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Victorian author Raymond Hoser attacked

Author loses everything for publishing truth - dangerous precedent

Only I am allowed to attack the judiciary - Rob Hulls. Whistleblowers Australia has recently received this media release and publish it here in the public interest.

We ask that its contents be disseminated widely as the public interest is at stake. This was a recent quote attributed to Rob Hulls at a Labor Party gathering. Hulls was also quoted as saying that he had taken out "contempt" actions against author Raymond Hoser, not to protect flagging public confidence in the legal system of Victoria, but rather to protect his mates that he'd appointed to the judiciary.

Hulls regarded the ongoing case against Hoser as a pre-emptive strike to stop him or others from being able to publish details of illegal or unethical actions by judges and magistrates. One of Hull's mates, Judge Robert Kent (appointed to the bench by Hulls) died recently after he'd been publicly exposed as a tax-evading criminal. Another judge said that Kent had shown 'disdain' for the law. Media reports said Kent died of a heart attack, but more reliable sources said that the public humiliation of being an exposed criminal drove Kent to commit suicide.

While the case against Hoser and his publisher has been alleged to be about defending the judiciary against so-called "attacks", even though Hoser has not attacked the judiciary, rather merely exposed what goes wrong with it, Hulls is only concerned about defending his mates and their mates and not the judiciary as a whole. Hulls himself is certainly not averse to attacking the judiciary, so long as it is not his mates that he's appointed to the job.

In fact he's done more to undermine public confidence in the legal system then perhaps anyone else. Besides making inappropriate appointments of unsuitable people to the bench, Hulls was instrumental in hounding the Liberal appointed chief magistrate Michael Adams from office, but that was not a contempt of court, because Hulls didn't charge himself! This week in a defective judgement, three court of appeal judges declared Hoser and his publisher guilty of contempt of court for publishing truth about corruption among judges and magistrates.

The judges who ruled against Hoser were employed under Hull's own department and so it came as no surprise that they found in favour of their employer. Hoser had sought all three judges disqualify themselves from the case at the start, due to the obvious conflict of interest, but they had refused.

Monday also officially saw Melbourne University Professor Kim Sawyer formally extinguished from the face of the earth. In a bizarre legal ruling, three Victorian judges supported an assertion by Attorney General Rob Hulls and his spokesman, John Langmead that Kim Sawyer does not exist and hence any claims attributed to him also do not exist.

In their somewhat convoluted and contradictory ruling, three judges said that Sawyer and his statements did not constitute evidence, supporting claims by Hulls and his spokesman, that corruption author Raymond Hoser had invented Kim Sawyer and he does not exist.

The basis of the claim that Sawyer and about ten other people didn't exist was to deny their independent claims that County Judge Neesham had conducted a kangaroo court in a case in 1994 and as a result a miscarriage of justice occurred.

Sawyer, a respected economics professor at the University of Melbourne is flabbergasted that he has been declared non existent by a Victorian court and treats this part of the judgement by their honours Batt, Vincent and Harper as an ongoing joke. However the case as a whole is most certainly not a joke. It is deadly serious.

It also raises the important question of, is a person in contempt of court for pointing out that judges have made serious errors of finding, fact or law?

For those who may be in the dark, yesterday, was a sad day for all Australians who thought that they lived in a free country where truth, justice and freedom of speech were meant to be rights of all citizens.

In a case that's been suppressed in the mainstream media, or when reported, grossly misrepresented, Australia's leading corruption author has been declared guilty of "contempt" of court for publishing the truth about corruption in the legal system in two best-selling books.

The double jeopardy case involved Attorney General Rob Hulls, charging Hoser with "contempt" of court after Hoser had won a defamation action to which Hulls had been a party. Three judges upheld an earlier decision by fellow judge Geoff Eames that said Hoser and no other Australians a right to make statements adverse to fellow judges and magistrates.

Free speech case (legal) precedents were ruled irrelevant and Hoser and his publishing company were fined $5000 for publishing the truth about corruption in the legal system. The killer blow was an open-ended "costs" order against Hoser of an estimated $50,000. This was designed for both specific deterrence and general deterrence to stop Hoser or any other persons trying to expose corruption in the legal system.

The judges effectively ruled that judicial officers are exempt from criticism by members of the public, even if the criticism is valid. In this case, the three appeal court judges made a series of defective claims and inferences that can be shown to be patently false by cross referencing with the books subject of the case or source documents and tapes, if the latter were relevant to the Judges claims. Clearly it would seem the judges are either corrupt, incompetent or perhaps something else we cannot think of, and/or they are hoping that no one cross-checks their judgement against the documents it is allegedly derived from.

The defects of fact stem from what appears to be a deliberate misrepresentation of the contents of the books, which may also stem from a failure by the judges to have read them. For example, upheld by the judges was a claim by the previous judge (Eames) that Hoser had misrepresented the facts by withholding a critically important letter from an adversely named judge from his readers.

That letter was in the relevant book at the relevant place, but either not read or ignored by judge Eames in the earlier trial. Based on the fact that these three appeal court judges have upheld this obvious Eames falsehood, one must make similar assumptions in terms of their inability to deal with the obvious facts.

Other claims made by these judges against the books do not stand up to a cursory check. Ironically, in the front of both Hoser books, Hoser himself admitted the possibility that material in Hoser's books may be incorrect and in spite of meticulous checking.

Notwithstanding this caveat, neither judge Eames or the three appeal court judges were able to accurately identify a single fault with either book and hence so far they remain bullet proof in terms of their writing and being truthful and accurate. Hence as a result of this judgement handed down today, the Victorian Attorney General Rob Hulls and the three appeal court judges themselves have scandalised the legal system. Hoser and his publisher will take the matter to the High Court due to the ramifications of the case in terms of it being a precedent to shut down all forms of whistleblowing against corruption by members of the Australian public.

A documentary on this case is being made by an Australian TV network and the case so far will go down in history as one of the darkest moments in Australia's legal system. A full appraisal of the defects in the judgement will be published shortly, so as to aid uninformed people in terms of cross checking the judgement.

The judgement is not yet posted on Austlii, which is the website for legal judgements in Australia. But an indication as to how important the anti-Hoser judgements will be in terms of suppressing freedom of speech and related whistleblowing matters can be seen from a search of legal cases since the Eames judgement against Hoser in late 2001.

That judgement was shown to defective by Hoser and agreed by all parties, but not withstanding these obvious defects, the three Supreme Court of Appeal justices refused to find against this judge (Eames). Perhaps this may stem from the fact that Eames was promoted by Rob Hulls (Attorney General), the man who charged Hoser, to the same court and hence all three appeal court judges had sat with Eames on cases in the past.

In other words it was an in house hatchet job on Hoser. Seeing what was coming, Hoser had applied at the start of the case for the three appeal court judges (Batt, Vincent and Harper) to disqualify themselves on the basis of obvious conflict of interest, but they all denied that this conflict would influence them and refused to stand aside from the trial.

The judge’s own judgement appears to rebut their claims of no bias, but of course to allege these judges were biased would be treated as contempt, so perhaps it is better to assume that these learned men are merely incompetent and/or have very warped reasoning powers. Notable is that on this same day, a corruption whistleblower was wrongly convicted and heavily punished for publishing truth, while in two other Victorian courts a drug dealing cop and a paedophile were both allowed to walk free.

This perhaps sums up the priorities of the Victorian legal system and shows the seriousness of how Hoser has now been punished for merely publishing truth and stating obvious facts and/or conclusions. Further inquiries can be made to Whistleblowers Australia (in all states), including Raymond Hoser himself on 0412 777 211 (who can e-mail copies of the 31 page judgement to interested parties as it is not yet on the Austlii /site.

The case has been reported in some media, but severely misrepresented by the ABC who falsely implied that Hoser himself made a false claim about a magistrate Hugh Adams taking a bribe. The facts of the matter are as follows: On 21 December 1988 Policeman Ross Allen Bingley made the statement of fact that Adams had been bribed to wrongly convict Hoser of Theft and assault charges. This was tape-recorded and has been transcribed since. Hoser was innocent and exonerated on appeal.

Evidence that Magistrate Adams was corrupt has been substantial and goes beyond the improper conviction of Hoser (in the first instance in 1988), in spite of overwhelming proof of Hoser's innocence, including a last minute confession by the alleged victim that no assault or theft had taken place and a covertly made tape recording of the informant that had him stating that he knew Hoser was innocent but that he'd fabricate statements and evidence to convict Hoser.

Hugh Adams is also the magistrate that bungled the first inquest into corrupt policeman Denis Tanner and allowed him to get away with the murder and escape charges for killing Jennifer Tanner.A later inquest into the murder by another coroner, overturned the Adams "findings", stating that the Adams inquest had been bungled and that Tanner was a murderer but the DPP ruled that too much time had elapsed to charge Tanner (or words to that effect), due to "destruction of evidence" and related matters.

Hoser first raised the issues of Magistrate Adams and his probity in the book "The Hoser Files: The Fight Against Entrenched Official Corruption" published in June 1995. John Silvester and Andew Rule of the Melbourne Age followed on from Hoser's lead and published stories on the Tanner case (involving Adams) in September the same year.

This earlier Hoser book was not found to be in contempt of court, even though three appeal court judges have now ruled the same material in two later books ("Victoria Police Corruption" 1 and 2 to be "in contempt"). The three appeal court judges also ignored the fact that prior to publication of these later books, both Hulls and his predecessor Jan Wade approved of them.

Wade as Attorney General had been sent and received a full manuscript and save for names of jurors wanted nothing else deleted. In accordance with the directions of one of Wade's staff these names were blacked out. Hoser was then charged with contempt by her successor, Rob Hulls, after Labor won office from the Liberals. What this means is that a person who is told they are within the law in terms of what they write, may be declared outlaw on the whims of a change in government or policy and this can be made retrospective as happened with Hoser's books.

It is for these and other reasons that the case must be taken as far as possible, not to clear Hoser's name, which based on a scrutiny of the judgements remains untarnished, but rather to stop the same precedent to be used to suppress whistleblowing and lawful democratic activities and/or legal dissent in future affecting all Australians. Due to the numerous defects of fact and law in the judgement by Batt, Harper and Vincent, a High Court appeal is planned. Earlier information on this case including judgements, rulings, transcripts and so on can be found at: Smuggled.COM/arc2003.htm and Smuggled.COM/arc2001.htm.

See below for some news clips (not necessarily accurate) relating three cases in Victoria, the first involving a whistleblower Hoser, the others involving the drug dealing cop and the paedophile, the latter two generally treated well by the Victorian judiciary.

Author losses contempt of court appeal
The Victorian Court of Appeal has handed down a second contempt of court conviction to a self-published author. Raymond Terrence Hoser and his private publishing company were fined $5,000 two years ago after the release of two books, which contained corruption allegations against two county court judges. Hoser has lost his appeal against that conviction. The court has also found him guilty of a second contempt charge, which was originally dismissed.That charge related to unfounded bribery allegations against a third judge.

Priest walks free on sex assault charges
By Dan Silkstone December 16, 2003
A Catholic priest who sexually abused a schoolboy and said celibacy was to blame for his indiscretions walked free from the County Court yesterday after being given a suspended sentence.

John Barry Gwillim, 71, was a model priest, popular with his flock at St Peter's Church in East Keilor and a gifted arranger of hymns, Judge Fred Davey said. But Father Gwillim had an unholy secret, one that took more than 20 years to emerge. Judge Davey said Father Gwillim met the boy, then 15, for sexual encounters in his car, in a motel room and at his presbytery during late 1979 and early 1980. Judge Davey said Father Gwillim was unlikely to reoffend and wholly suspended his sentence of two years and eight months. "In any event, you will serve another sentence, the sentence of a disgraced priest whose good works will be forgotten," he said. "The memory of your disgraceful conduct will blot your good deeds from people's memories forever."

Father Gwillim left St Peter's in 1999 and has since worked as a relieving priest. He is on sick leave from the archdiocese. The president of victim support group Broken Rites, Chris MacIsaac, yesterday called on the archdiocese not to reinstate him. "This is just another example of a paedophile priest," she said. "It's been 10 years since people started coming forward with these stories. How many more are there?" The encounters began in late 1979 when Father Gwillim met the boy and offered him a lift home from a swimming lesson. Judge Davey said Father Gwillim stopped his car in a Parkville side street and asked if the boy "wanted to do something nice for him". He then directed the child to perform oral sex.

Father Gwillim began regularly collecting the boy from his swimming lessons. The pair performed sexual acts on each other in the car, at a motel and in the presbytery at St Peter's. Father Gwillim pleaded guilty last week to five counts of indecent assault on a child under 16 and four counts of gross indecency with a child under 16. In July, the priest told police: "If we could do away with celibacy this would all go away. It was the sort of thing (where there was) a lovely slice of cake and I bloody well ate it."

Judge Davey said Father Gwillim had not used his position to influence the boy, who initially did not know he was a priest. He said that Father Gwillim had otherwise led an exemplary life. Monsignor Les Tom Linson, from the Melbourne Archdiocese, said Father Gwillim had been formally stood down when the charges were laid. He would not be restored as a practising priest but there were no plans to formally remove him.
This story was found at:

Suspended detective gets bail on drug allegations
By Steve Butcher December 16, 2003
A Victorian detective charged last week by anti-corruption police with conspiracy to deal in drugs was released from custody yesterday on $100,000 bail. Detective Sergeant Paul Dale, 34, who is suspended without pay, was described in court as being respected, well regarded and having had a distinguished career.

Dale, who faces a possible maximum sentence of life imprisonment if convicted, was released on bail after a magistrate said the case against him was "less than overwhelming". The Melbourne Magistrates Court heard that he was arrested and charged last week with a fellow detective from the major drug investigation division, David Miechel.

It was alleged that Miechel and another man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, were arrested in September after allegedly burgling a house and stealing drugs worth $1 million. Dale faces four charges that include conspiracy to traffic large commercial quantities of ecstasy and ice amphetamines. Miechel, 33, who was mauled by a police dog during his arrest outside the house in Oakleigh East, faces 16 charges that include trafficking large commercial quantities of ecstasy and ice and trafficking LSD.

Prosecutor Damien Maguire said Dale had to show exceptional circumstances why detention in custody was not justified. Detective Senior Sergeant Murray Gregor, from the police anti-corruption division, said drugs worth a conservative $1.3 million were involved in the charges. He agreed with defence barrister Ian Hill, QC, that there was no evidence implicating Dale in any of a number of telephone intercepts.

Mr Hill submitted that the prosecution case rested on the word of a man who previously lied to police and who had a serious record of convictions. Mr Maguire said Dale had not shown exceptional circumstances and that any delay from the time of his arrest until trial was not exceptional. Magistrate Lisa Hannan, in granting bail, disagreed. She said there would be a significant delay - analysis of the drugs would not be resolved until next May and a trial might not be held until 2005.

Ms Hannan said that while the charges were serious, Dale had ties to Victoria, had no previous convictions and any risk he might pose while on bail could be met by strict conditions. Dale, who will reappear in March, must report regularly to police, not approach witnesses and keep away from ports and airports. This story was found at:

From: Raymond Hoser <>
Organization: AAC
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 11:14:12 -0800

By Free Speech posted 18 December 03


NSW Police Force: Bent cop Cribb should be treated no different
34-year-old police inspector Shane Cribb, who shot a man shouldn't be treated differently than any other person charged with the same offence. The Daily Telegraph this morning is calling for special consideration for the cop.

One arrested in random raids: Police
A man has been arrested at a house in Punchbowl in one of 10 simultaneous raids on properties in Sydney's south-west this morning.

Random police raid terrorised residents
A police task Force randomly targeting gang warfare [and criminals green lighted by police themselves], is investigating nine murders and one disappearance, including a shooting death that sparked a dramatic random dawn raid in south-western Sydney yesterday.

Three men arrested over deadly drug feud
In a day of extraordinary developments in investigations into gangland violence [and police corruption], in southwest Sydney, armed plainclothes detectives from strike force Gain swooped on three men in the shopping area of the Star City Casino complex at about 2.30pm.

Drive-by shootings: test your political IQ?
Sydney was being controlled by around a thousand gun-toting young men and a new jail was needed to put them in, the NSW opposition said on Friday, in the wake if Sydney's drive-by shootings.

NSW drug wars: family feud not responsible for shootings
Do New South Wales citizens have to be diverted from the truth about a drug infested gangland killing? Why did the police lie? Why did the Premier lie? What is wrong with our government and police, are they on the take? Are they on drugs? Are these people being drug tested?

NSW Opp calls for greater police powers
The New South Wales Opposition has used the latest fatal shooting in Sydney's south-west to call for police to be given powers to conduct random car searches.

Hollingsworth: Whistleblower meeting at Mensa
The speaker will be Kim Hollingsworth, another idealist woman police whistleblower who reported corruption within the service and wouldn't back down, despite suffering financial and emotional distress, as a consequence of Police victimisation of her.

First degree murder? Or Noble Cause Corruption?
A "STUDENT" who was alleged to be involved in a murder and armed robberies is being sent to university, after turning police informant, the man has been given indemnity from prosecution relating to a string of serious offences. These include a hold-up in which shopkeeper Khiem Lu was stabbed to death.

Australian drivers licence dangerous weapon
In the hands of police the Australian motor vehicle driver's licence has become, and soon becoming a very dangerous and powerful weapon that can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Licensed to drive, be intimidated, be harassed, and interfered with?
NSW Police should not be given any more power to stop drivers going about their business. These new powers are just a substitute for the recent attack on privacy, whereby police wanted to search for guns by stopping drivers randomly.

Police WarLords set to take over Sydney again
Police warlords are set to take over Sydney's suburbs because police are not being supervised properly.

Jailed man's conviction to be reviewed
The New South Wales Court of Criminal Appeal will today review the conviction of a man, after claims in the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) last year that police planted weapons and faked suspects' confessions.

Rookies step up to ranks of Keystone-Cops?
Officers untrained in major criminal investigation are being posted to the state's elite body of detectives.

The inaugural Australian Police Summit
The inaugural Australian Police Summit (APS) will take place 18-19 June 2003 at the Australian Technology Park, Sydney. APS is Australia's only dedicated event focusing on all aspects of Law Enforcement and Policing.

NSW Police! Soothsayers or slayers? Strategy part 3 Permit denial
Part three: Refuse to grant a permit for another planned march because they manipulated the populist view. How? By exploiting your argument and eroding the public's confidence in peaceful demonstrations and by using the media to tell their lies, then using that as a weapon against peace.

Police violence fractures Peace movements?
The resolution also criticised New South Wales Assistant Police Commissioner Dick Adams for creating a threatening environment by mobilising excessive force for the protest.

No confidence in 'Force' when service is out the door
How are shopkeepers and service staff going to feel today knowing police are vulnerable to be attacked while serving customers at the counter of a police station?

Every dog has his day: Brammer resigns
The Police Integrity Commission found that Brammer, along with other senior police, had at times displayed a lack of support for the former police reform body, the Crime Management Support Unit.

MPs told of police corruption
Corruption and mismanagement are still entrenched in the NSW Police, and problems at the highest levels are "whitewashed", according to evidence given yesterday to a federal parliamentary committee.

Black Knight Moroney to give evidence?
Accusations about former high-ranking NSW policewoman Lola Scott's alleged failure to act against paedophiles have dominated a federal crime inquiry hearing in Sydney.

The NSW Police Force
The NSW Police Force has stopped production on its new movie Viking. Viking, showing in NSW Parliament House and in the suburbs of Sydney recently.

Crime victim group wants say in money allocation
A spokesperson from Justice Action Mr Brett Collins said, "Victims should be properly compensated regardless of the source and that is currently the law. The law says you don't need to find even the offender to get compensation. This is an attempt by the opposition to create a law and order issue-involving victims when there is in fact no issue!

Abolition of 800 year old double jeopardy law a crime
The 800-year-old rule prevents a person who's acquitted of a criminal charge from ever being re-tried for that offense.

When real safety is jeopardised in NSW
Perception of crime is still a problem in NSW, with a new Productivity Commission report showing the state's citizens feel less safe than most of their counterparts.

TERRY FALCONER CASE: Terry Falconer was picked up by a uniformed policeman and two detectives on work release from Silverwater jail. Handcuffed and found two weeks later chopped up in chicken wire at Wauchope and dumped below the tide mark. Two fishermen found Falconer.

The body in the seven bags still hides its secrets>Who is going to report this failure by the NSW police to solve this most important crime? When there is evidence that the perpetrator was the police who are the same people who are investigating the crime or said to be investigating the crime. The diversion here is that bikies committed the crime even though the head of Rebells bikie gang worked for the NSW police for 22 years in an elite tactical response group.

Call to Bronwyn Bishop's Federal Crime Inquiry
I call on Bronwyn Bishop to allow me to produce first evidence about police corruption and to be able to attend Parliament House Sydney without fear of conviction.

Australia: politicians should watch police
In Sydney yesterday the Opposition police spokesman, Andrew Tink, urged Federal Labor MPs to allow the public hearing of the claims, which include that senior police, the PIC and the Ombudsman's office were failing to investigate legitimate complaints of misconduct, including corruption in the police promotion system.

The community questions ICAC's slagging and fobbing you off?
The ICAC, Commissions, Ombudsman, Police Integrity Commission (PIC), and numerous Tribunals etc, are all arms of government set up as an insurance police for the government's 3 or 4 year election terms. In short they'll be out of office by the time you may be lucky enough to have your matter heard.

Who is bad?
Super Rat? M5? M11? K8? N2? So I trust that some people who, with the photos and guns guessed that a jury would quickly establish a case against a profiled person whom, you just had a picture and a history of. Common knowledge? The government knew their victims would take the blame. Not just chess in court, 'moving around the pieces', but 'putting false evidence, or not enough evidence before the jury."

2,500 crooked detectives? Or a corrupt Government?
Evan Whitton: Either two things occurred. If you said you didn't join the police force to extort money from working girls, your papers were marked 'not suitable for plain clothes' and you were sent back to uniform.

How to become corruption resistant in NSW
Don't trust those who cannot prove themselves with the little amounts of trust you give them. Just because they have a letter of perceived trust doesn't mean they can be trusted.

This is not how you eat 'antisocial behaviour'
Process corruption, perjury, planting of evidence, verbals, fabricated confessions, denial of suspects rights, a solicitor to induce confessions, tampering with electronic recording equipment, framing. Generally green lighting crime, and I say Murder, including the kids who overdosed on heroin. No doubt.

Black Knight - Long way to go home
In line with the current climate of police corruption and the demise of the reform unit set up by Wood, these facts ought to have been a good reason to leave Moroney out of the package as Commissioner.

Bob down and sniff my arse
These are serious invasions of privacy and draconian laws? Where are our democratic soldiers, the lawyers and the barristers who need to take on the government in the courts? Are they plastic? Or to busy feathering their nests? Or have they been cleverly purchased by this black government. Drug test police and politicians, and have the tests independently accessed.

Come in spinner? Or Come in sinner?
"You don't have, in my view very vigilant processes. I suppose it's akin to the problem of corruption within the police," he told the ABC radio. " People say there's corruption with the police (but) do you get the police to investigate problems within their own ranks?

I am disturbed by Governments 'actions' in relation to shuffling the police service. Clive Small seconded into Parliament like a cocky in a perch. A breach of the fundamental Separation of Powers Doctrine does not in my view allow the thought of intervening, planning, or shuffling to stack the deck of our police service. The one that suppose to be autonomous according to Lord Denning. Where the Parliamentary Secretary can ask the commissioner of police to 'report' then sack him if he is not satisfied with such report.

Australia's Political Underworld...& their enforcers
The promotion of law and order means money to big business. Profits from insurance, security fixtures, patrol services and the like can only continue to grow if the perceived threat of uncontrollable crime wave escalates. In the past few months there have been many examples of the true nature of our blood thirsty politicians and their sinister attempts to spoon-feed a not so gullible public with their repetitious rhetoric.

Who is telling the truth? Well I guess Dr. Ed. Chadbourne or Mr. Peter Ryan may have the answer to that. Dr. Chadbourne sacked by Peter Ryan and more specifically in my view because he elected deputy commissioners Dave Madden and Andrew Scipione as the best men in the service in relation to his qualifications to make a recommendation in his capacity as human resources.That is if you believe that a Dr. can be corrupted.

What is happening between the Police Service and politics is quite extraordinary at the moment. If stand over tactics don't work tell half the truth honestly and follow the example of sheep. Another word for it is sleaze, yeah. Another word for it is workplace harassment. Another word for it is bribing a Police Officer. Another word for it is misleading Parliament.

Tele Tales
Most people I know don't buy the Daily Telegraph. Why? Because of the lies and propaganda purported by them.

Lord Denning
Interesting how a member of the Police Board Mr. Tim Priest would hold grave fears for his safety from dangerous senior police but fails to name them or have them sacked. Rather Priest resigns as if he had no powers. Could that mean what he was saying is that the Governments are also corrupt?

Clive Small is Bob Carr's choice for the new Police Commissioner. It could only be the case considering his, Small's special appointment into Parliament House. Small who suffers from the little person syndrome is the ideal bend over boy who gets shuffled through his corrupt actions. Rolling the legal system for him after the fact, just like his predecessor Roger the dodger Rogerson.

Black Nexus
The Separation of Powers Doctrine is nowcontaminated witharangeofcolours, now leaving us with a black shirt on a once blue bridge that crossed that thin blue line. The 'Amery and Woodham show'.

Same boat
The Premier, Bob Carr, relies on a militia. A gang of bikies and our Police Service, to show all of us he is no murderer. He should be taken to the task along with his partners in crime like Clive Small to account for those people who like my self have been maliciously assaulted and who have complained, without any service and those who cannot speak for themselves who were murdered, like Terry Falconer. Terry murdered in custody.

Good Cop
Why have our democratic institutions broken down? It's not just the criminal justice system. The Anti-Corruption Network exposes the same issues. A group of white-collar workers who say they have suffered as follows:

I refer to the Daily Telegraph article 22 March 2002 under the heading Priest quits advisory job.

Partners in crime - history!
Roger Rogerson, the old hero, who never faced a result in the Warren Lanfranchi, or Sally-Anne Huckstepp murders, was let off in my opinion when the New South Wales Government rolled the legal system (deciding what evidence to give the police prosecutor) to have the jury believe the illusion they (the Government wanted to create).

Police Chronology 1994-2001
View events in the NSW Police Force since the Wood Royal Commission began in 1994. 1994 May Justice James Wood is appointed Commissioner of the Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service ('WRC')