Friday, September 10, 2004

Howard and Downer to blame for Jakarta bombing

Alleged JI Members [?] pushed back journalists at the site of a powerful blast outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta. The Federal Government has to be condemned for the bomb attack outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta.

War criminal, Prime Minister, John Howard and war criminal, Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, are to blame for the bombing because of their culpable and arrogant stance on Australia's foreign policies. [? just plain rubbish and propaganda.]

[Allegedly? Not because the war criminals are complicit in false flag operations in Indonesia complicit with the Indonesian government and the CIA's call to arms, similarly, the 2002 2nd military hardware explosives used in the Bali bombings.]

Foreign Minister Downer and Opposition counterpart, Kevin Rudd, flew to Jakarta last night with the heads of ASIO, [an Australian terrorist organisation], and the Australian Federal Police (AFP), as well as nine AFP officers.

 They will assist with the investigation. 

[? They will assist with Noble Cause Corruption to cover-up the truth about an alleged investigation.]

NSW terrorism 'expert' assistant police commissioner Andrew Scipone, [?] will remain in Australia to safe guard, [war criminal], honest John Howard, just in case they're coming to get him, to make him accountable in person.

Prime Minister honest John Howard says he was shocked after he spoke to the Australia's Ambassador in Jakarta, David Ritchie.

"I can only express my utter dismay at this event," he said. Howard says the bomb blast left a three-metre deep crater just four metres from the front gates. He says the reinforced wall at the front on the embassy saved the building. The embassy fence held but the gate was demolished by the explosion," he said.

But who is going to pay for loss of life and the damage to our embassy? Who's going to pay Indonesia for loss of security and tourism? Honest John? Or the Australian taxpayers?

Downer says, "he is in no doubt" the embassy was the target and he suspects "Jemaah Islamiah" is responsible. "It would appear to us that this was aimed at the Australian embassy, there's no question of that," he said.

Even though they used plastic explosive found in military ordinance? We have no doubt about Australia's complicity to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity. Trust war criminal's?]

And if it were the Indonesian military's complicity with the USA, then perhaps they'd blame Australia? For it's down right arrogance to humanity in the face of their downtrodden rights around the globe.

Well at least Indonesia have $48 million to start the investigation off with, after Australia's political donation for "preventing terror in the region".

That should start the compensation ball rolling.....!

Indonesian Election: Australia $48 Million?

I may be a bit cynical but 'terror' is the key word and could the 48 Million given to Indonesia be some form of incentive from the Howard government for President Megawati Sukarnoputri before she delivered a speech. The woman who has ruled Indonesia for three 'difficult' years recorded an official election speech yesterday at the National Palace in Jakarta.

The faces of the alleged terrorists might well look like they're seemingly blaming Australia and looking at the target they are allegedly blaming Australia, but were they? Or was this just another USA, CIA, TNI, ASIO false flag, call to arms on the Middle East.

Always blaming others for our terror, or for false flag operations, won't prevent stupidity by politicians, some who have 'no morals whatsoever' or at least who are indifferent to the world today!

Federal Opposition Leader Mark Latham has offered his condolences to the victims and says those who carried out the bombing must be punished. "The terrorists responsible for this attack are evil and barbaric and must be dealt with as harshly as possible and as quickly as possible. The Labor Party gives full support to all efforts by the Australian and Indonesian governments to ensure that happens,"he said.

[Without looking in his own backyard?]

However that statement from Mark Latham was pitiful! He sounded like a LIB/LAB puppet and showed no personal endeavour to focus on anything else like Australia's foreign policy, which should be in grave doubt, after the second attack on Australia, when you also include the Bali bombing.

I'm going to say that twice because once according to the politicians on both sides, who have to repeat everything they say, all the time, like.........,The records stuck, the records stuck, the record is, stuck! Here we go now! Here we go now!

However that statement from Mark Latham was pitiful! He sounded like a LIB/LAB puppet and showed no personal or real endeavour to focus on anything else, like Australia's foreign policy, which should be in grave doubt after the second attack on Australia, when you also include the Bali bombing.

Oh! I didn't have to repeat myself did I? Plastic politicians... Fantastic! Like that babe standing behind Howard on the television the other night, agreeing with everything he said, like it was language for the deaf!

Australian federal government complicity in war crimes

Complaint to Australian law officers about Australian Federal Government complicity in war crimes.

Dear Sir/Madam, Please find below a DETAILED FORMAL COMPLAINT I have sent to all the major Federal and State Law Officers in Australia (and copied to politicians, media, NGOs etc) concerning Australian Federal Government complicity in war crimes in Iraq, namely (1) illegal invasion of a remote, non-threatening country and (2) horrendous mass mortality in an occupied country e.g. current under-5 infant mortality is estimated from UNICEF data to be about 100,000 per year in Iraq (population 24 million) as compared to 1000 in the "occupier" country Australia (population 20 million) - while annual per capita medical expenditure is currently US$40 in occupied, war-ravaged Iraq as compared to US$1000 in Australia.

By GI Joe and No War 10 September 04



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