Monday, April 5, 2004

Skippy's: Last word on who we are?


AMID all the tumult and shouting characteristic of a federal election year, one remark by the [War criminal], Prime Minister has gone relatively unnoticed: his declaration of victory in the debate about Australia's identity and its place in the world.

Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo, uses his brains to alert his best friend, the human Sonny, whenever anyone hits trouble in the outback area of Warratah National Park. The show was incredibly popular with kids and in an early example of merchandising spawned books, moneyboxes and the like, "Skippy" even made personal appearances. There was a film version made in 1968 utilising the TV crew and called The Intruders.

In February 2004, John Howard claimed to have "brought to a respectable conclusion this perpetual seminar on our national identity that went on" during the Hawke-Keating era. The message was the same to party faithful in Adelaide in June 2003, only days after he pledged to stay on as Liberal leader, and to Australia's Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, during an interview in November, he was even more emphatic: "As a nation," Howard said, "we're over all that sort of identity stuff."

According to Howard, the world and the region are no longer in any doubt that "we've suddenly realised what we've been all along, we're just 100 per cent Australian".

The episode turnaround on the show was Two Weeks Ed Devereaux however was unhappy with his role and was quoted in TV Week as saying "There's no challenge in it for me, if I can't play a villain then I want a role that has social comment".

This is the core of Howard's nationalism that Australians have never been in any doubt as to their national self-image and that debates in the 1990s about the republic, reconciliation and engagement with Asia were not only a dangerous self-indulgence, they betrayed Australia's true self and undermined the cultural and emotional pillars of the "old Australia": respect for the British inheritance, [? imperialits], attachment to mateship and reverence for the Anzac, [war], legend.

Skippy was the first production made by Fauna Studios (the creation of actor John McCallum). In 1969 the show won both a Logie and a Penguin and was also given an award by the Cobb and Co Company for helping to promote the Australian Entertainment Industry.

Indeed it would not be an exaggeration to say that the level of personal satisfaction Howard feels on this issue is broadly comparable to that associated with any of the significant policies now so closely associated with the Howard era, be it [illegal and degrading wars, crimes against humanity, genocide in Afghanistan and Iraq, complicity in false flag operations in Bali], growth economy, low interest rates, tax reform, the gun buyback scheme or support for the US-led war on, [resources.]

Skippy sounds the alarm when three men, believed to be working for Dr. Stark, try to steal koalas from Waratah National Park under the cover of night.

For Howard, getting to this point of personal (and national) vindication has been a long and at times painful process. During his time as Opposition leader in the '80s, although he supported the Hawke-Keating economic reform agenda, he remained distinctly uncomfortable with the direction of the debate over the nation's cultural identity.

Sports Car Rally
An invasion of sports cars threatens the life of protected fauna in Waratah National Park. Matt Hammond leads the rescue squad to save the life of a driver pinned under his car in a serious accident.

Paul Keating's brutal assault on the Liberal hegemony of the Menzies era most unnerved him, and Howard was one of only a few Liberals who took up the historical cudgels against the Labor prime minister.

The Golden Reef
Skin-diving geologists discover alluvial gold on a reef at Seal Rocks, in the mouth of the Flinders River, Thieves move in armed with deadly spear guns, and once again Matt, Sonny and Skippy are there to stop them.

Writing in Quadrant in August 1994 as the shadow minister for industrial relations, he warned that Keating was using history as a "political weapon" to "marginalise the Liberal-conservative side of Australian politics and entrench the Labor Party as the only true product of Australia's political soil". Yet he noted signs of "increased Liberal willingness to join battle with the Labor Party over both history and ideas". A trend, he added, "which must be enthusiastically encouraged".

Long Way Home
Dr. Alexander Stark is determined to have Skippy for his private zoo when Matt Hammond refuses to sell at any price. Stark has two of his henchman steal the kangaroo and she begins a tense series of adventures to find her way home.

But it was above all he who led the Liberal cavalry into battle. His cry to the Australian Liberal Students Federation at the University of Sydney in July 1996 was that they were "political warriors" who needed to understand that the "winning back of ideas, that winning back of history is tremendously important". He defended the Menzies tradition, took on the so-called black-armband version of history, slammed those whom he called elites and declared that Australians were free to be proud of their history and heritage.

Cage of Koalas
A research scientist who is to study marsupial wildlife at Waratah National Park turns out to be an attractive young woman. Her methods anger Chief Ranger Matt Hammond and she has to be rescued from serious trouble on a koalas trapping foray into the lonely bush.

And despite a brief attempt at prime ministerial gravitas, he told an Australia Day audience in 1997 that it was "not the role of the prime minister" nor "any self-appointed group of national identity dieticians to tell us what our national identity is", the temptation to reshape the national image has proved irresistible. As it has been for all Australian prime ministers since Menzies.

The Lyre Bird
Sonny makes a new friend, Lisa a young ballerina. Together they find an aged Botanist who has been missing in Waratah National Park and, with Skippy's help bring about his rescue.

Herein lies the deeper significance of Howard's statement about identity. After all, since the demise of Britishness as the defining notion of Australian political culture in the '60s, political leaders have had to search for a new language to represent what holds the nation together in a post-British, multicultural society. Gough Whitlam's "new nationalism", Malcolm Fraser's "new patriotism", Bob Hawke's "consensus" and Keating's "radical nationalism" were all attempts to respond to the gaping void left by the collapse of the British race idea. And Howard, like Keating, is absolutely certain that he knows the one true Australia.

Dead or Alive
A mysterious disease threatens to wipe out all the animals in Waratah National Park, and the evidence points to Skippy as the carrier of the virus.

The key idea or myth that Howard has offered to the people as a focus for loyalty and cohesion is mateship: an idea that for him had its apotheosis not in the 1890s amid the bush nationalism of The Bulletin or the growth of the trade union movement, but in the trenches of World War I.

The Marine Biologist
A marine biologist collects specimens from a reef.

His mateship looks to a version of the radical national myth, which holds that the experience of war marked the emergence of a more exclusively defined Australian nationalism.

No Time For Clancy
Matt offers to watch a ranger's daughter.

But in 1999 Howard appeared to forget his earlier comments about the role of the prime minister in identity-making and included mateship in his version of a preamble to the Constitution. The public backlash that questioned its acceptance as a unifying idea for the nation forced him to omit mateship from the final version. Australians also rejected the idea of casting a folk myth in constitutional stone.

Time and Tide
Clancy encounters trouble while helping a biologist.

Labor leader Mark Latham, in addressing the question of Labor's policy on a republic in his recent speech on the "new politics", referred directly to Howard's role in drafting the 1999 preamble. Believing that the extent of social change in recent decades meant that "many people are interested in the issue of national identity", he claimed "the last thing the nation needed was for its prime minister to pre-empt such a debate by writing his own preamble".

Can You Keep A Secret?
An escaped convict holds Clancy and Sonny hostage. Skippy brings help and jumps on the convict, allowing Sonny to get out of his clutches and Matt to overpower the criminal.

In Latham's view, the Government should have "sponsored a national dialogue about the modern meaning of Australian identity". It is a clear signal that he intends to reignite the identity debate.

The Swagman
A job seeker gives Sonny an expensive gift.

So the question is: to which myth or tradition will Latham appeal if elected prime minister? To date he has invoked elements of Whitlam's "new nationalism," read liberal internationalism, and Keating's "radical nationalism": an intense Australia-first position. It is a heady mix.

The Honeymooners
A woman wants Skippy for his fur.

An alternative way to interpret the, [war criminal], Prime Minister's remarks is to consider that on the cusp of asking the people to elect him for a fourth term, he has nothing more or new to say about Australia. This is the inherent danger in announcing an end to national navel-gazing.

Many Happy Returns
Sandy searches for a missing seal.

Skippy is a bush Kangaroo: There was a revival of the show in the early 90's in the form of The New Adventures of Skippy. Executive Producers: John McCallum, Bud Austin / Music: Eric Jupp / Producers: Lee Robinson, Dennis Hill. Cast GARRY PANKHURST as Sonny Hammond / ED DEVEREAUX as Matt Hammond / LIZA GODDARD as Clarissa 'Clancy' Merrick / KEN JAMES as Mark Hammond / FRANK THRING as Dr Alexander Stark / TONY BONNER as Ranger.

By Gum Leaf 5 April 04

MERRY GO ROUND: Carrie Mason, a girl who wants nothing in the World but to be free, finds she has much in common with Skippy the bush kangaroo when they both decide to run away from home and join the Greens.


Lose the Occupation and Win the War on Liberty!
Friendly allies do pull militants out of illegal battles, believe it or not, under the heading, lose the battle and win the war. In this case it's lose the Occupation and Win the War on Liberty.

Strike against Australia's current insecurity
Mark Latham looks set to be the new Prime Minister after calling for Australian militants to be withdrawn from Iraq by Christmas. Opposition Leader Mark Latham said on Thursday that Labor's second priority was to abandon support for the doctrine of pre-emption, "which did not work in Iraq because there was nothing to pre-empt".

Iraq invasion 'strengthened Coalition of the Killing'
Mark Latham is aware that most Australians want the militants out of Iraq and the only thing digging was an elbow in, [war criminal], John Howard's ribs by his cronies.

Spain demands 'radical change' in Iraq strategy
Spain's prime minister-elect Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has demanded a "radical change" in the post-war strategy in Iraq otherwise he would withdraw Spanish militants from the country.

Well think about this! Australia's intelligence agencies, [fear mongering, propaganda agencies], look set to receive a substantial funding boost in this year's Federal Budget, with the Prime Minister saying it is an obvious step to take.

HoWARd, where's your head at?
Australians is living on the edge! Seems each time the bombs go off overseas for the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East Australians are living on the edge.

US to increase Iraq border security in Iraq
Just plain rubbish, the USA are the terrorists and are dividing and conquering Iraq, by attacking the Shiite Muslims and blaming it on someone else another "A" typical false flag operation.

Halliburton's Ancient Scandals
In the world of corporate scandals, the story breaks, there is a frenzy of reportage, a culprit in the lower levels of upper management is thrown to the SEC and then, slowly, the story dies.

Protesters arrested during PM's Tas visit
Two people have been arrested at the start of the, [war criminal], Prime Minister's visit to northern Tasmania. John Howard was met by the protesters in Launceston this morning. Howard is in northern Tasmania to boost the profile of the Liberals' two new federal candidates for Bass and Braddon.

Australia: War Anthem
Australians all let us give voice, For we have gone to war, And just like Vietnam before, We're not sure what it's for, But Uncle Sam said "Jump", And so our PM said "How high?"

Australia: Drawing the line for trade
Once upon a "lifetime" there was, [war criminal], Prime Minister named John Howard. Dollar signs lit up in his eyes when he was told that if he got involved in the Iraq war and aligned the Australian Government with the Coalition of the Killing, US and the UK then the money he spent would be returned in a once in a lifetime Free Trade Agreement with the US.

Howard Vs Regina in Canberra the Capital Territory of Australia- Friday January 30 2004. Would the defendant please stand while I read out the judgement of this court.

Australia: The gospel according to Farr
Howard said, "The teacher unions a year ago encouraged teachers to discuss the war on Iraq in the classroom that was code for attacking the Government's position."

War criminal Howard defends 'Son of a bitch'
[War criminal], Prime Minister John Howard, says the government would be "recklessly negligent" if it did not consider joining the United States' missile defence program, known as "Son of a bitch".

Missile defence program 'will lead to arms race'
A group of Australian doctors opposed to war is warning national security will be compromised by any proposed involvement in the United States' missile defence program 'Son of a bitch'..

Australia buys into 'Son of Star Wars'?
[War criminal], Defence, [? War], Minister Senator Robert Hill says Australia may buy a sophisticated missile system that can destroy other ballistic missiles in space. But Australians want social services, health, and education, not warfare.

Pope calls for sanctions on leaders who violate rights
Leader of the child molesters, Pope John Paul II has called for political leaders who violate human rights to be punished, in a World Day of Peace message released amid worldwide debate over how Saddam Hussein should be brought to justice.

International communities are the losers: Smith
[War criminal], Prime Minister John Howard says Saddam Hussein's capture is a huge relief and a great development for the people of Iraq. Howard says Saddam should face trial in Iraq and he would not oppose the death penalty if it were imposed.

War criminals should be tried: Human Rights
The UN War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague should try George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard for their part in the coalition of the killing for crimes against humanity.

Who cares wins? Those who inflict or those who endure?
When occupation means war then who cares wins? Not those who can inflict the most, but those who can endure the most, I would have thought.

Coalition of the Killing's alliance against law 'the wrong way'
Australia and Britain [and the Coalition of the Killing], could have agreed that the [resource], wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, and liberty, the proliferation of Security Housing Units, and Detention Centres, can be addressed unilaterally - a trend in the US that is feared all over the world - but must be faced collectively.

After a war waged by the U.S. military against Vietnam which took the lives of more than 3 million Vietnamese people and more than 58,000 GIs, the U.S. finally withdrew in 1975. It had suffered its first official major military defeat by a united people struggle led by the Vietnamese, along with a mass U.S. anti-war movement.

Police surround protesters outside US Embassy
Thousands of protesters have marched to the Lodge to protest against [war criminal], US President George W Bush's visit. The protesters had rallied outside Parliament House, booing when the president arrived this morning and chanting "go home Bush you war criminal".

Police violent towards peaceful protesters
A protest march in Canberra involving more than 1,000 people has been violated, with some protesters breaking through an unlawful police barricade outside the United States Embassy.

Police cracked up about war criminal protest march
The protesters are about 100 metres from the entrance of Parliament House behind barriers and a long line of police officers. Busloads of protesters from Sydney are still on their way to the site.

Forty Labor MPs sign protest letter to Bush over Iraq
More than 40 Senators and Federal Labor MPs have signed an open letter to [war criminal], US President George W Bush, saying the war against Iraq set a dangerous precedent for the world.

50,000 protesters to turn out for anti-Bush protest
Protesters are expecting a 50,000-strong crowd to rally against issues such as the illegal and degrading, Iraq war and the treatment of prisoners, some renditioned and tortured, at Gunatanamo Bay in Cuba.

David Burchell: Paradox of anti-Americanism
[War criminal] President George W. Bush's trip to our shores today has focused attention on a striking fact - the apparently irresistible rise in hostility among many Australians towards the US.

Sydney Social Forum Oct 24-26
The war on Iraq has signalled an intensifying permanent war on the world's poor, adding more open unilateral military aggression to existing neo-liberal offensives conducted through organisations like the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and World Trade Organisation.

Refugee policy, here is a new project: Burnside
The idea is to have thousands of Australian citizens writing to federal parliamentarians asking very simple, but hard, questions about the key aspects of refugee policy. I have devised a letter writing kit for this purpose. I attach a copy. It contains instructions which, are, I hope, fairly clear.

Habib's wife to join Greens protest during Bush visit
The wife of an Australian man imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay has urged the Prime Minister to seek her husband's release when the war criminal, United States President visits Australia this week.

Pilger said White House knew Saddam was no threat
Australian investigative journalist John Pilger says he has evidence the war against Iraq was based on a lie which could cost George W Bush and Tony Blair their jobs and bring Prime Minister John Howard down with them.

Illegal and degrading war crimes: Society on the New World Order (OWN)! While Australia and the US are very distinctive societies war criminal, Prime Minister John Howard and war criminal, President George Bush share core values.

Civil Liabilities: Howard's diversity? I had a dream?
The war criminal, Prime Minister, John Howard, who only yesterday was claiming he was showing diversity has stepped up pressure on the states to support plans to increase the war criminal, Federal Attorney-General's powers to ban terrorist organisations, [scapegoats and patsies for the Coalition of the Killing's illegal and degrading resource wars in the Middle East.]

PM despot diversity shallow and cunning sales pitch
War criminal, Prime Minister, John Howard, says planned visits by the United States and Chinese presidents demonstrate the diversity of Australia's relationships.

US Deputy Sheriff dismisses Indonesian comment that US king of terrorists Deputy Sheriff to the US Prime Minister John Howard says he does not agree with comments by the Indonesian Vice-President Hamzah Haz that the real terrorist is the United States for attacking Iraq.

Americans given deficit of Carr's spin?
Bob Carr joined Richard Butler and other corporate and political leaders to discuss how the rest of the world views the US as well as the superpower's role in the world. [Brain-dead and totalitarian!!]

Beattie starts spreading the news in old New York!
Beattie must think he's king of the hill or top of the heap? This is not a democracy this is blatant war enthusiasm whipped up to ensure that Australia goes to war at the next available opportunity.

When the towns criers rang the bell!
THEY scaled the walls of the Sydney Opera House, sent a strong message to the people of Australia, with their "No War" message and reinforced the will of the people.

Australian way of life now threatened by State Terror
Defence [war criminal] Minister Robert Hill says plans to place about 1,000 army reservists on counter-terrorism duties [? scapegoat duties] do not mean there is a specific threat to Australia.

PM man of steel? Or killer and a thief?
Is JOHN Howard a killer and a thief or a man of steel after he dropped bombs on innocent civilians in order to fix the problem in Iraq for trade agreements with the US? Thousands of children are now dieing of disease.

Thousands march for peace! But does that mean no war?
THOUSANDS of people took to the streets around the country yesterday to march against the war in Iraq and for world peace.

The Empire Strikes Back: Sydney anti-war rally
School children in uniforms, groups of young men and older protesters have gathered on one side of Town Hall while at least 200 police have gathered around the area.

Human shield describes 'sickening' scenes
An Australian 'human shield' who has fled Iraq into neighbouring Jordan has described the sight of bombed out buildings and distraught Iraqis as "sickening".

US disturbed over 'biased' reporting in Arab media! But the US lies to the world! How could anyone describe pre-emptive strikes on a sovereign nation, occupation, genocide, torture, and human rights abuse by the Coalition of the Killing in a positive light?

Coalition force 'surprised' by stiff resistance for food aid
About 4,000-5,000 allied forces have launched what they vowed would be an all-out blitz. "We're going straight through that city," a US Marine officer, who asked not to be named, said. "It will be a Hail Mary with guns ablazing."

Australians don't support US military action: poll
The second Australia-wide poll since the war began has found most Australians disapprove of the United States using military force to depose Saddam Hussein.

Explosions rock Baghdad, jets overhead Iraq
BAGHDAD, March 20 [Rooters] A handful of explosions rocked Baghdad at dawn today as jets roared overhead, Iraqi anti-aircraft batteries opened up and air raid sirens sounded.

AUSTRALIA AT WAR! Moment of death...
"The opening stages of the disarmament of the Iraqi regime [? resource war on Iraq regime] have begun ," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer [should have] said minutes after the strikes. He said Bush would speak at 2.15pm (AEDT).

Hit the road Jack and don't you come back No War, Jack Straw, No War, No War! LONDON: Nick Buxton, organising the protest outside Mr Straw's house, said: "We got the message across that the war is going to have a very huge humanitarian impact and people are angry about this war."

Moment of death 'HoWARd'
JOHN Howard lost the war for public opinion as Australia braces to invade Iraq by the end of the week. With nationwide anti-war protests, and Labor scrapping 30 years of bipartisanship on sending troops overseas, the Coalition has failed all Australians.

War criminal Howard high-jacks HRCA to 'legitimise killing'
The Human Rights Council of Australia (HRCA) says it fears Prime Minister John Howard's comments in support of the execution of [CIA operative] Osama bin Laden show his eagerness to overturn three decades of national opposition to the death penalty.

PM lost in space! Pre-emptive Strikes & Star Wars Defence!!
War criminal PM backs missile defence investigation but he is not on his own. Bob Carr dubbed Darth Vader after draconian laws were introduced in NSW following John Howard's threats to strike first and ask questions later.

Doom gloom and 'Boom' Downer shakes the room?
"Optimism is better and so is 'constructive feedback' because using constructive feedback means that the negatives also have a role in the construction of a nation. In short we have all the time in world to solve problems properly and that is what our leaders should be focusing on when they decide to inform all Australians. Hey what's the rush?" He said.

Hypocrisy not Democracy? No Blood for Oil!
Howard has refused to back down on the threat of war despite hundreds of thousands of Australians rallying against it. The question is why?

Australia backs CIA Reichstag, Downer's propaganda
The Foreign Affairs Minister says the latest message from Osama bin Laden is worrying. [Just plain rubbish!]

UK Reid, Blair and the reichstag London threat!
The nature of the [alleged] terrorist threat to London is on the scale of the [USA false flag] September 11 attacks in the United States, the chairman of Britain's governing Labour Party said.

Bin Laden calls? CIA blind man's bluff!
A [US propaganda, fear-mongering] taped message purportedly from Osama bin Laden has warned Arab nations against supporting a war against Iraq but has branded Saddam Hussein an infidel.

The Australian Federal Opposition and Labor Party Leader, Simon Crean, has again warned the U.S. ambassador to stop meddling in Australian politics.

War: Part one The human cost
On the road to Basra, ITV was filming wild dogs as they tore at the corpses of the Iraqi dead. Every few seconds a ravenous beast would rip off a decaying arm and make off with it over the desert in front of us, dead fingers trailing through the sand, the remains of the burned military sleeve flapping in the wind. "Just for the record,'' the cameraman said to me. Of course. Because ITV would never show such footage.

Mandela speaks out against Bush, Blair
Former South African leader Nelson Mandela has lashed out at US President George W Bush's stance on Iraq, saying the US leader has no foresight, and cannot think properly.

All the way with (LPK) Love Peace and Kindness: Dalai Lama
Communication is a two way street. Threats and punishment solve nothing and serve none. In fact it is against the law in most countries to threaten or punish a person.

Hill defends decision to attack Iraq: Step by step?
FEDERAL Defence [War] Minister [Sinister] Robert Hill has defended the government's decision to send troops [ send militia] to the Persian Gulf [ to attack Iraq] in readiness for any [pre-emptive strike that would cause a] conflict with Iraq.

Pleas for peace ring the globe
Anti-war demonstrators turned out in their hundreds of thousands around the world on Saturday to protest against United States military preparations for an invasion of Iraq.

Not too late for Iraq peace, Blix says
But we all know that's rubbish now. The Coalition of the Killing were not seeking WMD in Iraq, they were there for their resource wars. So who gave the 'UN' and Blix the wrong information back then? War criminals!

George Bush's other poodle
John Howard, Australia's PM, is the mouse that roars for America, whipping his country into war fever and paranoia about terrorism within.

US prepares for trade talks with Australia but it's not worth it!
The office of the United States Trade Representative has started formally preparing its negotiating position for the first round of talks on a free trade agreement between Australia and the US.

First strike and you're out!
The ideology of a super loser? John Howard shocks the nation again. A nation who cannot believe Howard's stupidity following his [complicity in the CIA's false flag operation, the Bali bombing.]

UN charter doesn't reflect new self-defence needs: Hill?
The Defence [War] Minister, Robert Hill, says the United Nations' charter needs to be changed to help countries defend themselves against potential threats. [?] [Pre-emptive strikes on soveriegn nation states like Iraq and Afghanistan?]

About Protesting &: Corporate media, Ben English and Rachel Morris who spell their names in capitals? Yes too right! Ordinary people some protesting against the occupation, murder and genocide of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children. And you call yourselves reporters? You should hang your head in shame and go get jobs defending those poor innocent people. Shame on you!!!

Howard defends terror alert
Prime Minister John Howard says the Federal Government would not have issued a terror alert if it had not come from a credible source. (America?) Speaking for the first time since the Government revealed the warning, Mr Howard says he wants people to be more careful, but not to stop living. [As long as they don't go dancing in Bali? And sure we'll all be depressed for as long as John Howard and Bob Carr say so.]

When Johnny comes marching home again: 'hoorah hoorah'
Posted on the Resistance web page Bronwyn Powell, an organiser of the youth-led mobilisation told Green Left weekly that "in the face of attacks on civil liberties, it is unfortunate that some union officials have felt they need to submit. It could set a negative precedent for upholding the hard-won right to demonstrate in the street."

Give peace a chance
PIERS AKERMAN DT 28 Nov 02: JUSTICE John Dowd should be removed from the bench. His crime? Stupidity. In a breath-taking display of hand-wringing sanctimonious morality, Dowd has condemned the State and Federal Governments' anti-terrorism measures, claiming they erode rights and give encouragement to oppressive regimes.