Friday, February 11, 2005


This is for all the children, now, and those to be............

On Sunday 13th February, a Community gathering will be held to enable all people to remember the death of one of our young Community members, 'TJ' Hickey.

The gathering will be at the site of the fence where he was impaled arising from a police pursuit.

The gathering will start at 10.30am at the fence site behind the Taurunga building in Phillip Street, Waterloo Letters of support will be read and a two minute silence will also occur.

During the gathering a Petition will be available to be signed to demand a new Coronial Inquest. The call is based on Community demands following the abject failure of the police/white legal system to act in a fair and just manner.

This Petition is also demanding:

*a new Coronial Inquest following the evidence given by the two Police Community Liason officers during the New South Wales Legislative Assembly Inquiry, and

*The Coroner's decision to allow (then) Constable Michael Hollingsworth to not have to give evidence on a legally false double-jeopardy argument.

Both of the above points, we believe, have solid legal arguments to support them in a Court of Law. If we get a proper and unbiased hearing, of course.

The Petitions will be given to the NSW Attorney-General, Bob Debus, who has agreed to accept the handover, on the 15 February, being the FIRST ANNIVERSARY, of an event that will never be forgotten by the entire Community, and one that has brought us together.

Following the gathering there will be a further minutes silence held at one of Australia's oldest police station, Redfern, to remember all those, black and white, that have died arising from police operations.

Also those who have died in the penal systems of this country. Adult and juvenile, male and female. All those Deaths-in-Custody due to negligence or an absolute failure of Duty of Care by the NSW, so-called, Justice and Legal Systems.

Since 1980, there has been over 400 Indigenous Deaths. There are in excess of 400 Families still grieving, still in 'Sorry Business.' Those 400+ Families still ask the unanswered questions.

Photo: TJ's Mother Mrs Gail Hickey

Contact Ray Jackson on (02) 9318 0947 or 0418 436 572 for further comment.

Our stories must be TOLD, THEY MUST BE.

This is for the children, now and those to be.........

Lets look at where divide and conquer starts they want let anything to be free that includes the Land, the trees, the waterways, mountains, etc and the animals, birds, fish, reptiles, mammals, etc, we need then to SURVIVE.

White is like a piece of paper, you are not white you are need, red when you laugh, red when you are hot and red when we burn. But you can also go purple from the cold, blue when your sick, and green with envy. This is the first division. You are not white you are RED. The Yellow have always been Yellow they stand as one mob.

Aboriginals have always been BLACK.

The Land before INVASION was always Black

But as you can see, we are all red, yellow and black. The colour's of the Land. We need to now, walk as one, behind one flag as ONE, but bring your own cultures, if we don't this Land which is OURS will belong to BOB and JOHN. We hunt with blunt spears, and broken boomerangs which fly while Nuclear weapons are pointed at us.

This Land belongs to us not the police, not the government but us.

We need to walk as one community, one voice, one peaceful mob.

It all depends on how you see you, but remember.


(Indigenous Social Justice Association, Inc.)

By ISJA posted 11 February 05


Whitewash over Hickey's death
The New South Wales coroner has cleared police of any responsibility for the death of Aboriginal teenager Thomas 'TJ' Hickey.

Govt accused of isolating Indigenous public servants
A national reconciliation group says the federal Government's main-streaming of Indigenous services into government departments will continue to isolate Aboriginal public servants.

Vanstone defends asking Aborigines to wash for fuel
The Federal Government has defended its offer to provide a remote Indigenous community with petrol bowsers and new health programs, if it meets conditions including ensuring children shower every day.

Clark crashes Indigenous affairs ministers' meeting
Aboriginal leader Geoff Clark says he gatecrashed a meeting of federal and state Aboriginal affairs ministers today to highlight the plight of Aboriginal people.

Long says journey far from over
Michael Long has emerged from a meeting with the Prime Minister in Canberra saying it is still the beginning of his journey.

Second autopsy to delay Palm Island funeral
A spokesman for the Palm Island community in north Queensland says the funeral for a man who died in police custody may be another two weeks away.

Indigenous welfare plan breach race act!!!!
The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) has issued a warning about the Federal Government's plan to link Aboriginal welfare to behavioural change.

HoWARd's 'attitude' to Aboriginal welfare racist
The Federal Government says it is still considering a radical plan to rebuild the Aboriginal welfare system, which could make financial assistance dependent on behavioural change?

UN rates Indigenous health poorly
The Australian Nursing Federation says the United Nations has rated Indigenous Australians as having the second worst quality of life in the world after China.

Poverty cycle must be addressed: Ridgeway
The Democrats' Aden Ridgeway says Prime Minister John Howard should stop beating up on people who are on welfare, and focus on solving the national Indigenous unemployment rate.

Whitewash over Hickey's death
The New South Wales coroner has cleared police of any responsibility for the death of Aboriginal teenager Thomas 'TJ' Hickey.

1. ATSIC abolition: the story so far. The last few months have seen both major parties buying into Indigenous Affairs in destructive and politically opportunistic ways. First the ALP and then the Government announced they would abolish ATSIC, but now the decision has been referred to a Senate Committee so the full implications of the Government's proposal can be examined. For more information on the Senate Inquiry into Indigenous Administration call 02 6277 3419 or go to:

AMA calls for extra health funding for Aborigines
The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is asking for an extra $450 million a year to be spent on the health needs of Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders.

Labor to request Senate inquiry into ATSIC's future
The Federal Opposition has announced it will call for a Senate inquiry into the Government's plan to abolish the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (ATSIC).

Reconciliation dreaming
Djerrkura had witnessed the collapse of ATSIC, which he led from 1996 to 1999, with sadness. Despite the peak indigenous organisation's flaws, which he did not deny, its abolition, he said, had been done in "the classic imperial fashion, without negotiation, without understanding and with little empathy". He noted that as early as December 2001 he had called on his successor Geoff Clark to resign for the good of the organisation. But he reserved his harshest words for John Howard.

Amnesty sees lack of progress on reconciliation
Amnesty International says the Federal Government must be held accountable for its commitments to Indigenous services.

The bone has been pointed at Howard
A Queensland Indigenous leader says an ancient Aboriginal curse placed on Prime Minister John Howard is no laughing matter and could even have deadly consequences.

Indigenous Social Justice Association Djadi Dugarang

Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research: Aboriginal Crime
In 2001 more than forty percent of the Aboriginal male population aged 20-24 in NSW appeared before a NSW court charged with a criminal offence. One in ten Aboriginal males in NSW aged 20-24 received a prison sentence.

Inquiry told reforms will decimate Indigenous education
A Senate inquiry has been told the Federal Government's proposed higher education reforms will decimate education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. The National Indigenous Postgraduate Association Aboriginal Corporation says Indigenous students will be the hardest hit by increases in student fees, interest on postgraduate loans and attacks on student representation.