Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Good riddance, carr quits?

Australia's most draconian state dictator, bob carr, announced his surprise resignation as New South Wales premier and his departure from state politics.

carr, 58, said his resignation as state premier, after 10 years in the job, and as the state member for the Sydney beachside seat of Maroubra, after 22 years in parliament, would take effect from next Wednesday.

He told reporters that he and his wife Helena decided only last weekend that it was time for him to quit. But he said he had no plans for retirement. He also declined to nominate a successor and said he had no plans to move to federal politics.

carr, a well-known PR specialist, said he resigned because he wanted to spend more time with his wife enjoying the beauty of Sydney and "more recreation".

But carr is the state's longest-serving 'dictator' who has not boasted about his record prison population, broken down hospitals and public transport failures.

carr even attends the hillsong cult with Prime Loser john hoWARd, despite coming from the other side of the political fence, but now the family that plays together prays together in the same evil church.

He won three elections during his more than 10 years in power, each one with a bigger majority than the last.

federal labor, which has lost the past four national elections and whose incumbent leader kim beazley, a well paid loser, is lagging in the opinion polls again, has repeatedly and unsuccessfully lobbied carr to transfer to the federal arena.

As recently as March this year, carr said he would lead labor to the next state election, due in March 2007.

When asked on Wednesday if he could categorically rule out a move to Canberra, carr replied: "Yes I can."

He refused to speculate on who might replace him.

"I am not going to baptise a successor," he said. "I leave that to my parliamentary colleagues."

A former journalist, carr was elected as member for Maroubra in 1983, and became leader of the state labor Party in 1988, following the defeat of Barrie Unsworth's government.

labor's federal industrial relations spokesman Stephen Smith said Mr carr would be welcome if he decided to move into federal politics.

"If bob carr wanted to come to Canberra he'd be very welcome but I suspect in his first day of retirement he doesn't have that on his mind," he said.

NSW's second-longest serving premier Neville Wran, whose record carr overtook in May, said Mr carr's greatest achievement was to keep winning elections, particularly as his original ambitions lay in Canberra.

"I think bob had his eye on a federal seat and it was largely the defeat of the labor government in 1988 that left the labor Party without a leader and bob was literally drafted into the job as leader of the opposition - a job which I'm certain he didn't relish," wran said.

"People say 'What's his greatest achievement?' I will tell you now, his greatest achievement was to keep on winning elections."

But some of his greatest achievements were the Terrorism (Police Powers) Act, building more prisons, increasing the prison population to a record 9,000 prisoners, playing God and cementing people into prison (for the term of their natural lives), keeping people in prison regardless of their innocence (standing down the Innocence Panel) and the High Risk Management Unit at Goulburn otherwise known as the HARM-U keeping people in isolation indefinitely.

For Bob Carr, sorry seems to be the hardest word

Told to say sorry ... Bob Carr.

NSW Premier Bob Carr today issued a virtual apology to whistleblower nurses in a last ditch effort to avoid being charged with contempt and a possible appearance before the Supreme Court.

But Mr Carr also defended himself over his alleged "insults" to nurse Nola Fraser, saying she had criticised him first. The premier - via his legal representatives - was today hauled before the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to face the contempt allegations.

But confusion abounds as to whether the commission even has the power to find someone in contempt, with the relevant legislation described as an "oddity" by Commissioner John Clarke and "absurd" by two of the three presenting barristers.

SMH 10 September 2004

My tip is that carr is moving into federal politics.

By Injustice 27 July 05


Carr gets advice on public transport bag searches
The New South Wales premier says he is prepared to consider changing the law to allow random searches of commuter's bags on the public transport system.

A Question of Innocence
Rubin Carter: Day after day, week after week, I would sit in that filthy cell, seething. I was furious at everyone. At the two state witnesses who lied, at the police who put them up to it, at the prosecutor who sanctioned it, at the judge who allowed it, at the jury who accepted it, and at my own lawyer, for not being able to defeat it.

Watchdogs slaughtered in NSW
On Tuesday the Carr Government reduced transparency and accountability yet again and New South Wales is in danger of becoming entrenched with cronyism and intimidations with the Carr Labor Government that continues to slaughter the watchdogs.

Carr's Castle the real story H.R.M.U.The High Risk Management Unit Goulburn Correctional Centre. A prisoner writes, " I was unsuccessful in my letters to Dr Matthews CEO of the Corrections Health Service on my problem regarding air - claustrophobic effect the cells have on me. Just recently the management decided my injuries are not seriously affecting me so no further discussions are necessary.

Australia: Lib/Lab Cult Squad
NSW premier bob carr, not a religious man, but in fact a person who claims he's God, embarked on a full sales pitch, suggesting his labor party was as comfortable with the "prosperity cult" as any religious right wing fanatic -- a message that won't shock Rudd or his fellow committee members.

Adler faces jail disciplinary charges?
Rodney Adler will face disciplinary charges for allegedly carrying out business activities from jail after the prison authorities illegally scanned his mail in a minimum-security prison in breach of the Federal Postal Act.

Is this our most dangerous Newspaper?
Allegedly, prison and security officials but more likely than not, Bob Carr and prisons Commissioner Rotten Ron Woodheap in cooperation with HoWARd and his cronies, no doubt confirmed to The Daily Terrorist yesterday they were concerned Lodhi's sympathisers could attempt to throw him a few toilet rolls over the High Risk Management Unit gate at Goulburn Correctional Centre - so he could have a shit with the knowledge that he could safely wipe his arse without running out of his weekly ration.

NSW Greens lose bid to stop jail boss getting more power
She said the regulation represents "shades of Guantanamo Bay", with the Carr government using draconian measures which fed the resentment and unfairness that caused terrorism.

NSW Prisoners' linked to Osama Bin Laden: Ten News
Allegedly Osama Bin Laden issued a "Fatwa" that was posted on an Islamic Website this morning. Osama Bin Laden's demands included visiting NSW prisoners' at the HRMU for Xmas!

Justice Denied In NSW Corrective Services
There used to be a (VJ) or Visiting Justice who would go into the prison and judge any claim or accusation that was made by any prisoner or prison guard. If it were found that a prisoner had offended then punishment was metered out.

Prison guards test positive for drugs
NSW prison visitors banned from using the toilet The visit is only for about one hour and any thing less than that is an insult. If it's proved that a visitor has broken the rules the punishment should apply to them. But collective punishment on all visitors should not be made general when others haven't broken the rules especially if it restricts all visitors from normal human needs like using a toilet.

Carr Govt dramatic increases in the NSW prisoner pop...
Following the opening of the 500 bed Kempsey prison, and a new 200-bed prison for women at Windsor the Council of Social Service of NSW (NCOSS) and community organisations specialising in the rehabilitation of prisoners, have expressed concern....

The ALP's fascist police states
Welcome back Sid-in-knee. Old Falangist Samaranch would surely feel right at home in any number of fascist police states around this wide brown land today. Who needs Franco when you have Beattie, Rann, Carr, Bracks and co. Flamin' fascist fucks the lot of them.

You have choses Bob The Barbarian!
New laws to make it difficult for people charged with terrorism offences to get bail have been whisked through the New South Wales Parliament after only being introduced earlier today.

Parole Board Membership
NSW: The Law Society is aware that two former long standing police officers Mr Robert Inkster, an Mr Peter Walsh, were appointed to the Parole Board as Community Members for a period of three years from 17 January 2005 until 16 January 2008.

Carr offered truck
ALP's John Faulkner attempted to recruit Bob Carr as federal Labor truck driver on the morning of the caucus ballot that delivered the party leadership to Mark Latham.

Weak Carr Government suspends Innocence Panel
The DNA evidence panel is under investigation and the New South Wales Innocence Panel's operations have been suspended and a review of how it works ordered.

The NSW government has finally appointed somebody (Justice John Nader) to head up its Innocence Panel and has produced leaflets and forms for people convicted of serious crimes (eg murder) to apply for DNA testing if they believe it may help prove their innocence. You can get the info by phoning 1300 881 717 or writing to the panel at GPO Box 45 Sydney NSW 2001.

Dictatorial powers: Carr Government's terror laws
Under cover of anti-terrorism, the NSW Carr Government has rushed through
Parliament laws that attack fundamental civil liberties and democratic

Info kit explains draconian `anti-terror' laws
On March 11, a new information kit, Be Informed: ASIO and Anti-Terrorism Laws, was launched at NSW parliament. Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon and Agnes Chong from the Australian Muslim Civil Rights Advocacy Network addressed the launch. Green Left Weekly’s Simon Tayler spoke to the kit’s primary researcher, Dale Mills.

Community unites to reject "anti-terror" laws
On September 11, more than 80 people attended a public forum at the Bankstown Town Hall to discuss the community’s response to repressive “anti-terrorism” laws. The forum was initiated by the Socialist Alliance and the Canterbury-Bankstown Peace Group.

Abolition of 800 year old double jeopardy law a crime
The 800-year-old rule prevents a person who's acquitted of a criminal charge from ever being re-tried for that offense.

When real safety is jeopardised in NSW
Perception of crime is still a problem in NSW, with a new Productivity Commission report showing the state's citizens feel less safe than most of their counterparts.

Former attorney-general sworn in as no mercy judge
The state's newest Supreme Court judge, and former Labor attorney-general, Jeff Shaw, has issued a warning to his former political colleagues: do not allow the vagaries of politics to undermine the independence of the judiciary?

Australia: politicians should watch police
In Sydney yesterday the Opposition police spokesman, Andrew Tink, urged Federal Labor MPs to allow the public hearing of the claims, which include that senior police, the PIC and the Ombudsman's office were failing to investigate legitimate complaints of misconduct, including corruption in the police promotion system.

The community questions ICAC's slagging and fobbing you off?
The ICAC, Commissions, Ombudsman, Police Integrity Commission (PIC), and numerous Tribunals etc, are all arms of government set up as an insurance police for the government's 3 or 4 year election terms. In short they'll be out of office by the time you may be lucky enough to have your matter heard.

Who is bad?
Super Rat? M5? M11? K8? N2? So I trust that some people who, with the photos and guns guessed that a jury would quickly establish a case against a profiled person whom, you just had a picture and a history of. Common knowledge? The government knew their victims would take the blame. Not just chess in court, 'moving around the pieces', but 'putting false evidence, or not enough evidence before the jury."

2,500 crooked detectives? Or a corrupt Government?
Evan Whitton: Either two things occurred. If you said you didn't join the police force to extort money from working girls, your papers were marked 'not suitable for plain clothes' and you were sent back to uniform.

Police Chronology 1994-2001
View events in the NSW Police Force since the Wood Royal Commission began in 1994. 1994 May Justice James Wood is appointed Commissioner of the Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service ('WRC').