Wednesday, March 16, 2005

NSW Police Force: 2 dead, $1 million dollars to catch a thief?

Bad boys whatcha want? Watcha want? Whatcha gonna do, when commissioner uncle Ken Moroney, come for you?

60 Minutes: NSW police speakers blaring in Macquarie Fields at night!

Ambiguous Police backchief, and criticise riot response?

NSW police have expressed concern about their response to the Macquarie Fields riots in south-western Sydney after a police pursuit that killed two young youths Dylan Rayward 17, and Mathew Robertson, 19 that went horribly wrong.

To catch a thief, police already knew and had personal details about (including the fact they had his house bugged) went on to recklessly pursue the driver Jesse Kelly until he lost control, killing the two pillion passengers.

Tell me, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna dooo yeaheah?

After the senseless deaths caused the community to riot costing taxpayers at least $1 million dollars (and that's only for the cost of the riot) as well as a few PR stunts by the Police Media Unit and pro-government media link up's, the front line officers who have expressed concern have backed their Commissioner Ken Moroney?

Uncle Ken whose been proud of getting his front line police to stick their nose in other peoples business lately (when they're not called for)? Breaking down doors and raiding homes at random, rampaging and destroying peoples private property looking for a thief they'd already had bugged and lost?

When you were eight and you had bad traits, you go to school and learn the golden rule. So why are you, acting like a bloody fool? If you get hot, you must get cool.

During a lengthy meeting today concerns were raised about the equipment, deployment and the tactics used in response to the riots.

Ambiguous? Or just plain dumb?

Union vice-president Scott Webber says some officers are not happy with the decision made by senior police, but not Uncle Ken?

"Police officers want to be given strong direction, strong tasking and actually perform their role," he said.

But the officers have passed a resolution of support for Commissioner Moroney?

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do, next time, when they come for you?

Well I suppose you can't have your cake and eat it too!

Contempt of Court?

They have condemned the actions of Opposition Leader John Brogden, who revealed details of the secret police operation in Parliament undermining the fact that the victim in custody had his house bugged.

Mr Brogden has rejected the criticism, saying it is a predictable response from a union.

But sources say he should be bought before the court for contempt because he breached the court listening devices warrant?

Brogden: "The rhetoric from the Police Association today is pretty predictable," he said?

"I'm stunned that there's no criticism of the Government and absolutely no criticism of senior police.

"Nobody can argue that four days of rioting where front-line police had their lives put at risk because of a bungled operation by senior police was a good outcome."

Actually the community should be stunned that there is no criticism from the court about Brogden's breach, absolutely no accountability from the NSW Police Force and no Parliamentary Inquiry in the brutality and victimisation of residents at Macquarie fields including a breach of the peace, the NSW Police PR Units daring and wild propaganda stunts with the pro-government media, and police pursuits?

You chuck it on that one, you chuck it on this one. You chuck it on your mother and you chuck it on your father. You chuck it on your brother and you chuck it on your sister. You chuck it on that one and you chuck it on me!

Bad cop, bad cop, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna dooo when they come for you? Yeaheah!

Here we go again!

By Gregory Kable & Inner Circle 16 March 05


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The POLICE FORCE were under increasing pressure last night, to arrest (police pursued) death crash suspect and alleged driver, Jesse Kelly, but were they?

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New South Wales Police Commissioner Ken Moroney says police will look to the future in the violence-affected area of Macquarie Fields, in Sydney's south-west.

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A police officer has been hit by a brick thrown by a community member in the third night of protest in Sydney's southwest.

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Don't blame it on the social mix, don't blame it on the housing estate, don't blame it on the dysfunctional community but blame it on the Police Force!