Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Why the NSW Police wanted to see me last night

I worked hard all day yesterday as a volunteer at Justice Action and I arrived home at 5pm. At 6pm my mobile phone rang.

It was Kings Cross police.

Police: Hello Mr Kable.

Kable: Yes.

Police: We would like you to come down and pick up the variations to an AVO made by Clover Moore MP 3 years ago.

Kable: That AVO order must be almost finished. Okay I will come down.

Police: Are you coming down now?

Kable: Yes!

Police: If you don't come now we'll keep knocking on your door until we can serve them.

At that time police ringing my phone was enough to slip me into post traumatic stress because of police harassment in the past. We had a conflict of interest that had not been solved.

The Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO) was taken out on me by Clover Moore MP after I complained to her, my local MP in the Bligh electorate, because of police harassment almost three years ago. I continually complained to her because the police harassment never stopped even when I had complained many times.

One day I posted a notice on Clover Moores Paddington office Window about the police harassment because I was sick of getting no support and subsequently I was picked up and taken to Caritas Psychiatric hospital in Darlinghurst down the road from Moore's Paddington office for placing the notice on the wall.

My solicitor Mr Angus Neil Smith explained, "He was given enough drugs to put down an elephant". Three days later I was released by Magistrate Pearce. Mr Angus Neil Smith said, "My client was illegally arrested".

The AVO was made because police convinced Clover that my integrity was not intact? Clover believed them obviously.

Some months later I made arrangements to meet Brett Collins at Parliament house for a demonstration. Before Brett arrived I was picked up out-side Parliament House in Macquarie Street and arrested. Breach of and AVO Clover Moore. Subsequently the orders stated her Paddington Office but were amended when I was hauled in for the alleged breach to extend to Parliament House Macquarie Street Sydney.

I beat the base charge because the orders did not include her office in Parliament House. Nor did I have any reason to see Ms Moore there that day. But I was convicted of resist arrest though and fined $160. I resisted arrest because I was terrified after being drugged by them and felt innocent of any crime.

Subsequently there has been no breach of the orders in relation to Ms. Moore.

Back to last night.

I thought who owns the problem? Why am I going out of my way for their problem?

I rang Kings Cross police back and gave them my solicitor's address and asked the constable to serve my solicitor and I will pick the papers up off them.

Police: Took down the notes.

I hung up.

Police: Ring back 5 minutes later. You have to come down to Kings Cross police station and be served in person.

Kable: No serve my solicitor.

Police: Don't swear at me.

Kable: I didn't swear at you.

He was angry and said.

Police: We will subpoena you if you don't come down now!

I hung up the phone.

I raise this matter today because I am frightened of the police and what they will do now.

They are clearly trying to make orders for another 3 years or so.

But that means I cannot have my constitutional passage with my local member or NSW Parliament that my friends is less than fair. It is my understanding that there is no Legal Aid to defend you against AVO's. You must defend yourself.

Subsequently police never went on to serve my solicitor? Never served me at JA my workplace? So why did they just want me on my own in their parlour? And whilst I was being harassed by police in the whole period there were bikie groups involved and working with them.

By Gregory Kable 20 June 03 Posted 25 June 03


Family Law: Shared parenting arrangements
My children were four and two years of age and it's been fourteen years since I seen my children who are now adults. I don't know where they are because the government fragmented us by order of the Family Court of Australia, which should be called, the Anti-Family Court of Australia. Big yawn!!!

Getting Justice Wrong DPP make full admissions
Another piece of political posturing had occurred in 1994 when parliament purported to pass the Community Protection Act providing for one man, Gregory Wayne Kable, to be imprisoned beyond the expiration of the sentence he was serving for the manslaughter of his estranged wife. He had killed her during an argument over access to their children in 1989.

Police to uphold law not decide mental health
A diagnosis of mental illness could be made over the phone instead of in person, and involuntary psychiatric patients could lose the right to have their case reviewed by a magistrate, under proposed changes to NSW mental health laws.

Practicably Perfect
Do you remember your first driving lesson? You were to steer as close to the curb when parking 'practicably' not perfectly or practically. Why? Because we are not as perfect as Premier Bob Carr wants to be seen. The degree of our mistakes depends on our experience and reflects on our upbringing and sometimes the lack of it.

Call to Bronwyn Bishop's Federal Crime Inquiry
I call on Bronwyn Bishop to allow me to produce first evidence about police corruption and to be able to attend Parliament House Sydney without fear of conviction.

Zero Tolerance for Families
A three-strikes plan, which uses the threat of fines and jail to (force) parents to meet their parental obligations after divorce, could be introduced under a draft proposal from the parliamentary committee charged with reviewing the Family Law Act.

80-20 Family Court rule irrational: Martian
A Martian came down from Mars and he noticed that children were the products of a father and a mother. When the family split up the children were still the products of a father and a mother.

Fatherless Society "80-20 rule Vs 50-50 rule" family law
A Federal Parliamentary inquiry has heard that more children will grow up without fathers unless changes are made to family law. The committee is considering whether separated parents should share equal custody of their children.

No-Smacking Day for Children in NSW
Justice Action believes that we get more support preventing people going to jail than we do trying to get people out of jail. Prevention is better than cure. You can help plant this seed so that 5 per cent of Australians don't go to jail and learn effective ways to solve a problem they may be having with other people.

The ruling class, capitalism and de-valuing the scholar
Ruling class "values" are different from working class "values" even more so now we are into full-blown capitalism where the wealthy multinationals influence the ruling class to the detriment of the general community. Zero Tolerance is an example.

Tele Tales
Most people I know don't buy the Daily Telegraph. Why? Because of the lies and propaganda purported by them.

Australian fathers under terrorist attack-by its Politicians
Ruthless terrorists tactics are used by the state deny devoted fathers their children, and place vulnerable children at risk when they are denied their fathers protection. Five hundred thousand Australian children are denied contact with their father usually resulting from orders of the state by the Family and other Courts.

There's a new lap dog looking for a lead in Bligh
Gary Burns a known police bend over boy (giving evidence he knows nothing about) to police as a witness should be trying to get elected at the RSPCA said one of his victims Mr Gregory Kable.

The community questions ICAC's slagging and fobbing you off?
The ICAC, Commissions, Ombudsman, Police Integrity Commission (PIC), and numerous Tribunals etc, are all arms of government set up as an insurance police for the government's 3 or 4 year election terms. In short they'll be out of office by the time you may be lucky enough to have your matter heard.

When is Michael Richardson going to remove the offending Family Court affidavit from the NSW Parliament website? Criminal: Hills district MP Michael Richardson. When is he going to remove these uncorroborated lies and family court pleadings on the confidential Family Court affidavit from the NSW Parliament website?

The Law According to Gregory Wayne Kable
I was sharply separated from both my children aged just 4 years and two years and sent to prison for the manslaughter of my wife. I cared for my children when my wife worked and I believe that I still had a responsibility to them even after the crisis situation and tragedy. I wanted to reassure them now and find out how they were doing.