Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Demounting Auntie Isabel Coe

This is really urgent!!

The information demountable and Auntie Isabel Coe's demountable were set alight at 3am last Saturday morning. The info demountable was completely destroyed- 31 years of photos and info on the grassroots Indigenous rights movement destroyed! Wilson Tukey (FUCKER)has wanted any excuse to get rid of the embassy for ages. This week he has been using the excuse that the burnt out shell is a danger to the community therefore the embassy must be removed.

The greens got together this week and got a fence constructed around the shell so this argument couldn't be used. Tucky has been saying he was going to sue the people who constructed it. This morning at 4am the fence was destroyed, Darren (fire keeper) was arrested and thrown in jail for disturbing the peace later to be released after the fence was destroyed.

Tucky is saying that the embassy will be gone within two weeks! very strategic fuckers since we'll be at SOS and Broken hill. The embassy has been there symbolising the grassroots Indig movement for the past 30 years- when it goes there will be no place where Indig crew from all over Australia can meet and protest against the oppression this gov has inflicted for the past 214 years.

We need to stop this! Please do anything you can think of! One idea is to jam Tuckeys fax machine (emails and phone are good but fax can't be intercepted as easily). His contact details are:
Po Box b58 Perth WA 6838

WA parliament (p) 0892213325, (f) 0893254077
Fedural parliament (p) 0262737112 (f) 0262777060

You can also send letters of protest to other members which you can find theircontacts on the attched file or at the website below

Anything else you can think of please do fundraisers, getting to the embassy ASAP, forward this email to other groups etc etc. If you need anymore info contact me.

Lucinda's tumor stick: 0428 263 702
NUSA (Newcastle uni students association): (02) 4921 6006
email for personal correspondance

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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2003 15:53:28 +1000
From: Liz Stokes
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Subject: [NBL] aboriginal tent embassy

By Critical Resisistance posted 25 June 03