Monday, February 17, 2003

NSW education professor warns further commitment needed

The author of a report on the New South Wales education system has urged the major political parties to do more for education in the election campaign.

Professor Tony Vinson has delivered a report card on the major parties to a Teachers Federation council meeting in Sydney.

He says there are good and bad points about the policies of the major parties, but warns their commitment to education falls well short of what is needed.

"I see education as a very rich inheritance from previous generations," he said."Public education ... it has fallen a little into disarray. "Here is a chance for anyone who aspires to govern New South Wales to lift it back to the higher status that it previously enjoyed."

A spokesperson for Justice Action Mr Gregory Kable said, "Sadly what is lacking in our schools are Social skills in the curriculum. We need a balance between social skills and academic skills and that's why kids get into trouble.

Industry V's Community and Industry is pushing us out by preventing communication like banning literature etc. If the government has its way we'll just go straight to jail when we flunk school." He said.

By Tom Willis 17 Feb 03

THE SCHOLAR: Educate! Don't Incarcerate! Every dollar you spend on education saves one of our children from despair. And one of our States/Territories from building more jails. Money that goes straight back to idea's,education,hospitals, emergency services welfare, housing, bridges and roads and anything else that promotes humanity.


Coalition proposes to exploit children
The Coalition says it would reform juvenile justice in New South Wales to require the courts to "get tough" on juvenile crime.

Take crime talk beyond the bars:'lobby group'
A coalition of academics, crime experts, welfare and church groups is preparing to launch an intensive pre-election campaign aimed at refocusing the attention of NSW politicians from harsh sentencing reforms to crime prevention strategies.

Fiona Stanley, the children's crusader
It is all about prevention. As Fiona Stanley sees it, with one in five Australian teenagers experiencing significant mental health problems, there are just not enough treatment services to cope with the demand.

Australian prisons are fast becoming the new asylums of the third millennium. The prison industry is booming, while Australia spends far less on mental health services than similar countries.

The punishment: Is the 'crime'
The punishment is the crime according to retired chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia Justice Alistair Nicholson. "Smacking a child ought to be seen as assault".

Mr. & Mrs. Mandatory Sentencing
Well congratulations to the bride and groom. Could you please be upstanding and raise your glasses for Mr. And Mrs. Mandatory.

NSW Parliament Bitter Pills To Swallow?
One delusion pill: So people who investigate their own mistakes make sure there was no mistake or someone else made the mistake. Perhaps you're not biased and you will be honest about it.