Thursday, June 23, 2005

Adler faces jail disciplinary charges?

Rodney Adler will face disciplinary charges for allegedly carrying out business activities from jail after the prison authorities illegally scanned his mail in a minimum-security prison in breach of the Federal Postal Act.

After rotten ron woodham the commissioner of Corruptive Services who works for the corrupt injustice minister john hatzistergoose, who incidentally works for the corrupt premier bob carr, the longest serving dictator in NSW history, passed on the alleged contraband mail to the Australian Securities Commission for corrupt 'prospects'.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) decided there was no breach of the Corporations Act.

So what was all the fuss about really?


Mr Adler was transferred from the Kirkconnell minimum-security prison in New South Wales to a higher security prison last weekend after allegations he was secretly carrying out business while pretending to help his children with homework.

ASIC says despite being banned from managing a company for 20 years, seeking company reports is allowed.


Double Jeopardy

But NSW injustice minister john hatzistergoose now says Adler will be presented with disciplinary charges shortly and given a chance to plead in front of the governor of Bathurst jail without legal representation.


Not a Judge mind you or even a Magistrate he's got to beg the jailer for mercy AFTER HE'S BEEN SET-UP? After he's been victimised and set up on a false and misleading charge. Does someone owe him or what?

Hatzistergoose: "And it does also allow him an opportunity to examine any witnesses the department may call in relation to the issue," he said.



He says while there could be withdrawal of privileges any change to his sentence would be up to the Commonwealth.

But only a couple of days ago the daily terror reported it was segregating Adler in a protection wing.

bob carr says the state's prison officers deserve to be congratulated for being on top of Adler's dealings in jail.

But that's rubbish in the highest order and bob carr should hold his head in shame, re-order his prison guards to do their job properly instead of setting upon and setting up prisoners who are disabled by being in custody.

This is a well-planned political attack and at all material times bob carr having complete knowledge that they have Mr Adler in their full control, 24/7.

Therefore bob carr must take full responsibility for his injustice minister. So should his injustice minister stand down, and his cronies in the prison system given better instructions about how to do their job properly - instead of going about bullying and illegally reading other peoples mail to find alleged examples of contraband, just to mess people up, for political pay backs!

bob carr's filibustering to the community about his pre-emptive radical plan should be recognised for what it is, not what he makes it out to be, after all the evidence supplied to (ASIC) was flawed.

To even be tried again by the governor of the prison is an abuse of process and systemic abuse at that. carr says he thought Adler would have learnt his lesson by now and says he is being treated like any other criminal in jail?

Actually I think it's time bob carr learnt his lesson, that you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time. And the very reason he comes undone here is that this is a re occurring pattern that his government has used against high profiled prisoners time and time again!

"The message I want to send is that Rodney Adler in the prison system is going to be treated like any street pickpocket," carr said.

"He's not going to get any special attention or privileges, taking account of his previous status as a high flyer in Sydney and I think the system is asserting that."

And that's why the prisoners keep coming back to jail because whilst they are there minding their own business doing their time they are being manipulated to the point of frustration and being negatively reinforced in prison for trying.

Provided Mr Adler is left alone to serve his time he has the skill to get out of the place and never go back. But unlike so many other prisoners who lack those skills they have virtually no chance at all!

Clearly what the evidence 'shows' in this case should set an example, that what the 'system' is asserting is the corrupt power of the State over those held in custody. Whereas the State prison system should at all material times have a duty of care and rehabilitation to prisoners.

By Injustice 23 June 05


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