Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Opp calls for Cooperation: Rudd

I know you're safe but are you sound. I know you're lost but have you found. A way to live that's not so narrow. A bow that can restrain the arrow. You load and aim at your own soul. The blow you strike against your goal.

Imron Cotan says 10 ambassadors and High Commissioners from South East Asian nations were told comments by Prime Minister John Howard about pre-emptive strikes were part of an internal debate and the idea was still being developed?

He says his report to Jakarta suggested waiting until the idea had been developed further?

Mr Cotan has said the latest references to the idea of pre-emptive strikes on terrorists, [scapegoats and patsies], in the region has to be seen in the context of the time? [Illegal and degrading wars?]

"My reading is that perhaps they have developed the idea but they should see it from the context of internal debate of two political parties who are wanting to win the elections," he said.

It's happiness that cannot be. While you refuse the path that's free. Not free from payment, challenge, strife. But free for living your only life. Your only life, there's none above. It's here that you must show your love.

Labor's foreign affairs spokesman Kevin Rudd is surprised by the Indonesian Ambassador's comments.

Rudd says the Government is sending one message for domestic political consumption and another to neighbouring nations.

"You see what the Prime Minister has done in an election contest is come out and sound very hairy-chested, I presume, in his belief that this is electorally appealing to the Australian community," he said.

"But at the same time as doing continuing foreign policy and national security policy damage, in terms of our relationships in the region, relationships which we need to work with cooperatively in order to deal with the terrorism threat, [ ? false flags and patsies, state terrorism], in our neighbourhood."

Show your love. Of what you feel and know to be your goal. Know your goal. Is something hidden deep within your soul? In your soul? There's life and love that you have long denied. You've denied. The sacred fire that only you can hide. You can't hide.

Kevin Rudd: "We also have statements from the Indonesian President-elect Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono from last year describing any possible doctrine of unilateralism or pre-emption as counter productive and it would do harm to cooperation collectively between countries combating terrorism. [? Countries combating State Sanctioned Terrorism.]

"So if John Howard is actually serious about this doctrine, then already with the emergency of a new Indonesian President we have a new foreign policy problem on our hands.

The hardest fight is not to win. It's warding off the only sin. Not giving in to others' might. But giving up your own true sight. Of what you can and cannot be. Of what you have inside that's free.

Kevin Rudd: "When it comes to securing Australia on the home front and securing Australia in the region, John Howard is becoming increasingly a national security liability for Australia.

"We believe that the way you deal with terrorism problems of terrorism in South-East Asia is to deal with them cooperatively, that's the way in which you get things done."

[We believe that all war criminals like John Howard should face trial for their crimes including complicity to murder their own citizenry in Indonesia and war crimes against humanity in Afghanistan and Iraq.]  

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Show your love. Of what you feel and know to be your goal. Know your goal. Is something hidden deep within your soul. In your soul. There's life and love that you have long denied. You've denied. The sacred fire that only you can hide. You can't hide.

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By Gregory Kable & Peter Saint-AndrZ 21 September 04

In Other Developments:

Malaysia rejects Howard's terror plan
Malaysia has hit out at an Australian plan to base counter-terrorism teams in South-East Asia.Malaysia says it has the capacity to deal with any threat of terrorism on its own.


Defence people need to vote for the Greens
Caretaker Prime Minister John Howard will today unveil a plan to step up the fight against terrorism in the region, using specialist teams of Australian Federal Police (AFP) that could be sent to work in neighbouring countries.

Australian military forces looking to fight more wars off-shore...
The Australian military wants to be able to mount full expeditionary forces to operate off-shore. The chief of the Air Force, War Criminal, Angus Houston, says the force is a long way down the road to becoming fully expeditionary.

John Anderson suffering from delusions
Deputy Prime Minister, war criminal, John Anderson is suffering delusions of grandeur on a Neo-Liberal Coalition scale, endorsing comments describing leader Bob Brown as a "nut". But the question is who is the nut really?

Iraq war illegal, says Annan
United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan says the United States decision to invade Iraq in March 2003 was "illegal". Australia was a key supporter of the war on Iraq and sent militants to join the United States-led invasion last year.
Liberal PR stunt, behind SMS attack warning
Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty, [guilty], has revealed information about an SMS message warning of an attack on a western embassy in Indonesia came from an Australian businessman in Jakarta.

Howard and Downer to blame for Jakarta bombing
Alleged JI Members pushed back journalists at the site of a powerful blast outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta. The Federal Government has to be condemned for the bomb attack outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta.

Greens want Flood to front Bali inquiry
Greens Senator Bob Brown wants the author of a key report into Australia's, [alleged], intelligence agencies to appear before a Senate committee examining the Bali bombings.

PM's Fox Defence? Less the evidence?
The Fox went out on a chilly night, he prayed for the moon to give him light, for he had many a mile to go that night....Before he reached the town-o?

Indonesian Election: Australia $48 Million?
The threat from terror groups and failed states means Australia needs a high-tech, rapid deployment defence force, the defence minister says.

Australians to be sacrificed: Howard
Howard vowed hostages wouldn't sway policy? The Federal Government say they would not negotiate with terrorists if an Australian were taken hostage in Iraq.

US-Australian 'Free Raid Agreement' and Labor's Ploy?
Allegedly speculation is rife in political circles about whether the Senate will follow the lead of the US Congress, and approve a free trade deal with the United States?

PM Howard Morally Bankrupt
Prime Minister John Howard insists the war in Iraq was justified despite his British counterpart Tony Blair's concession that weapons of mass destruction might never be found.

Howard 'should be tried for war crimes'
Former Liberal Party federal president John Valder says Prime Minister John Howard should be tried and punished for war crimes over Australia's involvement in the Iraq conflict.

Troop deployment not a deepening of effort: Hill
Deploying an extra 30 troops to Iraq was not a deepening of Australia's involvement because they were being sent to protect those already there, Defence Minister Robert Hill said yesterday.

War on terrorism' could take a generation: Downer?
Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer has launched the Government's terrorism white paper, saying the "war" could take a generation.

Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel?
Well praise the Lord the light is Hell bent here on Peter Costello, treasurer of the Howard Government who now has his own "flock" of onward Christian Soldiers.

Latham moves to 'compromise' on US relations

Howard Vs Regina in Canberra the Capital Territory of Australia- Friday January 30 2004.


Well think about this! Australia's intelligence agencies look set to receive a substantial funding boost in this year's Federal Budget, with the Prime Minister saying it is an obvious step to take.

Howard, where's your head at?
Australians living on the edge! Seems each time the bombs go off overseas Australians are living on the edge.

Should John Howard be locked up indefinitely?
Australian convicted mock terrorist John Howard is seriously considering appealing the precise time limit on detaining terrorist suspects.

Daily Terror rolled-over for Howard's war games
The DAILY TERROR is suspected of being the source of the news this morning that Willie Brigitte is a terrorist and that Sydney faces a bomb attack.

Why ASIO / ONA / DFAT / DIO Directors should be dismissed and the Minister for Foreign Affairs should resign.

Evidence that Howard was complicit in CIA, false flag, call to arms, Bali bombings Prime Minister John Howard says Australians should remember the Bali bomb attacks if he commits troops to a war against Iraq, as he finishes the final leg of a three-day trip to New Zealand.