Monday, August 25, 2003

Australia: The ruling class, capitalism and de-valuing the scholar

Ruling class "values" are different from working class "values" even more so now we are into full-blown capitalism where the wealthy multinationals influence the ruling class to the detriment of the general community. Zero Tolerance is an example.

Zero Tolerance for Families

A three-strikes plan, which uses the threat of fines and jail to (force) parents to meet their parental obligations after divorce, could be introduced under a draft proposal from the parliamentary committee charged with reviewing the Family Law Act.

In a community one must have tolerance because people only learn by making a mistake (trial and error). Being right means being right all the time but being wrong and right means being right in the end. So we learn more from being wrong than we do from being right. The less tolerant a ruler the less social justice this ruler has to deliver or be seen to have to deliver.

An example is the High Risk Management Unit at Goulburn Correctional Centre. " a box within a box" with no sunlight or fresh air. With no constructive education, hobbies or work for the prisoners. Extensive lock-downs and security rule the HRMU. Visitors have to pass a security test to gain access. Prisoners are chained and cuffed in leg-irons if they are to be moved. Prisoners are moved into a different cell every 14 days and the guards move their personal belongings.

So you see that uncertainty and ignorance about the requirements of the human being are part of the ruling class campaign not even try to rehabilitate prisoners who have made a mistake. Or even to make their living conditions reasonable as you would a cat or a dog.

Instead the prisoners are caught up into being exploited with references made by their jailers like "this person is regarded as one of the most violent now" and "this person is attempting to escape now" hence we need to make his life intolerable to the point where the prisoner who knows full well that he cannot escape then self-harms taking his/her frustration out on themselves.

In some communities now there are three-generations of parents who are unable to pass on social skills to their children. Without social skills the children take more risks and use more resources in order to achieve the same goals as you or me.

In order to relate to the community with respect and go on to socialise, children need skills or else they will end up in jail, because the ruling class won't tolerate them. An example is Opposition leader John Brogden who wants a curfew at Dubbo to prevent kids committing crime.

Brogden backs Dubbo's Radio host's hard line on children

NSW Citizens are calling for NSW Liberal leader, John Brogden, to step down after aligning himself with a shock jock petition calling for children involved in crime in Dubbo to be removed from their parents.

Another example is that children are committing serious crime as early as 13 years of age.

Take two plants turn one up side down. What is your expectation that the plant that is up side down will grow?

States to cooperate on school curriculums but social skills don't rate?

State and territory education ministers say Federal Education Minister Brendan Nelson's heavy-handed threats to school funding will not assist their ambitious initiative to develop consistent school curriculum’s in key subjects. [?]

The ruling class divides the community by demonising its failures in order to introduce laws like the Bail Amendment (Repeat Offenders)Act the presumption against bail, mandatory sentencing and indeterminate sentencing Kable Vs The State of New South Wales now struck down by the High Court, Garry David Vs the State of Victoria now repealed because David died in custody of self-harm. And today in Queensland in Fardon V's the State of Queensland.

Mr. & Mrs. Mandatory Sentencing

Well congratulations to the bride and groom. Could you please be upstanding and raise your glasses for Mr. And Mrs. Mandatory.

NSW prisons - primary industry bailed up!

In many quiet regional centres around NSW there is a new primary industry shaping up. It has something to do with Bail but not with bales. The minister for Agriculture Richard Amery who also has the prisons portfolio is now committed to farming prisoners.

Getting Justice Wrong DPP make full admissions

Back in May 2001 Nicholas Cowdery QC made an error at law by giving a speech called Getting Justice Wrong at the University of New England, Armidale Thursday, 31 May 2001. Sir Frank Kitto, Lecture now published at the DPP website. At page six, paragraph 3 under the heading:

Then you have 10 NSW prisoners who, to use the phrase of the Premier, Bob Carr, are "cemented in their cells." With their papers marked never to be released.

Bill Skaf who is serving 55 years for rape.

One of those convicted "Shorty" Jamieson, who has just been denied his application to the Innocence Panel because Police Minister John Watkins, has closed it down. Not one person is yet released by the panel who can find people innocent based on DNA evidence that does not match the crime scene.

Weak NSW Government suspends Innocence Panel

The DNA evidence panel is under investigation and the New South Wales Innocence Panel's operations have been suspended and a review of how it works ordered.

These sentences have left a group of community members who are unique individuals that are priceless and who are not dogmatic in a totally stagnant and hopeless situation, with no hope and no light for any form of improvement, when we know that people can learn from their mistakes.

Try and build a human being without an egg or sperm? Try and build a Gregory Kable, Gary David, Ivan Milat, Malcolm Baker, Phuong Ngo, Shorty Jamieson or Robert John Fardon with a toolkit from a hardware store or even a hospital. These unique human beings deserve more, even for making a mistake.

If the community won't eventually release these people, because they don't want to see that it can work, then they can be provided with constructive lives in prison, which is far short of what is being offered, by complaints Justice Action has received from the HRMU and many prisons around Australia today.

Prisons that are over-crowded have fewer resources to go around and so prisoners are being negatively reinforced and de-socialised.

Instead of leaving prison as community nurturers, they leave prison bewildered and lost.

This means if they have no insight into why they went to prison and have learned no new skills then they may be worse off than when they went to prison, because they have few social contacts with which to rely on. No light at the end of the tunnel is like terminating at Redfern instead of taking the city circle and heading off in a new direction.

So the community is cleverly played off against itself (divided) while the ruling class takes up more slack, in the tug-of-war, between Capitalism and Social Justice, between Industry and Community. Two sets of different values one of greed and money and the other of nurture and love.

Citizenship has just recently been added to the school curriculum but there is a real need for communication, conflict resolution and social skills, so our children can learn to relate to each other and then socialise, even if parents or carers lack those skills to pass onto their children.

In the USA the Patriot Act has been introduced. A person was jailed because he had a link on his website that had a plan for a bomb. Do you watch all your links on your site to see how they have changed? Not likely if you're busy like me.

So perhaps in Australia you don't have to be able to communicate. An example (The banning of Framed Magazine to all NSW Prisons).

Human Rights 'Framed'

Here is a quick report on our Human Rights Commission approach on Framed (the quarterly magazine of Justice Action) being banned from all NSW prisons. After 42 issues went in.

The recent Australian Federal Government crackdown. The Federal Government plans to outlaw the Internet for "offensive and menacing purposes". Proposing new laws that could mean two years in prison for activities like organising or advocating violent protests through the Internet.

Australian communication rape

Using the Internet to communicate thoughts and expose corruption. Opposed to the Governments line, 'Material on the Internet that would be regarded by a 'reasonable person' as inciting violence, offensive and for 'menacing purposes'.

Protests are organised through the Internet and most of the time the police crackdown and launch the violence not the words on the Internet or even the gathering of people but the charge of police with batons or on horseback.

The legislation will also introduce "criminal penalties for placing material on the Internet that would be regarded by an [alleged] reasonable persons as being, in all the circumstances offensive". When the ruling class and the media demonise us it usually takes the form of labelling and categorising the demon.

Violent protesters or wife killer, sex monster, murderer, rapist, bank robber etc. But what you are actually seeing and hearing is the devaluation of human kind by the ruling class. Oh! That is not harassment, offensive or menacing because they did it?

The ruling class who are all too willing to turn the community against itself in order to get more power to divide and conquer the community, by drafting new forms of draconian laws that fall short of the correct community response, because it is purported that you the community need to feel safe.

Holistic solutions that work are not found when we de-value a human being into labels and categories. Nor by setting the communities values against the community. At best these new laws deliver short term results and inflation opposed to the possibility of long term results.

How to abide by realistic laws seems more important than the laws that offer no hope and no light. If our leaders don't lead by example and our teachers don't teach, then we are being misled.

Framed Magazine

By Gregory Kable 25 August 03


Just lies! Powerful prisoners don't exist at the HRMU because of the security of the prison. [A Powerful prisoner in a box withing a box with no fresh air or sunlight?]

Children in Baxter Detention Centre: Tell me a fable...
Opponents vow to fight yesterday's Family Court ruling against the release of five children from South Australia's Baxter detention centre has strengthened the resolve of groups fighting the Federal Government's policy of detaining child asylum seekers.

O'Shane blasts constitution
Controversial New South Wales magistrate Pat O'shane has described the Australian Constitution as flawed and grossly inappropriate.

When the towns criers rang the bell!
THEY scaled the walls of the Sydney Opera House, sent a strong message to the people of Australia, with their "No War" message and reinforced the will of the people.

School Curriculum needs balance? Life Skills and Academic Skills go hand in hand man Colin you need to be the students friends not their judge. Only when you can invite the students into the decision making process will you get an obligation by them to change their behaviour, because you Colin could lead by example and not by power.

Innocent until proven guilty
Presumption of innocence. A hallowed principle of criminal law to the effect that the government has the burden of proving every element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt and that the defendant has no burden to prove his innocence. It arises at the first stage of the criminal process but it is not a true presumption because the defendant is not required to come forward with proof of his innocence once evidence of guilt is introduced to avoid a directed verdict of guilty.

Retrospective Laws: Mesmerised like a chook syndrome
What is it? This chook syndrome. Perhaps it is when we allow 800-year-old rule of law to diminish for a dictator like Bob Carr.

Australia: Terrorising you in secret
Suspected terrorists [scapegoats and patsies for the Coalition of the Killing's resource wars in the Middle East] will be tried in secret under new laws to be introduced by the Federal Government.

Evidence that Howard was complicit in CIA, false flag, call to arms, Bali bombings War criminal John Howard was complicit in the call to arms - false flag operation - Bali bombings - instigated by the CIA - and the Coalition of the Killing - to bolster support - and quell dissent for their illegal and degrading resource wars in the Middle East.

Civil Liberties Council slams NSW law and order fight
The Civil Liberties Council says the law and order fight in New South Wales is an indictment on both the major parties. Spokesman Cameron Murphy says the State is already one of the toughest in the area of criminal justice in the world. He says the tightening of bail laws will only add to the number of people in jail.

War criminal Howard high-jacks HRCA to 'legitimise killing'
The Human Rights Council of Australia (HRCA) says it fears Prime Minister John Howard's comments in support of the execution of [CIA operative] Osama bin Laden show his eagerness to overturn three decades of national opposition to the death penalty.

Red paper classes Australia as terrorist suspects
Australia's old foreign policy red paper says Australians have become targets because their own government is being run by war criminals that are complicit in state terror, torture, murder, occupation and genocide.

Abolition of 800 year old double jeopardy law a crime
The New South Wales Opposition has described a decision by the State Government to abolish the double jeopardy law as a political stunt.

NSW education professor warns further commitment needed
The author of a report on the New South Wales education system has urged the major political parties to do more for education in the election campaign.

NSW A-G moves to stop criminals and ex-criminals selling stories
From next month criminals or ex-criminals who try to profit (earn a living for paid work, like writing a book etc..) from their crimes in New South Wales will have the proceeds confiscated.

Fiona Stanley, the children's crusader
It is all about prevention. As Fiona Stanley sees it, with one in five Australian teenagers experiencing significant mental health problems, there are just not enough treatment services to cope with the demand.

Parents call for feedback on social skills
Parents are calling for the same level of feedback on their children's social development as on their academic progress, according to a national survey.

Australian prisons are fast becoming the new asylums of the third millennium. The prison industry is booming, while Australia spends far less on mental health services than similar countries.

The scavengers of terror
The NSW Government is to introduce increased police powers bill. Legislation giving New South Wales police special powers to deal with an emergency terrorist situation [emergency scapegoat situation] will be introduced into the New South Wales Parliament today.

Middle Eastern: Specific Legislation
"If there is a target person the police would have powers in relation to that type of person," Mr Costa said. Asked what he meant by "type of person", Mr Costa said: "The example that's been given is if there's a description of somebody, an identikit photograph released by Interpol or other agencies ... these powers may well be exercised on that type of person."

NSW Police Force may get 'special powers'
Civil libertarians are questioning the need for further anti-terrorism laws, which will be announced in the New South Wales Parliament on Tuesday.

The punishment: Is the 'crime'
The punishment is the crime according to retired chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia Justice Alistair Nicholson. "Smacking a child ought to be seen as assault".

The Seed
Respect, you only get out what you have put in. What about Life Skills, Communication and Conflict Resolution. Evolution, perhaps some children and adults miss the whole or part of the course. I did, and so how surprised do you think I was when I realised my parents missed the course as well. Things like Compromise, Win Win, Empathy, and Love. Invisible energy and other skills like public speaking, how to Relate, Assuming, Blaming, Forgiveness, Freedom and Discrimination. This is how I learned respect. If you don't know what it is then how do you relate?