Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Family FIRST? Family LAST Party!


One of the great certainties of this election is that "Family First Party" debunked as the 'Family Last Party' when you take into account the party has won the preferences and conditional approval of caretaker [War criminal], Prime Minister John HoWARd.

But at the same time, struggling to throw off suggestions that it's closely linked to the Evangelical Assemblies of God Church and even more so as Howard's 2nd Neo-Liberal front.

Family Last the Evangelical Assemblies of God Church have made it known that this is the home of the 'religious right wing fanatics' who firmly believe and base their philosophy on having lots of $$$$$$$ money to be able to change the world.

Family First is a narrow-based, church party with a religious agenda and seeking to disguise itself as a broad-based, socially conservative party.

But the only broad base is its links to the Neo-Liberal Coalition.

The Assemblies of God Church, also linked to the Hillsong church famous for Church music and the political career of former pastor Andrew Evans.

Andrew Evens on the 7.30 report: " All I can tell you is I had a feeling and the feeling was there for 12 months."

Perhaps the same feeling that Dr David Millikan of the Hillsong church has gone on record saying? He thinks that he feels that Peter Costello has been destined by God to be the prime minister.

And I'm sure Andrew Evans feels that in his very being as well and is all too willing to convince those in his congregation of the same.

Andrew Evans: "I tried to push it away, I tried to get rid of it, but I had the feeling. And so one of the ways you understand whether you're doing the right thing or not - you knock on the doors and see if they open."

And in 2002 he knocked and the door to the South Australian Legislative Council opened.


The Hill-Songs Church are alive with the sound of neo-liberalism. With songs they have sung for for the Federal Election....

Then John HoWARd knocked on his door. Hello, Hello Mr Evans's. Nnock, knock, knock. Hello! Hello!

Andrew Evans became the first elected member of Family First but what does Family First stand for?

Andrew Evens: "Well, in a short way, we could say anything that helps the families, we'll support. Anything that hurts families, we will oppose. So, if they put bills up that are hurtful to families, we would say, "No, we're not interested."

Well doesn't that put HoWARd in Hell and the burning question no doubt?

That means more than half of Howard's policies should be opposed by Family First so how come they have a preference deal with the Neo-Liberal Coalition?

On Saturday, Family First will field 109 House of Reps candidates and 17 in the Senate and potently clear that Family First has something HoWARd wants?

What HoWARd wants? That's to appear wholesome to families when in fact that couldn't be further from the truth.

That said it appears that the major goal of the Family First party is to boost HoWARd's 'family last' aspirations in short they're the political enemy because they have taken their alleged Gods name in vain.

The party is well organised, and there's never a shortage of congregational volunteers on the ground. Where it gets even more thin-skinned is when it's called to answer questions about those who are behind it, those who drive its agenda.

Could those who drive its agenda be the Neo-Liberal Coalition?

Andrew Evens said, "We're just this little party that started off in 2002. People came to it. Obviously many of them were church people because of our values? They came to that, " he said.

"And because of my background - being in Assemblies of God - people came to it, but there's no connection in any shape or form." Believers?

There's no minute, no constitution document. We have no connection whatsoever and I made that very clear from the beginning."

But what about this?

A letter sent by Andrew Evans to all Assemblies of God pastors in NSW? It states: "Together we can support one another in a mission to protect family values."

It then quotes Family First Senate candidate Joan Woods proclaiming: "The time has come to influence our nation and change the course of history by being a member of the Family First Party." Joan Woods' husband Ian is the President of the NSW Assemblies of God.

Andrew Evens: "This letter was written by Ian Woods. He asked me to put my name on the bottom of it, which I did.

With his name on the letter he, calls on pastors to encourage membership, volunteers and donations. Evens ministered for that church for more than 30 years. So Family First is strongly connected to that church?

Andrew Evans is not the Federal face of Family First. His former assistant, Andrea Mason, a devout follower and an Aboriginal women will lead the Australian political party-similarly like the face of Condoleezza Rice is to the Bush administration 'a black illusion of decency.'

Andrea Mason says, " It's a big responsibility, I understand that. But I have a sense that it's important to not just be on the sidelines, but you've got to get involved and have an active involvement in the community and politics is a significant area to get involved with if you want to create real change for the community.

She is being used and that's not what a church should do to its congregation as well as give people more responsibility than they can handle.

Sounds like the dictator leading the devoted congregation and the only change if everyone believed it would be to undermine the community for the Neo-Liberal Coalition in HoWARd's war games and crimes against humanity.

House of Reps candidate Peter Robins launching his Adelaide campaign compares Andrea Mason to Winston Churchill how's that for entertainment.

The question is, are we supposed to laugh or cry at the antics of Australian politics today?

Despite all the hand outs on the platter handed round the Neo-Liberals know doubt! And all the good followers of the congregation, launching his Adelaide campaign that was full of empty seats and uneaten kabana It would seem Family First is still last and has lot of work to do to become Family First and a genuine player in Australian political life.

Over the last few decades we've seen a number of politicians and, indeed, religious figures who've stood for family values and stood for traditional values and then, in reality, been shown to have feet of clay on the issue.

So there's a bit of scepticism in the public when someone stands up and starts banging on with these values-based campaigns without any audience. Seen as just a political front for Howard the "rodent type's" scumbag political agenda.

Andrew Evens thinks they'll always be a minor party.

Andrew Evens: "I think we could have candidates in the Senate, which could be able to give some direction to where policies are going, but I can't see us ever becoming a major party and one of us PM."

Mind you he wasn't asked whether Pastor Peter Costello could fill that role for him by the 7.30 report.

7.30 report: "Not quite the loaves and fishes yet.

By Gifts and Religion 5 October 04


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Howard Vs Regina in Canberra the Capital Territory of Australia- Friday January 30 2004.


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