" he fumed.

[Real, state-terror, created by the Coalition of the Killing to raise fears, bolster support and to quell dissent for their illegal and degrading resource wars in the Middle East. I fumed!!!]

Although it is an important objective of the police services is to 'reassure the public' by ensuring that the community feels safe (within themselves and regarding their property) in public and private," the report states.

Perceptions of safety are reported here, although these perceptions may not reflect reported crime for many reasons - for example, reported crime may understate actual crime, under-reporting may vary across jurisdictions and many factors (including media reporting) may affect public perceptions of crime levels and safety."

NSW citizens led the country in their perception of the prevalence of police corruption.

NSW citizens report more police corruption than any other state. Most people are frightened of police themselves and have no confidence in the Carr government at all.

The report refers to an unpublished survey of community attitudes towards policing which shows that NSW citizens still harbour concerns about their constabulary. The state was less inclined to profess satisfaction with police performance. NSW was also behind other states in terms of perception of police honesty.

By Gregory Kable 7 Feb 03

THE WHISTLEBLOWER: Call to Bronwyn Bishop's Federal Crime Inquiry before the NSW State Election on March 22!


The Great Australian Bite
When the Government stands by terrorism kits amid criticism and is issuing fridge door terror kit's, at $15m a 'waste' according to the critics? Perhaps critics who never went to war yet? And when masked groups are helping asylum seekers to escape and our Nuclear protesters are being arrested. Then where having our blood sucked out!

War: Part one The human cost
On the road to Basra, ITV was filming wild dogs as they tore at the corpses of the Iraqi dead. Every few seconds a ravenous beast would rip off a decaying arm and make off with it over the desert in front of us, dead fingers trailing through the sand, the remains of the burned military sleeve flapping in the wind. "Just for the record,'' the cameraman said to me. Of course. Because ITV would never show such footage.

Mandela speaks out against Bush, Blair
Former South African leader Nelson Mandela has lashed out at US President George W Bush's stance on Iraq, saying the US leader has no foresight, and cannot think properly.

All the way with (LPK) Love Peace and Kindness: Dalai Lama
Communication is a two way street. Threats and punishment solve nothing and serve none. In fact it is against the law in most countries to threaten or punish a person.

Hill defends decision to attack Iraq: Step by step?
FEDERAL Defence [War] Minister [Sinister] Robert Hill has defended the government's decision to send troops [ send militia] to the Persian Gulf [ to attack Iraq] in readiness for any [pre-emptive strike that would cause a] conflict with Iraq.

Pleas for peace ring the globe
Anti-war demonstrators turned out in their hundreds of thousands around the world on Saturday to protest against United States military preparations for an invasion of Iraq.

Not too late for Iraq peace, Blix says
But we all know that's rubbish now. The Coalition of the Killing were not seeking WMD in Iraq, they were there for their resource wars. So who gave the 'UN' and Blix the wrong information back then? War criminals!

George Bush's other poodle
John Howard, Australia's PM, is the mouse that roars for America, whipping his country into war fever and paranoia about terrorism within.

Better late than never 'Democrats'
The Democrats are confident they will win at least one seat in the upper house in the NSW election by tapping into voter unease about the Carr Government's tough anti-terrorism laws.

US prepares for trade talks with Australia but it's not worth it!
The office of the United States Trade Representative has started formally preparing its negotiating position for the first round of talks on a free trade agreement between Australia and the US.

As we go to press (December 2002), both the Federal parliament and the NSW parliament are debating legislation that would give police and ASIO agents greater powers of search, interrogation and detention, and significantly erode the fundamental rights of citizens. In both cases, of course, the alleged purpose of the bills is to combat terrorism.

Civil and Democratic Islam websites communicating?
In other words another propaganda green light from the west to bolster support and quell dissent and to continue the Coalition of the Killings illegal and degrading resource wars in the Middle East.

Govt plays down reports of complicity to torture its own citizens
The complicit federal Government says reports there are two highly trained members of Al Qaeda operating in Australia selling GI and are consistent with information it has already released.

Alarm over terror in 'Australia'?
All of the families ASIO raided in October were believed to have attended the weekend camps, which have run for the past five years. GI cordial was on the refreshment list of drinks.

Special powers? Or political grandstanding?
In NSW, great slews of legislation over the past year have increased powers for everything from police to sniffer pups and train guards and vastly reduced the rights of individuals to engage in civil disobedience, freedom of expression and communication with each other.

First strike and you're out!
The ideology of a super loser? John Howard shocks the nation again. A nation who cannot believe Howard's stupidity following his [complicity in the CIA's false flag operation, the Bali bombing.]

UN charter doesn't reflect new self-defence needs: Hill?
The Defence [War] Minister, Robert Hill, says the United Nations' charter needs to be changed to help countries defend themselves against potential threats. [?] [Pre-emptive strikes on soveriegn nation states like Iraq and Afghanistan?]

Middle Eastern: Specific Legislation
"If there is a target person the police would have powers in relation to that type of person," Mr Costa said. Asked what he meant by "type of person", Mr Costa said: "The example that's been given is if there's a description of somebody, an identikit photograph released by Interpol or other agencies ... these powers may well be exercised on that type of person."

Suspicious police are not trusted to terrorise the community
Short memory my friends when just around the corner police were out of control and now you want to trust Police in NSW to be given extraordinary powers to search vehicles, sites and even a general "type of person" in the event of a terrorism threat or after a terrorist attack.

Howard defends terror alert
Prime Minister John Howard says the Federal Government would not have issued a terror alert if it had not come from a credible source. (America?) Speaking for the first time since the Government revealed the warning, Mr Howard says he wants people to be more careful, but not to stop living. [As long as they don't go dancing in Bali? And sure we'll all be depressed for as long as John Howard and Bob Carr say so.]

Carr backs Fed Govt's terror alert
New South Wales Premier Bob Carr has defended the Federal Government's decision to issue a warning to Australians about a possible terrorist attack in Australia.

NSW Police Force may get 'special powers'
Civil libertarians are questioning the need for further anti-terrorism laws, which will be announced in the New South Wales Parliament on Tuesday.

When Johnny comes marching home again: 'hoorah hoorah'
Posted on the Resistance web page Bronwyn Powell, an organiser of the youth-led mobilisation told Green Left weekly that "in the face of attacks on civil liberties, it is unfortunate that some union officials have felt they need to submit. It could set a negative precedent for upholding the hard-won right to demonstrate in the street."

Give peace a chance
PIERS AKERMAN DT 28 Nov 02: JUSTICE John Dowd should be removed from the bench. His crime? Stupidity. In a breath-taking display of hand-wringing sanctimonious morality, Dowd has condemned the State and Federal Governments' anti-terrorism measures, claiming they erode rights and give encouragement to oppressive regimes.

Bills, Bills and more Bills NSW Parliament deep in debt
NSW Parliament is unjustifiable creating intellectual debt, Academics, politicians, judges, lawyers and volunteers.

It is an absolute disgrace to: Undermine civil and democratic rights The event, hosted by a State MP Lee Rhiannon just a week before the meeting of the World Trade Organisation in Sydney, has enraged Police Minister Michael Costa, who said using the House for the event was appalling. Upper House Greens MP Lee Rhiannon is hosting the forum for about 60 people in State Parliament's Jubilee Room on November 8.

The scavengers of terror
The NSW Government is to introduce increased police powers bill. Legislation giving New South Wales police special powers to deal with an emergency terrorist situation [emergency scapegoat situation] will be introduced into the New South Wales Parliament today.

Greens more of a human touch
What is a real job? Writes Political Reporter Malcolm Farr Daily Tele Article 11 Nov 2002. "It would start if candidates had a CV of real jobs, such as medicine (Senator Brown), or even zoo keeping (NSW Upper House Green Lee Rhiannon ). Which leaves the type of candidate summed up by Kerry Nettle, who was elected a NSW senator at the poll a year ago.

Koch's Skoff Channel 7' Sunrise
Charming when you run some one down like Zanny Begg member of the National Executive of Resistance using the power of National Media and the presenter is opinionated to go along with it.

The Australian Flag - Burn baby burn
If John Howard is not constitutional and racist. If our obligations to human rights are not being upheld, then burn baby burn the Australian flag in protest and start it with little Lucifer like a picture of Bob Carr.

About Protesting &: Corporate media, Ben English and Rachel Morris who spell their names in capitals? [Yes too right! Ordinary people some protesting against the occupation, murder and genocide of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children. And you call yourselves reporters? You should hang your head in shame and go get jobs defending those poor innocent people. Shame on you!!!]