Monday, April 18, 2005

'The Changing Face of Crime in Sydney?: Mean streets or Lost Suburbs'

The Institute of Criminology, University of Sydney presents a public forum:

NSW: Date: Thursday 28 April 2005, 5.30pm - 7.30 pm Venue: Assembly Hall, Level 4 (street level), Sydney University Law School, 173-175 Phillip Street, Sydney

This forum will consider the recent social unrest on the streets of Sydney. The forum will look at areas such as: public order reporting; the essence of alienation for youth, indigenous and ethnic communities; tensions in public housing; political denial of social responsibility; and community/urban renewal and crime prevention.

Forum Presenters:

Brenton Banfield, Mayor, Campbelltown City

Superintendent Dave Darcy, Visiting Fellow, Australian Institute of Police Management

Quentin Dempster, Presenter, Stateline, ABC TV.

Dr Peggy Dwyer, Solicitor, Sydney Regional Aboriginal Corporation Legal Service

Dr Murray Lee, Senior Lecturer, Criminology, University of Western Sydney

Chris Martin, Doctoral student, Institute of Criminology, University of Sydney

Jioji Ravulo, PRSP Caseworker, Campbelltown Post Release Support Program (PRSP), Mission Australia / NSW Department of Juvenile Justice

Chair: Professor Mark Findlay, Director, Institute of Criminology, Faculty of Law, University of Sydney

Registration: $35 waged/$15 students/concessions (GST incl.) Late Registration (register on the day): $40 waged/$17 students/concessions (GST incl.)
No charge for Institute of Criminology members.
To register please contact the Institute directly or go to

Please note: All seminars conducted by the Institute of Criminology carry Continuing Legal Education (CLE) accreditation. Please check the website regularly for seminar information.

Nina Ralph
Institute of Criminology
Sydney University Law School
173-175 Phillip Street Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

Phone: (61) (2) 9351 0239 Fax: (61) (2) 9351 0200 Attn: Institute of Criminology

By IC and Just Us posted 18 April 05


Scapegoats, 'Coalition of the Killings,' resource wars in the Middle East

Threat of terrorism overblown, says Kirby
The High Court judge Michael Kirby has urged Australia's security chiefs and judges not to exaggerate the risk of terrorism, saying that more people die of AIDS every day than were killed in the World Trade Centre in the September 11 [US false flag] attacks.

Police will be able to break into your home without your knowledge and no less than a common criminal not tell their victims that they are doing it.

PM, Carr attacked as judge pulls plug
In November 2002, as chairman of the International Commission of Jurists, he told a Senate inquiry "it is patently clear" that proposed anti-terrorism legislation "is aimed at Muslims". His submission said the new laws would be "subverting [liberty] more effectively than terrorism could ever do".

AFP: The unlikely CRIMINAL
It was born of a bombing and it made its name after a far more devastating act of terrorism. But for most of the 25 years in between, little was known about the Australian Federal Police force or the work it did.

Police Pursuits and deaths in custody on Sydney Streets

NSW Police Force: 2 dead, $1 million dollars to catch a thief?
NSW police have expressed concern about their response to the Macquarie Fields riots in south-western Sydney after a police pursuit that killed two young youths Dylan Rayward 17, and Mathew Robertson, 19 that went horribly wrong.

Police PR Stunt: Farce force?
The POLICE FORCE were under increasing pressure last night, to arrest (police pursued) death crash suspect and alleged driver, Jesse Kelly, but were they?

THE COMMUNITY has issued an ultimatum to the lawless Police Force holding Sydney's streets to ransom: If you want respect give respect....

All My Friends Are Getting Married
New South Wales Police Commissioner Ken Moroney says police will look to the future in the violence-affected area of Macquarie Fields, in Sydney's south-west.

NSW Police Force: Deaths in custody?
A police officer has been hit by a brick thrown by a community member in the third night of protest in Sydney's southwest.

Community disturbed by riot violence?
Don't blame it on the social mix, don't blame it on the housing estate, don't blame it on the dysfunctional community but blame it on the Police Force!

On Sunday 13th February, a Community gathering will be held to enable all people to remember the death of one of our young Community members, 'TJ' Hickey.

Whitewash over Hickey's death
The New South Wales coroner has cleared police of any responsibility for the death of Aboriginal teenager Thomas 'TJ' Hickey.

Redfern police need education not weapons
NSW police want new offensive equipment including long-range capsicum spray guns and modified armoured vehicles capable of spraying tear gas following a damning report on the Redfern riots in Sydney earlier this year.

Carr defends Redfern riot fallout

But such is the fact that police can do no wrong according to authorities that one wonders what benefit to the community this report would be other than to protect the police again.

The Young Man From Kamilaroi
On Monday, 5 July 2004, the Hickey Family and their supporters will come together in the Glebe Coroners Court with the Redfern Police, the same police, specifically unknown at this time, who pursued the Young Man to his death by impalement.

Police stalkers set to escape
The real issue was posted it read "Wanted child murderers"!

Payback over Redfern riot after death in custody
A 37 year-old woman will appear in court today charged over her alleged involvement in a riot in Redfern on Sunday night.

Riot in Redfern over death in custody
The reported claim that 50 police were injured during rioting in Redfern over a death in custody is nothing more than a counter claim required to balance the argument that Thomas Hickey wasn't chased to his death by police.

Redfern police 'need to be made accountable'
POLICE have no right to demand increased support to patrol Redfern in the wake of one of the worst death in custody cover-ups by police in Australian history.

"If I Could Turn Back Time" Daily Terror, CH/7
THE real cause of last month's violent Redfern riots was the death of teenager Thomas "TJ" Hickey but perhaps only one element of the racism, harassment and bullying by the New South Wales police force and in this case Redfern police at the Block.

Was Thomas Hickey payback?
Yesterday it was alleged police faced a potentially deadly confrontation with locals of a redfern housing block last week when a gun was grabbed from an officer's holster and held to his stomach.

Gather at the Block at 9am March to Phillip Street Redfern, "Turanga Block" vigial at site of "TJ's" death. March to Redfern Police Station to leave list of demands regarding the enquiries into his death.

The ALP's fascist police states
Welcome back Sid-in-knee. Old Falangist Samaranch would surely feel right at home in any number of fascist police states around this wide brown land today. Who needs Franco when you have Beattie, Rann, Carr, Bracks and co. Flamin' fascist fucks the lot of them.

Carr Govt dramatic increases in the NSW prisoner pop...
Following the opening of the 500 bed Kempsey prison, and a new 200-bed prison for women at Windsor the Council of Social Service of NSW (NCOSS) and community organisations specialising in the rehabilitation of prisoners, have expressed concern....