Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Accused Australian Citizen 'denied passport in 2002'?

Reporter No! He was an undercover agent for the blues!

AN AUSTRALIAN CITIZEN who was refused a passport by DFAT in mid-2002 became frustrated at the government for treating him differently.

According to the prosecution Zeky "Zak" Malah, 21 then planned a suicide attack on buildings accommodating either intelligence officers or foreign affairs personnel; a Sydney court was told yesterday.

The New South Wales District Court yesterday began hearing the trial of Mallah who has pleaded not guilty to charges under Australia's counter-terror laws.

Ruddock's tongue hanging out again like a dog

Malah is accused of plotting to carry out a suicide attack on the Sydney offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) or the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), in late 2003, after he was apparently harassed by ASIO agents.

But the Crown claims he planned to kill ASIO or DFAT officers in the attack but fell short of telling the court that after the government denied him his passport they wound him up?

He also pleaded not guilty to offering to sell a video tape, typed statement and photograph of himself to an undercover police officer (who posed as a journalist), between November 2003 and December 2003.

Crown Prosecutor Desmond Fagan SC today told the court the tape and statement related to the planned attacks, and Mallah also told the undercover officer (disguised as a reporter) he wanted to kill commonwealth officers most likely trying to draw some attention to the decision made in his case?

Mr Fagan said Mallah planned the attack after DFAT refused him a passport in mid-2002.

"As a result of that refusal he developed a hostility to that department and ASIO", Fagan said.

I thought he was an Australian citizen so why did DFAT refuse him a passport in mid-2002? Seems likely that if that had not been the case then Zak would not be on trial because he was treated differently.

The trial continues.


He was an undercover agent for the blues

He was my journalist, he was working undercover. The fellow knew all of the moves.... He really had me romping, bare footing stomping. He just kept igniting my fuse....

Second Class Citizens: One Year on from September 11

Meet Zak Mallah. He's 18, he's an orphan, he stacks shelves in a supermarket in Sydney and he's near the top of the list of suspected terrorists in Australia?

ZAK MALLAH: Australia is my country. I'm an Australian before I say I'm a Lebanese because I was raised here all my life, I was born here, I'm an Australian. So if someone wants to ask me, "Zak, what are you?" I say "I'm an Australian brother".

REPORTER: If you believe his colleagues and some in the intelligence world in Canberra who have been watching Zak Mallah for months, he's an exuberant teenager who talks tough but has never harmed anybody and is unlikely to.

ZAK MALLAH: I've got family here and I'm looking for a job as well. I currently work at Franklins as a casual position and I was at TAFE as well and I did management and leadership. That shows that I've got education behind me backing me up.

Beat up or blow up?

Arrest of Zak Mallah: test case for Australia's anti-terror laws

In a joint state and federal police operation, Zak Mallah, a 20-year-old unemployed youth, was arrested in southwestern Sydney on December 3 under the Howard government's new anti-terror laws. Mallah, a Muslim, is accused of preparing to commit a terrorist act. He could be jailed for life if found guilty.

By all accounts Mallah is an unstable young man who has been disoriented by 18 months of secret police scrutiny and harassment. It appears that the Howard government has singled him out to test its blatantly anti-democratic legislation.

Suicide bomb plot: 'My target is ASIO'
By Ellen Connolly July 21, 2004

A Sydney man who was allegedly planning a suicide attack on an Australian Government building became the first person yesterday to be committed to stand trial under new federal terrorism laws.

Zeky "Zak" Mallah, 21, allegedly made a video of how he would take hostages and kill people - a tape to be played after he had died a martyr.

"This is Zak Mallah, Australian-born, Australian-bred," he said on his final recorded message, Central Local Court was told yesterday. "My target is ASIO because I strongly believe that they have mistreated many Australian citizens?

Another person who wanted attention

A stitch in time saves nine?

Jack Roach may have been found not guilty if he wasn't such an attention seeker. Imagine that this guy rang up ASIO to help them? Shame about the quick nine years he'll spend in solitary confinement and rough Ruddock want's to give Roach another quick 16 years just for good will. Lawyers know all to well that the mud sticks better when you're in the slammer especially when the public are misinformed. Obviously Roach was a couch potato who couldn't get out of his lounge chair let alone bomb an Embassy.

What's the Rush???

Govt moves on non-parole period for convicted terrorists Federal Attorney-General Philip Ruddock has outlined further changes to the nation's terrorism laws, with plans to set a non-parole period for people convicted of terrorist offences.

Now ASIO want their own Court? Is this like the Family Court?

Top police push for court of terrorism?
By Martin Chulov March 21, 2005

Top police want a new court for terror charges?

AUSTRALIA'S top police anti-terrorism experts are lobbying for the establishment of a new court to deal exclusively with terrorist trials.

Senior police figures believe a partial switch to a civil law system like the one used in France, where cases are decided through judicial interrogation, would be more effective than trials.

Attorney-General Philip Ruddock confirmed yesterday that the Government was aware of the pitch by senior officers, but said he wanted more details before deciding whether to act.

Greens warn of 'politicised' terror trials

AUSTRALIA/CUBA?: The Australian Greens say they are concerned that new anti-terrorism laws being debated in the Senate allow for the "political black-banning" of defence lawyers at terrorism trials.

By Just Us 22 March 05

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Yet Mr Habib's harassment, kidnap and subsequent torture by the authorities both here and abroad is a crime against humanity and he and his family have suffered both directly and indirectly from that treatment.

DPP to appeal innocent man's bail
The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) will seek to have an innocent Melbourne man Joseph 'Jack' Thomas, returned to isolation in custody?

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The fascist Federal Government has been exposed for the torture of Australian Mamdouh Habib and the US Government's allegations against him (if they were true) would have been made under duress.

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Shame on the federal fascists. The wicked old witch is dead! A Melbourne Magistrates Court has heard that a 31-year-old innocent Victorian man was facing terrorism charges?

Innocent Victorian man held in custody for Xmas?!
Lawyers have argued the case against Mr Thomas was weak and based on a statement he made in Pakistan without a lawyer present and therefore unlawful.

Innocent Melbourne man makes second bail bid
Rubish, just plain propaganda, fear-mongering, draconian nonsence from the HoWARd goverment's war agenda stink tank.

MPs to review spy agency powers
Australian spy agency ASIO'S controversial powers to detain and question suspected terrorists [scapegoats for HoWARd's resource wars] will be re-examined by a parliamentary committee. Parliament passed the new counter-terrorism powers in July last year.

Lodhi toilet paper: crap!
He is facing nine charges and is accused of planning a major terrorist attack on Sydney defence sites and the electricity grid using downloads off the internet and having 100 rolls of toilet paper to wipe his arse after low level bombs and farts.

Brain injury for suspicion 'inhumane'
Faheem Khalid Lodhi refused bail by a Sydney court and remanded until June in hell at the (HARM-U) High Risk Management Unit at Goulburn. While he is in there he will receive a brain injury and is likely to self-harm due to the gross violation of living standards.

Ul-Haque 'the man who wants to become a doctor'
The taskforce is investigating French man Willie Brigitte, who was tipped back home for a visa breach. Allegedly the Un-Australian Newspaper claimed he also attended training camps before his six-month stay in Sydney. Police have not alleged Mr Ul-Haque knew Brigitte. The Un-Australian just mentioned it because they are 'you guessed it' up John Howard's butt and they like the USA want 'you guessed it' our Federal Government. Well Yankee go home!

Ruddock foreshadows new terrorism laws
The new laws will allow police to access emails and mobile phone SMS messages, enable wider use of surveillance devices, and protect sensitive national security information during terrorism trials.

Community seeks more power to interrogate ASIO suspects
Greens Senator Bob Brown does not think increased police powers are necessary. "We have enormous powers for surveillance, apprehension or punishment of people who are engaged in or intending to engage in or thinking about being engaged in terrorist acts in this country," he said.

Greens warn of 'politicised' terror trials
AUSTRALIA/CUBA?: The Australian Greens say they are concerned that new anti-terrorism laws being debated in the Senate allow for the "political black-banning" of defence lawyers at terrorism trials.

Lawyer claims Al Qaeda suspect's evidence tainted!
Before returning to Australia last year, Thomas was arrested and held in custody for five months by Pakistani authorities before being released without charge.

Man terrorised by ASIO remanded in 'AA' isolation!
A Victorian man has been remanded in custody after being charged with terrorism offences, including having links to Al Qaeda?

Melbourne man charged over ASIO links
ASIO a know Australian terrorist organization is verballing the community again...about allegations that a man, while living overseas, received funds from Al Qaeda and had close association with the members of the terrorist group.

A court has been told Joseph Thomas is a sleeper? ZZZ! Melbourne Australia: A court has been told that Osama bin Laden asked a Melbourne man to become a "sleeper" in Australia before undertaking activities for the Al Qaeda network? Munchkins: "Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch! Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead."

He was an undercover agent for the blues
He was my journalist, he was working undercover. The fellow knew all of the moves.... He really had me romping, bare footing stomping. He just kept igniting my fuse....

Mamdouh Habib: Taunted and Tortured!
Four Corners [Walls]: Terrorist - or Taunted by the Australian Defence Force who sacked him as a cleaning contractor? Who is Mamdouh Habib? And why was he harassed by the Australian Federal Police? Then tagged and labelled as a spy? Why was he vilified by the community? When he fled to Pakistan how did he end up being tortured in Egypt? And how did he end up at Guantanamo prison camp reserved for the men America calls "the worst of the worst.

Up there Khasali: Innocent man new bail laws
The New South Wales Supreme Court has asked innocent man Bilal Khazal to increase to amount of surety offered, before the bail is formally continued.

Young men terrorised, tortured, and threatened with charges for no crime by Australia mate the lucky country. Lucky if you're not used for Howard's FEDERAL ELECTION and George Dubya's WAR ON LIBERTY! Who shot liberty? IGNORANCE!

Islamic movement denies links to Al Qaeda
The Islamic Youth Movement has denied having any links to Al Qaeda and says it is considering legal action against the Four Corners program. In a statement released early this morning, the group rejects allegations it is helping coordinate any kind of terrorist network inside Australia and says it is being unfairly targeted.

AFP: The unlikely CRIMINAL
It was born of a bombing and it made its name after a far more devastating act of terrorism. But for most of the 25 years in between, little was known about the Australian Federal Police force or the work it did.

Keelty foresees more terrorism
Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Mick Keelty says terrorist groups will continue to find new ways to threaten countries.

2nd Renaissance -10 The War on Witches [150]
In 1484, Pope Innocent VIII issued a Papal Bull that became the rationale for establishing the Inquisition in Germany. The following excerpt from the Bull sets out the official view of the danger of witches to the community. The Bull and this this passage provided the sole excuse for the torture and cruel executions that were, ultimately, to be the fate of up to fifty percent of the population of some villages.