Monday, February 17, 2003

Justice Action criticises Govt's victim voice policy

Victims are not being properly considered in compensation and no expression is given to them, of community goodwill. A spokesperson for Justice Action Mr Brett Collins said, "No community expression or concern is given to the victims of crime. They feel their pain is not acknowledged by the government which tries to balance pain against pain. Never! The community is being misled."

The Sun-Herald reported on Sunday Edward Lee's mother she said, "Then maybe they listen to the mother and father of dead boys," Mrs Lee said.

Mr Collins went on to say, "The community needs to offer victims goodwill, generosity, compassion and preparedness to listen. Not stimulate anger, more damage and vengeance in the mind of the victim." He said.

The New South Wales Law Society is concerned retribution and vengeance will become a part of sentencing under a state Government proposal to give victims a greater voice in court.

New South Wales Premier Bob Carr says the victims of crime should be allowed to participate in the court system by explaining during sentencing how the crime affected them.

However Law Society president Robert Benjamin says the changes are fraught with danger and has urged the Government to reconsider.

Mr Benjamin says it is undesirable to involve emotion in the sentencing process, and he fears judges may be influenced by victims to hand down harsher penalties.

"This has to be done in a balanced and sensible sense so that all the needs of justice, the needs of the community, the needs of the victim and the needs of the person who's committed the crime are all met in a measured way."

By Justice Action 17 Feb 03


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