Thursday, November 10, 2005

Bali bomber? Azahari dead?

Allegedly the government responsible and or complicit in the Bali bombings and an attack on the Australian embassy in Jakarta cannot now be blamed because the Indonesian authorities claim to have blown up a man they blamed it on.

Azahari bin Husin, the man they claim was responsible but now cannot give any evidence contrary to what has been claimed by the authorities because they alleged to have witnessed that he was blown up.

Quite strange was the fact that the Un-Australian headlined it this morning before any alleged DNA result confirmed the death of the alleged person Azahari bin Husin. Did he even exist? Will you be satisfied with the alleged DNA testing by the Indonesian authorities? Was he the Bali bomber? Did he execute both explosions in the first Bali bombing?

Has he been dead for some time and his DNA stored?

Sorry to tell everyone out there in TV land but there is more to this than meets the air waves and because it is claimed Husin was cornered by police in East Java means you have to trust the Indonesian police?

Seems the Un-Australian went out of its way to trust the Indonesian police so did AFP commissioner mick keelty and prime meanster John hoWARd?

So did all the other copycat media giants who had no proof whatsoever?

Police said it 'appeared' Azahari, Indonesia's most wanted man, had died during a police raid in the city of Malang yesterday afternoon.

Just like the Bali bombings this sensational media report appears right when hoWARd is pushing through new draconian Anti-Terrorist legislation?

Like when Australia needed some encouragement back in 2002 to go to an illegal and degrading war on Iraq, off went the first bali bombs. And the bomb that could not be created by a layman or even Azahari killing 202 people in Bali?

Indonesia's elite anti-terror squad Detachment 88, allegedly tracked Azahari and who could just have easy as lied about their mission and if you believe that then you'd believe anything.

Scapegoats for state terror

Azahari and his Malaysian colleague Noordin Mohammed Top have been blamed by the Indonesian authorities who have not found them until reporting this claim.

Notice how no evidence like a body will be provided because he blew himself up just like you have been told by the authorities and media giants for along, long, time and time and time again. The records stuck, the records stuck, the records stuck, TRUE! ?

That in the event that they catch Azahari he said he would blow himself up and just like the script he did? Sinister propaganda!

A senior police officer close to the Azahari investigation said last night several informants had confirmed the dead man was Azahari?

Of course they did and just like the conclusion of a dumb monkey!

Indonesia's national deputy detective chief, General Gorries Mere, said police 'believed the dead man was Azahari'. "We suspect it is him," he said?

However, the officer said it would be some time before his death was confirmed because his body 'could have been blown to pieces'.

You certainly convinced the Un-Australian by at least 3am Australian time?

Allegedly two of his companions also appeared to have blown themselves up, possibly using backpack bombs similar to those used last month in the latest Bali attacks, which killed 23 people, including the three suicide bombers?

A journalist at the site told Indonesian television that he had seen the dismembered body of Azahari? Did he take a photo? "The body was in pieces but his face could still be recognised by two members of the anti-terrorist unit from Jakarta," he said. "He blew himself up together with the house."

Then we should be able to see it right? If he seen it then why don't the public see it. Will there be independent testing? And how are they going to prove whether he was the Bali mastermind?

Several other people were reportedly arrested so they know he was there? Are they going to be tortured into submission? Why didn't they confirm it was Azahari straight up?

HoWARd said that is 'confirmed' on the 6pm news tonight? Mick Keelty also jumped on the bandwagon like all your local propaganda expert CIA spy Sidney Jones.

Before any DNA testing and before identification by any independent body accept for the corrupt Indonesian police.

Azahari, who allegedly went to school and university in Adelaide, was wanted as an alleged suspect of a string of attacks on Western targets that killed hundreds of people [just another patsy for the Coalition of the Killing's resource wars in the Middle East.] These included the two Bali attacks, the bombing of the Marriott hotel in Jakarta in 2003 and the bombing of the Australian embassy in Jakarta last year. [All false flag operations more like it!]

One of the 2002 explosive devices was army explosive so what you are getting from the media giants and Sidney Jones is propaganda.

It is alleged that these people were all tied up together and there have been lots of allegations about Jemaah Islamiah the organisation blamed for the State sanctioned terror that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono could not identify with when asked by the Australian media giants whether it was a terrorist organisation. He said no!

According to the state news service Antara and Indonesian media reports, plainclothes police yesterday surrounded a building in Flamboyan Street, in the suburb of Batu in Malang.

Half an hour after the first shots were fired, about 3.30pm, bystanders heard a large explosion, according to Andi Kartiono, a witness who had previously rented the house where the terrorists had been hiding?

Stage-managed to coincide with HoWARd's anti-terror laws?

Two more explosions were heard and the gunfire continued until 5.30pm, Mr Kartiono said?

"That house was rented for the last three months by three students who said they were doing their papers," he told local television reporters. "They were all in their twenties."?

Police told of a pitched gun battle with up to seven militants holed up inside. Some police officers were wounded, he said?

"They threw bombs and opened fire at us, injuring one policeman," a local detective told the Kyodo news agency?

Detachment 88 police had entered the house and said they saw at last two bodies but retreated when they came across several unexploded bombs. A police bomb squad was called to disarm the explosives before the bodies were removed and identified? A Detachment 88 source said the raid was linked to the October 1 triple suicide bombing on three cafes in Kuta and Jimbaran in Bali, which killed 23 people, including four Australians. "It has a link," he said [Rubbish!]

Last night, local press reported that Indonesia's national police chief, General Sutanto, was on his way to Malang, along with the East Java military commander, Major-General Samsul Mappareppa?

And if you eat that staged managed PR then we are screwed.

Ask yourself truth seeker would you trust the Indonesian police?

Inside Indonesia's War on Terror

Don't say we didn't tell you so: very damming reports on TNI and POLRI in involvement in terrorism. Today - as you would almost certainly know - is the third anniversary of the first Bali bombing and our major report tonight provides an alarming twist to the ongoing terror campaign being waged in Indonesia. David O'Shea, a long-time "Indonesia-watcher", reports that where terrorism is concerned in that country - with its culture of corruption within the military, the police, the intelligence services and politics itself - all is never quite what it seems.

By Propaganda Monster 10 November 05


Police 'had role in' Bali blasts
INDONESIAN [politicians,] police or military officers may have played a role in the 2002 Bali bombing, the country's former president, Abdurrahman Wahid has said.

Embrace nuclear weapons: The Un-Australian?
The Un-Australian newspaper and its political leader john hoWARd have outlined terrorist justification for [false flag] terror attacks in Bali, London and New York and urged neo-liberals and the other 80 per cent of Australians to embrace the 'fear' of nuclear weapons in an article today headed :Embrace nuclear weapons: Bashir.

Daily Telegraph: Mercy for murderers
AUSTRALIA: THESE are the faces of the injured children in the illegal and degrading war on Iraq and Afghanistan - faces that the Australian government chose to forget.

Bin Laden my target, then where has he bin?
A 'prisoner' has allegedly told Indonesian police that OSAMA bin Laden, sent a bundle of 'Australian dollars' to fund last year's bombing of the Australian embassy in Jakarta, but OSAMA gets blamed for everything!

It's just not cricket: Khan
The perception in the West remained that somehow Islam was connected to militarism and terrorism, that all Muslims believe that all suicide bombers go straight to heaven. No one mentioned that before [false flag operations of] 9/11 70 per cent of suicide bombings in the world were committed by the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, who were Hindus.

Zarqawi: Everywhere and nowhere
AMMAN, Jordan - A remarkable proportion of the violence taking place in Iraq is regularly credited to the Jordanian Ahmad al-Khalayleh, better known as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and his al-Qaeda-linked organization in Iraq.

Lashkar-e-Tayiba - Blow Up or Beat Up
Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Tayiba has been branded a terrorist organisation by Australia, the US and Pakistan. It's been accused of being part of the al-Qa'ida network and of planning attacks in Australia.

Bashir: All lies
Bashir handed out as a trophy on a silver plate for George Dubya, and John HoWARd? Abu Bakar Bashir is a Preacher and a Teacher and not a terrorist leader as pro-government media are broadcasting.

INDONESIA: US to resume military ties
In the boldest statement on the subject to date, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has signalled that the US is ready to restore full military training ties with the Indonesian military (TNI). But the announcement coincides with new evidence of the TNI's involvement in the murder of two US nationals in 2002 and what is being dubbed the "biggest timber heist ever".

CIA informer tells court of Bashir's visits?
The key witness in the trial of Indonesian teacher and cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has told a Jakarta court that Bashir once inspected graduating troops at a terrorist training camp?

Sept 11 US false flag operation poses $130,000 challenge
A millionaire activist who believes the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001 were and "inside job" is offering a $130,000 reward to anyone who can prove him wrong.

100's of thousands of Aussies cancel holidays in Indonesia?
Australians are being warned to avoid international hotels in Indonesia, particularly the Hilton chain, with intelligence pointing to an imminent terrorist attack. Australia's ambassador to Indonesia, David Ritchie, delivered the travel advice to the Hilton chain within minutes of its release yesterday.

Fool me twice 1-20 -Official release (BALI BOMBINGS/ETimor) Exposing the Australian government's lies about the East Timor massacres, the cover-up of the Bali bombings (including '93 WTC attack) and subsequent anti-terror legislation forced through parliament.

The Truth About Bali Bombings Part 1 REMIX Part One + Two: Que Bono. Who Benefited? The Bali Bombings were a direct US-Israeli response to the growing Peace marches and Anti War Movement in Australia that was ballooning at an alarming rate after 9-11 and after Bush announced he was waging illegal invasions. It also very quickly secured Indonesia's and Australia's subservience to the US and cemented involvement in the US led War on Terror, and subsequent illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Part TWO: Who really Benefited from the Bali Bombings?

PART THREE: The Investigation(s) Or lack thereof The Primary man at the centre of the Bali investigations got warned off the scent by US Ambassador to Indonesia..

Part 4: The Truth About Bali Bombings Eye witness Testimony and memorial dedication..

Indonesian police set-up Jakarta man?
"Who would blow themselves up when there is no war? Who would give up their life for no struggle? The CIA would! Why? Because the CIA are at war with the world, and they aim to cause terror and slam the Iron fist of fear into the community in the Asian pacific region."

See Links History From 2002:

AFP: The unlikely CRIMINAL
It was born of a bombing and it made its name after a far more devastating act of terrorism. But for most of the 25 years in between, little was known about the Australian Federal Police force or the work it did.

SMS was Keelty's first choice: Alleged bomber
Keelty: "It was just days before Australia's embassy was attacked on September 9"? But you couldn't believe SMS could you? If your life depended on it? What about inviting him to you birthday party? Would you believe answering his own SMS text message? Could you trust him with that?

THE HEADLINE: New Indonesian President flags strengthening anti-terror laws

Liberal PR stunt, behind SMS attack warning
Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty has revealed information about an SMS message warning of an attack on a western embassy in Indonesia came from an Australian businessman in Jakarta.

Community backs candidate wife's Bali claims
Federal Labor Party candidate Ivan Molloy says he supports the sentiments of his wife, a Queensland state politician, who blames the Liberal Party for the 2002 Bali bombings.

Liberal PR stunt, behind SMS attack warning
Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty has revealed information about an SMS message warning of an attack on a western embassy in Indonesia came from an Australian businessman in Jakarta.

Howard and Downer to blame for Jakarta bombing: JI?
Alleged JI Members pushed back journalists at the site of a powerful blast outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta. The Federal Government has to be condemned for the bomb attack outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta.

Indonesian Election: Australia $48 Million?
The threat from terror groups and failed states means Australia needs a high-tech, rapid deployment defence force, the defence minister says.

Greens want Flood to front Bali inquiry
Greens Senator Bob Brown wants the author of a key report into Australia's intelligence agencies to appear before a Senate committee examining the Bali bombings.

Indonesian terror warnings on the eve of a federal election are nothing new to Australians. This week's terror campaign by the Howard government and its corporate media allies.

Black market should have been closed to people smugglers
A man charged over a people-smuggling voyage that ended in 350 deaths will face the second day of his committal hearing today.Khaled Daoed is charged with numerous offences over the sinking of the Indonesian fishing boat SIEV X three years ago.

Keelty foresees more terrorism
Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty says terrorist groups will continue to find new ways to threaten countries.

US to keep military ties with Indonesia. Target Australia?
US President George W Bush says America plans to resume cooperation with Indonesia's armed forces.

The Daily Propaganda Bali bombings could have been worse?
The Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner, Mick Keelty, says the bombs that killed 88 Australians in Bali could have done a lot more damage if they had been built differently.

GI propaganda expert earns $200,000 a year: terror dope
A terrorism dope who is on capitalist drugs says the South-East Asian extremist group Jemaah Islamiah (JI) has raised $200,000 a year from supporters in Australia.

GI propaganda expert earns $200,000 a year: terror dope
A terrorism dope who is on capitalist drugs says the South-East Asian extremist group Jemaah Islamiah (JI) has raised $200,000 a year from supporters in Australia.

US Deputy Sheriff dismisses Indonesian comment that US king of terrorists
Deputy Sheriff to the US Prime Minister John Howard says he does not agree with comments by the Indonesian Vice-President Hamzah Haz that the real terrorist is the United States for attacking Iraq.

Keep the bastards honest: Publicity keeps an eye on ethics?
The Australian Federal Police commissioner says investigations into terrorist links to Australia are being made more difficult by public debate about the progress of inquiries.

GI divided: Australian experts
GI has descended into a disparate collection of cells working at cross-purposes, with deep divisions on strategy and no clear leader except to say the Indonesian Military could be involved, senior Australian counter-propaganda police believe.

GI killers uncovered
GI has cordial flavours ranging from Raspberry all the way down to Tropical Pineapple and a new generation of drinkers have joined the ranks.

Eye for an eye or blind toothless people?
Terrorists ALLEGED by the Daily Terror, 7 August 03, have claimed responsibility for the Jakarta bombing and are alleged to have sent a chilling warning that they will kill more Westerners if Bali bomber Amrozi is sentenced to death today.

Australian Terror cell here long before Bali
The Australian terrorist Captain Cook infiltrated Australia years before the Bali bombings in which 202 people perished. Aboriginal people attempted to remember Captain Cook not as a founding father but as a harbinger of dispossession and death, a sign of white amnesia. Another anniversary year-used to mark two hundred years since Cook had journeyed along the east coast of Australia and, for some people, discovered a continent.

Evidence emerges of proposed Four Corners base in Bali
Parody: More evidence has emerged that the ABC terrorist network believed to have been behind the propaganda in Australia has tried to set up a long-term base in Bali.

Australian Terror cell here long before Bali
The Australian terrorist Captain Cook infiltrated Australia years before the Bali bombings in which 202 people perished. Aboriginal people attempted to remember Captain Cook not as a founding father but as a harbinger of dispossession and death, a sign of white amnesia. Another anniversary year-used to mark two hundred years since Cook had journeyed along the east coast of Australia and, for some people, discovered a continent.

Evidence that Howard was complicit in CIA, false flag, call to arms, Bali bombings War criminal John Howard was complicit in the call to arms - false flag operation - Bali bombings - instigated by the CIA - and the Coalition of the Killing - to bolster support - and quell dissent for their illegal and degrading resource wars in the Middle East.

War criminal Howard high-jacks HRCA to 'legitimise killing'
The Human Rights Council of Australia (HRCA) says it fears Prime Minister John Howard's comments in support of the execution of [CIA operative] Osama bin Laden show his eagerness to overturn three decades of national opposition to the death penalty.

State terror units caused the terror!
The level of suspicion and surveillance created by the [US false flag operation and call to arms] Bali bombings, created by [ the Coalition of the Killing and Australian's complicity to go to war on Iraq] means that all Australian's suffer the loss of their human rights, civil rights and their democratic rights, as well as those Australian's who lost their life in Bali.

Al-Qa'ida or poor people without hope?
Anyone contemplating war without a UN sanction is nothing more than a common criminal and not acting in accordance with the law. Isn't Richardson the head of ASIO? A law enforcement agency? Al-Qa'ida is a Coalition of the Killing demon made up by the CIA. These people are just scapegoats, patsies, and peasants."

Australia backs CIA Reichstag, Downer's propaganda
The Foreign Affairs Minister says the latest message from Osama bin Laden is worrying. [Just plain rubbish!]

Did the CIA blow up Bali?
In a nation where conspiracy theories and rice are two of life's staples, Indonesians appear to be changing their habits. You can still get rice with your Kentucky Fried, but conspiracy theories easy to find, at least as far as the Bali bombings are concerned.

Australia's Terrorism Wake Up Call [164] The horrific bombings of the Sari Club and Paddy's Bar in Bali, on October 12, 2002, considerably strengthened the hand of the CoW in pursuing the War on Terror. Here was an opportunity to harden the hearts of the Australian and US public against Islamic fundamentalists. It was also a chance for the Indonesian government to justify harsh measures in the war against terrorists and secessionists, such at those in the province of Aceh.

2nd Renaissance -10 The War on Witches [150]
In 1484, Pope Innocent VIII issued a Papal Bull that became the rationale for establishing the Inquisition in Germany. The following excerpt from the Bull sets out the official view of the danger of witches to the community. The Bull and this this passage provided the sole excuse for the torture and cruel executions that were, ultimately, to be the fate of up to fifty percent of the population of some villages.

First strike and you're out!
The ideology of a super loser? John Howard shocks the nation again. A nation who cannot believe Howard's stupidity following the Bali bombing. The Bali bombing which was in direct retaliation for his previous remarks towards a first strike on Iraq.

Civil and Democratic Islam websites communicating?
THE internet is becoming a virtual forum for people exchanges, with many sites specifically targeting Australia to stop the racial hate followers, and plan to continue to communicate with each other. Fantastic!

GI Strikes again! Plots plots and more plots
GI cordial's foiled plot to flood foreign embassies in Singapore, including the Australian high commission, would have used high sugar levels at the controls of cordial laden truck, a US interrogation of a key GI figure has revealed. The plot, uncovered by Singaporean authorities last December before it was fully planned, originally was intended for missions in Manila, not Singapore. The revelations, obtained by GKCNN through key summaries of the US interrogation of Mohammed Mansour Jabarah, demonstrate the new depth of GI members' commitment to the sugar cause.

Alarm over terror in 'Australia'?
ISLAMIC extremists linked to GI cordial fired weapons and conducted close-quarter combat training in remote forests all over Australia. Paint Bombs were the weapon of choice.

Australian accused of plot to bomb embassies
A spokesperson for Justice Action Mr.Sooth Sayer said " the arrest is most likely connected to the invasion of the mans privacy by the new powers of ASIO. These are extraordinary laws that were invented, using people as pawns to get unprecedented powers to use to lever John Howard's propaganda machine."