Sunday, December 22, 2002


As we go to press (December 2002), both the Federal parliament and the NSW parliament are debating legislation that would give police and ASIO agents greater powers of search, interrogation and detention, and significantly erode the fundamental rights of citizens. In both cases, of course, the alleged purpose of the bills is to combat terrorism.

[But really the Coalition of the Killing want to bolster support and quell dissent for their illegal and degrading resource wars in the Middle East.]

The [CIA false flag operation and the] destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York, and the [CIA false flag operation] Bali bombings, are brutal atrocities which we wholeheartedly condemn.

[Especially when Australia was complicit in those acts of violence perpetrated on its own citizens. In other words having full knowledge that such atrocities were going to happen.]

But as justice activists we are accustomed to being able to acknowledge harm done without calling for retaliatory measures that would turn us into brutes ourselves. If we allow these acts of terror to erode away the (very limited) freedoms and rights that have been hard won through the struggle of the oppressed, then Osama and Co [Coalition of the Killing] have won.

"Wake up to yourself," Bob Carr said in late November to Justice John Dowd, a distinguished critic of his Terrorism (Police Powers) Bill 2002. "The threat is real." Bob meant the threat of al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups, [No! Bob Carr also knew that that was bullshit and reserved for the Coalition of the Killings propaganda and fear-mongering about Australia being under attack, under the guise of alleged Islamic groups. However in reality these atrocities were committed by the CIA and Mossad to terrorise the western world against Islam.] but the threat to Australian civil society from Bob's own bill is real as well, as we can see by looking at the USA and Canada, two countries that reacted swiftly to [the CIA false flag operation] September 11 by enacting legislation to increase police powers which has now been in force for over a year. [Which was their aim in the first instance having the legislation already prepared for such a reichstag.]

On 18 December 2001, two months after the USA-Patriot Act was rushed through Congress, the FBI hauled a young [scapegoat or patsy] Egyptian graduate engineering student called Abdallah Higazy before a court in Manhattan. Abdallah had had the misfortune to check into the Hilton Hotel, just across from the World Trade Centre, two weeks before [the CIA false flag] September 11th.

The FBI told the judge that hotel security staff had found a radio transceiver capable of air-to-ground communication in his room. Abdallah said he didn't own the transceiver, but the judge agreed that he should be detained. [Framed.]

After nine days in solitary confinement, during which, he said later, he cried "each and every day", he was subjected to a five-hour interrogation without his lawyer. He eventually broke down and "confessed" that the radio was his. He was put back in solitary confinement again until, on 14 January, an American pilot who had been evacuated from the Hilton on September 11 walked up to the hotel lobby and asked if he could retrieve his belongings, including the radio transceiver he had left in his room.

The most chilling detail of this story, however, in terms of the erosion of civil society, is that the Hilton security guard, an ex-cop, knew that the transceiver wasn't Abdallah's, but repeatedly lied about it because this is "a time of patriotism".

Some 1200 Muslims were arrested in the USA after [the CIA false flag operation] September 11th, surrounded by secrecy. Human rights lawyers finally got a judge to order the government to release the names of all those arrested, the grounds for their detention and their whereabouts; but the Attorney-General was still resisting the order a month later.

Judge Gladys Kessler, in issuing the order, commented that "secret arrests are a concept odious to a democratic society", and that the "psychic damage" caused to the body politic by the [CIA false flag operation, reichstag] September 11 attacks "may take far longer to heal" than the physical damage.

This "psychic damage", the deterioration in the fabric of civilised norms in the US, is perhaps best seen in the conditions under which suspected [ propaganda patsy] al-Qaeda detainees are being held in the torture camps of Guantanamo.

In Canada, civil society is still reeling from the devastating impact of Bills C-35, C-36, C-42 and C-44, enacted in December 2001. Canadian Arab and Muslim communities are talking about a "two-tier" citizenship policy, referring to the border security measures targeted specifically at them, and they report numerous cases of individuals being visited by security services, without warrants, for "voluntary" interviews.

The newly created Integrated National Security Enforcement Team was used in a raid, on 21 September, against the West Coast Warrior Society, a group of Native activists - a clear case of anti-terrorism legislation being used to intimidate domestic dissent.

There are also major concerns about the impact of the legislation on the policy environment in Ottawa. Security considerations, as well as US pressures to harmonise policies, are becoming increasingly predominant over the rights of citizens. New legislation soon to be introduced in Parliament will restrict even further Canadians' right to access government information. Worries have been expressed, as well, that too many discretionary powers are being vested in a handful of ministers at the detriment of Parliamentary accountability.

NSW is the only state in Australia, funnily enough, which has seen a need to introduce its own anti-terrorism legislation [draconian laws and state sanctioned terror].

It comes at a time when prisons in NSW are packed and new ones are being built as fast as possible, when the police ministry has been handed over to a right-wing shock jock, the Wood Commission police reforms have been rolled back, the Ombudsman and Police Integrity Commission have been nobbled, the malignant Ron Woodham has been put in charge of Corrective Services, the police already have more powers than at any time since the Rum Rebellion, and new laws have been enacted to refuse bail to even more people, and expose prisoners to violations of their privacy.

Police Minister Michael Costa has recently swung into action, slandering a forum on civil disobedience as a plot to unleash violence against "his" police force, and ensuring that peaceful protesters against the World Trade Organisation would feel the boot (and hooves) of NSW police aggression.

Carr himself has also entered the fray, falsely accusing Sydney Morning Herald journalist Margo Kingston of blaming the Bali victims for their own deaths when she had the temerity to question the anti-democratic nature of the proposed NSW legislation.

[And in fact it was the other way around Australia was complicit in the CIA false flag and call to arms Bali Bombings. Take a bow Margo Kingston.]

Justice Action joins forces with the many, many groups that are opposing this madness. We agree with Justice Dowd that, as in the USA and Canada, Muslims stand to become the first victims of the new laws, and we have already witnessed the disgraceful spectacle of the theatrical balaclava ASIO raids on sleeping Indonesian households in Sydney and Perth.

However, we don't expect it to just stop with Muslims. It is important to show that it isn't just academics (and Muslims) who are concerned - these laws impinge on all Australians, but especially those struggling for their rights from a position of social and economic disadvantage - Kooris, unionists, community campaigners.

Justice Action also agrees with those, like our old friend Tim Anderson, who say that it is near impossible to resist this wave of repression UNLESS we also resist the US's war on terrorism [resources and freedom.]

This realisation, too, stems from what we have learnt in the course of our justice activism. Transformative justice says we must look not just at the rehabilitation of the individual offender, but at the root causes in the offender's source community as something to assist also.

What feeds Islamic fundamentalist terrorism? USA FALSE FLAG REICHSTAG OPERATIONS!!!] How much of it would dissipate if the wrongs of the long suffering [IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN AND] Palestinian people were addressed? 40%? 60%? 90%? How much of it would dissipate if the yawning gap between rich nations and poor nations was closed, and the exploitation of the Third World came to an end?

By Framed Magazine 22 Dec 2002 updated by Gregory Kable 25 June 2009.


Prisoners Representatives Excommunicated
Ron Woodham, Commissioner Corrective Services stated "[this Department] does not recognise Justice Action as an advocate on correctional centre issues." He has ordered a ban on all Justice Action material inside the NSW prison system. This resulted from a request for the approval of the latest edition of Framed (the Magazine of Justice Action) to be distributed throughout NSW prisons as has occurred for the past ten years.

Govt plays down reports of complicity to torture its own citizens
The complicit federal Government says reports there are two highly trained members of Al Qaeda operating in Australia selling GI and are consistent with information it has already released.

Transcript: Abu Bakar Bashir
So actually America wants to fight the Moslems and Islam in Indonesia but using the excuse of terrorism so that it wont be openly (seen as fighting Islam) but under the terror camouflage. This is what I understand about the developments of the investigation into the Bali bombing as well as the other (bombing cases).

Australia: politicians should watch police
In Sydney yesterday the Opposition police spokesman, Andrew Tink, urged Federal Labor MPs to allow the public hearing of the claims, which include that senior police, the PIC and the Ombudsman's office were failing to investigate legitimate complaints of misconduct, including corruption in the police promotion system.

Demolishing Democracy
How Bob Carr, [ the Coalition of the Killing,] and Bin Laden gave birth to the NSW police state. The [CIA false flag ]Bali bombings could not have come at a 'better time' for [the Coalition of the Killing and] Bob Carr and his project to bring an end to Westminster democracy in NSW.

Chip off the old Block
A spokesperson for Justice Action Ms Stolen Generation said, "This policy will not eliminate drug use.This is no more than prohibition instituted by a private company and stood over by a privatised government who does not want to know about drugs that are awash at yuppie night clubs where the who's who gather to get stoned. The last thing drug users need is to be tossed out of their home on to the street. What loser came up with that idea? This is an invasion of our privacy", She said.

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