Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Newspaper bullies destroy people's lives!

The Daily Terrorist: Newspaper Bullies!

NSW: Who's policing corporate media? Have police the means to prosecute them? Have you been a victim of newspaper abuse? Please make a comment and send your complaint to the Daily Terrorist, the police and ATTORNEY GENERAL Bob Debus!

NEW legislation should be targeting paperbullies not cyberbullies.

After police said they had no means of prosecuting the creator of a malicious website about Hurlstone Agricultural High.

But have police ever targeted the Daily Terror about their malicious website? And have police the means to prosecute them? And have you been abused by pro government News Papers or the Corporate Media?

I bet lots of you have, but it seems the authorities just want to strike down any opposition to themselves on the net - sounds more like it, and their story, about cyberabuse, AND NOT NEWSPAPER ABUSE, is just the sort of platform they need to place a blanket ban on anything they don't like on the net!

The Daily Terrorist: " has learned Attorney-General Bob Debus will pursue cyberbullying legislation - either at a state level or with the Commonwealth - to keep the Crimes Act relevant to the internet age.

Statements made on the Throwstones website ended the career of teacher Greg Frawley, defamed other teachers and racially slurred students."

GKCNN: And even though they have 'learned' they're still asking on the bottom of their article in today's Daily Terror. Have you been a victim - so they can run another 100 stories? But I know lots of victims of Newspaper abuse! So what's being done about that? ZIP!

And it makes you wonder if the 'boy' had a reason for his protest doesn't it? But you're not going to get it from the terror.

ALLEGEDLY, police have identified an embittered former male student as responsible for the allegations that damaged the selective high school.

What was he embittered about? Can we get the other side of the story?

The Daily Terrorist: "Documents show Macquarie Fields police told the Department of Education and Training last December they could not charge the individual as "no criminal offence was able to be identified".

Reports and pages from the website, obtained under Freedom of Information, reveal the depth of the hurt inflicted by the cyber-bullying incident.

GKCNN: But nothing about the abuse inflicted on the student?

The Daily Terrorist: "As well as hurtful accusations, the Throwstones site included crude caricatures of teaching staff.

Because the 'perpetrator' was neither a present student or a departmental employee, there were no other avenues of disciplinary action.

GKCNN: So how do we know he's a perpetrator? He hasn't been charged with any offence? Nor has he been found guilty of any crime? How about the Daily Terrorist's allegations about other people? Who incidentally run the National Newspaper slandering people with false and misleading allegations everyday?

The Daily Terrorist: "Mr Frawley -- accused on the Throwstones website of being a child molester -- claims vital evidence from the police investigation has not been made public. The allegations have cost Mr Frawley, 57, his career at the elite selective high school. He says he cannot enter a school again because his confidence has been shattered. It is almost a year since Mr Frawley and several other teachers at Hurlstone Agricultural High School fell victim to the 'malicious' students' website."

But the teacher's involved did nothing; the 'boy' just hates school right? Wrong!

The Daily Terrorist: "It said two teachers should be "executed", accused some of paedophilia and one of stealing. Mr Frawley said he had been "stained with the worst social stigma of all".

GKCNN: From a boy? Not unlike the Daily Terrorist either! And something an embittered boy would say, no doubt!

The Daily Terrorist: "He claims education bosses did not move quickly enough to shut the website. But the department says it was closed as soon as it was discovered."

GKCNN: So what's the problem? Why the new legislation now - if they had the 'power' to close it down, and did close it down, already?

Do they want to lock the boy up? In a jail? To 'teach' him another lesson?

The Daily Terrorist: "Education Minister Carmel Tebutt last week sent a letter to Mr Debus, a copy of which has been obtained by The Daily Terrorist, seeking help with "the emerging problem of cyberbullying".


The Daily Terrorist: "While police apparently identified a person as being responsible, they determined [prosecution] was not possible," Ms Tebbutt wrote. Ms Tebbutt sought advice on law reform, including amending the Commonwealth Criminal Code and determining if telecommunications laws required revision."


The Daily Terrorist: "The website purports to be about Throwstones Agricultural High School in Berlin, Germany, in the time of the Nazis.'

It carries detailed allegations about teachers with names parodying those at Hurlstone. "Please do not e-mail me telling me they are mighty similar to alleged incidents at Hurlstone Agricultural HS in Australia, because they are not," the website read.

The website was viewed by students at school and teachers complained of sniping remarks based on the content. The documents show the principal reported the site to the department's information technology directorate helpdesk on July 27, 2004.

The website continued to be accessible outside the school until August 30."

GKCNN: But it was not until two days later that the school's internet provider blocked access within the school."

Well there you go, 'see' they did have the 'power' and now they want more? WHAT FOR?

What ARE they going to do next - lock the young boy up in prison for his learning curve so he can learn some really bad habits?

Have you been a victim of newspaper abuse?

Don't go to the Daily Terror they won't really let you "Have your Say" they say what they want!



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