Monday, April 18, 2005

Cover the Uninsured Week

When Medicare doesn't Care! It seems people who cannot afford health care will now be on death row if they can't afford to pay their medical bills?

Dear Friends in Faith?

Thank you for your support of Cover the Uninsured Week and commitment to Americans living without health care coverage. At this time, more than 120 organizations, faith communities, partners and friends have signed on to support the campaign. Please visit Cover The Uninsured involved for a complete list of who is involved this year.

Included in this week's e-mail:

1. Save the Date! National Launch Event
2. Event Planning Center and Resources
3. National Day of Prayer, May 5, 2005
4. Cover the Uninsured Week Web Button

1. Save the Date! National Launch Event
This year's national launch event will be held on April 27, 2005, in Washington, DC. You can watch the National Launch Event from your computer. Visit Cover The Uninsured on April 27, 2005 for instructions on how to view the Web cast!

2. Event Planning Center and Resources
If you or anyone in your faith community is planning Cover the Uninsured Week activities, we encourage you to visit the Event Planning Center at to publicize your events, send invitations and download and order free planning guides and other materials, including Christian, Jewish and Muslim prayers and study guides. You can find these and other faith based materials at Cover The Uninsured Week/interfaith In addition, Cover the Uninsured Week campaign staff are available to assist you in planning an activity in your community. Visit Cover The Uninsured Week/field for a contact list of campaign staff across the country.

3. National Day of Prayer, May 5, 2005
If you are involved in an interfaith activity on the National Day of Prayer, May 5, 2005, consider including Cover the Uninsured Week handouts and materials at your event. Visit Cover The Uninsured Week/materials to order free Cover the Uninsured Week posters, stickers, fliers, and more.

4. Cover the Uninsured Week Web Buttons
Visit Cover The Uninsured Week/distribution/participants for instructions on posting a Cover the Uninsured Week Web button on your congregation or faith community Web site. (A Web button is a graphic logo/element that links directly to a Web site.) Posting a Web button or the Cover the Uninsured Week Web address is a great way to let your community know about your involvement in a campaign to ensure health care coverage for all Americans!

Thank you for your ongoing support of Cover the Uninsured Week and commitment to Americans living without health care coverage. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact Sally Kurtz at (202) 572-2848 or

By Sally Kurtz and Just Us 18 April 05

Ed: All the way with the USA: Cover the Uninsured Week? That's what happened when the Neo-Liberal fascist party lied to us about Medicare. Now we have to fork it or walk it? There is an old bush saying, 'that you can take a sheep if you're hungry but you must leave the pelt on the farmers fence'. That as well as stealing hubcaps for a living seems likely to become good options for the poor and underprivileged when HoWARd takes over the Senate in July. Tony Abbott must stand down Now!


Dismantle the war machine, slash taxes, privatisation and keep social services
Slash taxes and end welfare state [social services state], report urges? Dismantle the War Machine not Welfare [Social Services]!

AMA slams major parties over Indigenous health
The Australian Medical Association (AMA) says Indigenous health standards will continue to be as poor as some third world countries, because the nation's major political parties are not serious about fixing the problem.

Potent strike into Howard's heartland before it's too late!
HOPE, urgency and Medicare Gold constitute Mark Latham's now formidable assault on The Lodge. In his first campaign launch Latham has unveiled a mega-initiative -- free hospital treatment, public or private, for all Australians aged 75 and over.

Govt urged to restructure Medicare
The Institute of Health Economics and Technology Assessment says raising taxes alone is not a sustainable way to finance a health system, particularly as Australia's population ages.

Protesters arrested during PM's Tas visit
Inside he addressed a community morning tea and talked of the benefits of Australia's free trade agreement with the United States and reiterated his commitment to the Government's Medicare reforms.