Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Rene Rivkin beaten to death by Media and Judge!

POST MORTEM: The pleasure pain syndrome!

RENE Rivkin committed suicide last Sunday; after he was nearly beaten to death by the mainstream media and the Judge who sentenced him, which no doubt had an impact on his marriage, after 32 years.

The 61-year-old stockbroker was found dead in a bedroom in his son's Darling Point Rd penthouse by a relative, understood to be his mother. An ambulance was called at 4.40pm but he was already dead.

Rose Bay police received a call at 5.15pm and cordoned off the seven-storey apartment block while they set up a crime scene. A forensic services unit arrived at 6.20pm.

It is understood Rivkin died of an overdose of prescription pills. The community has learned Rivkin slumped into deep depression less than three weeks ago, after he and his wife Gayle divorced, and after he was nearly beaten to death by the judge who sentenced him and the mainstream media - out to get him.

The high-profile trader had since been living with his 88-year-old mother Rachel at the Darling Point penthouse apartment owned by his son Jordan.

A close family friend said: "Gayle was his support, his whole life and it really hit him hard."

But another close family friend said, " He was publicly shamed and beat up by the mainstream media, using their 'power' and the end result was absolutely devastating for Rivkin. You know, the taller' poppy syndrome, that this country is proud of. He also said, "What was wrong with that judge who sentenced him? A person who's made it deserves better. A Community Service Order would have been more suitable. That's if you actually care about someone's life," he said.

Rivkin's lawyer Greg Walsh said he was devastated by the death. He said he had spoken to Rivkin about four weeks ago and knew he was suicidal.

"He said to me 'You just don't know what it's like to feel the shame. You don't know what it's like feeling shameful all the time. I just want to end it'," Mr Walsh said.

"He was a man who deeply loved his children but felt an overriding sense of shame that he failed them and failed his wife and he was driven by guilt.

"Every time I saw him, most of the time he was crying and talking about killing himself. He was a man in turmoil, it's an absolute tragedy."

Police would not comment on the case but confirmed Rivkin was found dead and could not be revived.

"A 61-year-old male was located deceased in a bedroom in a Darling Point Rd penthouse home in Darling Point by a member of his family," a spokeswoman said.

"There are no suspicious circumstances and the coroner has been informed and a police brief is being prepared."

Rose Bay had a duty officer inspector, a supervisor, a crime manager and a number of detectives at the scene.

In September last year, Rivkin was sent home from weekend detention after Long Bay staff determined the stockbroker was suicidal.

Ten days earlier he was rushed to St Vincent's Hospital after taking an overdose of prescription drugs.

The former flamboyant high-flyer spiralled into depression after being convicted of insider training in May 2002. He was sentenced to nine months' weekend detention at Silverwater jail but collapsed on his second day and was rushed to hospital.

Rivkin did not see the inside of a jail cell for eight months as health problems and mental illness then took their toll. He underwent brain and gall bladder surgery, and was admitted to the Sydney clinic for electro-shock therapy to treat a long running bi-polar disorder. Rivkin's woes mounted as the corporate regulator banned him from managing companies and stripped him of his financial dealer's licence.

Looming over him was the likelihood of criminal charges stemming from an investigation by the corporate regulator ASIC and Australian Federal Police into the so-called Offset Alpine Affair.

Rivkin's psychiatrist Dr Keith Roberts declined to comment.

But our psychiatrist can tell you that Rivkin was pushed to his death by the judge who sentenced him, the media who shamed him (by using their power) the tall poppy killers and last but not least, the Pleasure Pain Syndrome; The more pleasure you have when you've got it, then the more pain you receive when you lose it.

There should be a warning sign on high flyers,

"Don't push me, I'm closer to the edge, I'm trying not to lose my head'.



Community: Daily Telegraph, you're out of "touch"
This morning the Daily Telegraph has reported that, "judges and Magistrates are out of touch on every crime and penalties should be increased." Turn up for the books? The Daily Telegraph's paid a NSW prisoner $3,000 to go into the prison while doing weekend detention to take a picture of Renee Rivkin. Police failed to lay any charges against the Terror's reporter.

The Daily Telegraph licensed to set up prisoners?
A man who smuggled a mobile phone into a Sydney jail and took pictures of stockbroker Rene Rivkin has been sentenced to 400 hours of community service.

Daily Telegraph asked to pay Jim's Legal Bill
A man has pleaded guilty in a Sydney court to smuggling a mobile phone into Silverwater jail, which was then used to take photographs of convicted insider trader Rene Rivkin.

The Daily Telegraph's prison mates
Who convinced a prisoner on periodic detention to take a mobile phone into prison to take a photo of Rene Rivkin? The prisoner said no and contacted the Daily Terror to say no.

A proper Sentencing Council, such as the one proposed by the Carr Government, would not have sent Rene Rivkin to jail, locked as a slave in a box.

Beam me down Scottie! - We gotta get out of this place
Rene Rivkin may have needed a lesson but did he have to go to jail? The best practice is to divert people like Rivkin away from prison and encourage things like Community Service Orders.