Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Victorian Cops Set-Up Carl Williams?

I'll chop up cop's girl: Williams? But when you know you're being bugged words are not deeds unless police are dogs and liars?

The Un-Australian: " IT was the height of Melbourne's gangland war and accused underworld 'murderer'? Carl Williams was out drinking with a mate at Crown casino."

" Late in the evening, he put in a call to his wife, Roberta, and aside from arguing about what time he would be coming home, he threatened to kill a Purana Taskforce detective."

Tongue and cheek: Words.........are not deeds!

Williams: "If a c..ksucker breaks in there or (Detective-Sergeant Stuart) Bateson comes lookin' for me, you know what to do, don't ya?" Williams said to his wife. "Grab the gun from under the mattress and shoot them in the head." A sleepy Roberta appeared to see the funny side. "You're a f..kin' idiot," she replied with a laugh."

The Un-Australian: The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard yesterday that nine hours later, on the morning of November 15, 2003, Williams took a call at home from his friend Victor Brincat, who was in jail.

Empathy for mate in jail, Jail camaraderie not un-common

The Un-Australian: "Brincat complained of being "punished" by prison officers, prompting Williams to threaten to "chop up" Sergeant Bateson's girlfriend.

Williams: "If he (Bateson) wants to f..k with my mate, I'll f..k his missus," Williams told Brincat, who had been charged three weeks earlier with the murder of drug dealer Michael Marshall?

"Whatever you need done, just tell me what to do. If you want Bateson's missus, I'll just chop her up."

Remember Williams knows he's being bugged by police and especially if he's in contact with the jail who monitor all calls? Not just that but some slimy dog cop wants to set him up for a murder? Why? Because that takes the heat of some slimy dog cop who's corrupt, no doubt!

The Un-Australian: "Both phone conversations were intercepted by police, and two days later Williams was arrested on the main street in the beachside suburb of Port Melbourne."

What, because his phone was taped? Carl knew it? Then decided tongue and cheek to give the cops some therapy of their own, on the phone, they charge him with two counts of threatening to kill that carries 10 years?

Bad cop knew how to use his power

The Un-Australian: In a statement to police, Sergeant Bateson said he was immediately notified by his colleagues about the content of Williams's phone calls, and that he in turn informed his girlfriend of the threat.

Get the violin out for the Jury?

The Un-Australian: "She immediately broke into tears," Sergeant Bateson said. "I have taken these threats extremely seriously. I have taken precautions in relation to our security both at home and at work.

"The impact of these threats on my personal life has been substantial." ?

But it makes you wonder why this cop set himself up for a fall? Bateson "I have taken these threats extremely seriously". When indeed he really knew that this was by his own creation? Together with the tongue and cheek of Williams, knowing his phone was taped, and just giving the cop some therapy, because the cop wanted some of Carl Williams 'socks and undies'.

If the cop were to be sticking his nose in my undies I would drop a big shit in it, what would you do?

The cop now passes on his stupidity to his girlfriend

The Un-Australian: His girlfriend told police she was "extremely scared and shocked" by the threats. Sergeant Bateson and his girlfriend have since split up"

"Yesterday, 16 months after the incident, Williams faced a one-day committal hearing, charged with two counts of threatening to kill."

But would these additional charges make the other charges against Carl stick better? You bet! The one's the cops set themselves up to receive? The tongue and cheek from Carl Williams that the police allegedly believed was true? So much so that the cop's love for his girlfriend must be very shallow indeed to burden her with his stupidity whilst on the job!

What if it was the cop's dog? Or even his mother in law?

Makes you feel glad that you're not related to the cop. He wants to frame Williams for other murders, cover up for either himself or his mates, and also put his own hand into the girlfriends $60,000 dollars victims comp payout after Williams goes down for the set-up.

The other thing that worries me is that this is what cops do to cover-up for crooked cops and I smell a rat big time!

Come out you rat cop, we have some cheese!

The Un-Australian: "His lawyer Nick Papas told the court that Williams, 34, had been joking and his comments were "entirely stupid" and "off the cuff", not serious threats to kill."

"He said that Williams's threat to "chop up" Sergeant Bateson's girlfriend did not necessarily mean he intended to kill her."

"At an earlier court hearing, Williams had apologised for his comments to Sergeant Bateson and his family, Mr Papas told the court."

Corrupt cops

The Un-Australian: " But the police officer said yesterday that he had been unaware of the apology".?

"Mr Papas said the fact Williams knew his conversations were being taped was evidence the threats were not serious."

Did the cop deserve it?

The Un Australian: " However, prosecutor Andrew Tinney told the court Williams made the comments knowing police were intercepting his phone calls and that the threats would inevitably be relayed to Sergeant Bateson, who at the time was investigating Williams's links to several underworld murders.

"He knew who his audience was," Mr Tinney said.

So he had a shit!

The Un-Australian: " Magistrate Paresa Spanos dismissed the charge over the threat to kill Sergeant Bateson, finding there was no evidence to support the charge based on "the simple meaning of the word 'threat"'.

" However, she committed Williams to stand trial over the second charge of threatening to kill Sergeant Bateson's partner, saying a reasonable jury could convict the defendant, given the evidence." ?

"When Williams was asked yesterday how he pleaded to the charge, he said confidently: "I am not guilty. There's one win and there will be plenty more to come."

But unfortunately for Carl the Magistrate Spanos kept one charge live so that it will stick. The uninformed Jury will find him guilty especially feeling sorry for the girl. Unless the jury are well informed that the cop was setting Carl up and involved his own girlfriend second hand because of the vindictive thin blue line that runs into the Department of Corrective Services by setting upon the prisoner Victor Brincat his friend.

Because the police are involved in the gangland killings they need someone else to take the fall? A demon like Carl Williams will do?

The Un-Australian: "Last week, he was ordered to face a Supreme Court jury over the murders of underworld figures Jason Moran, Pasquale Barbaro and Michael Marshall. He will face a pre-trial hearing in relation to the threat-to-kill charge in June."

Watch this spot!

By Entrapment and The Un-Australian 16 March 05


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