Monday, September 27, 2004

The injustices and the truth that everybody should know....

We all know today money is justice if anyone has no money they cannot have justice.

My name is Houssam Minkara, like to share with you a secret which will enlighten your conscience so you can share with everyone the reality we all facing, and will help everyone to choose and make the right choice. We all must remember everything happening and we must not let money or time make us forget. No matter what your profession is either you are poor or rich you can not escape the injustice in the long run.

Throughout history in every country in the world, there are stories of abuse, injuries and torture; today we say that we are sorry for what ever happened in the past while new stories in the making, future generations will say that they are sorry. Let me tell you a series of events that happened to me in Australia, and what is going to happen in the near future to all of us if we are not careful or careless.

In October 1979, I was working for Pirreli Cables when I sustained an injury and underwent many treatments, including an operation. It's been 25 years of injustice, pain, intimidation, harassment, bad treatment even threats. What has happened to me is quite bizarre. The Insurance Company (National Employers Mutual General Insurance) was in liquidation and ran by (Insurance Guarantee Fund) their lawyers (Hunt & Hunt solicitor) and ( N.W. Aussel Solicitors ) and their notorious ways of "psychological warfare" which include relying on "extensions of time" which leads to "psychological disorders" such as anxiety, stress ,gastrointestinal, ulcers, atherosclerotic even cancer, which I have suffered and that sort of treatment is inhumane.

In the mean time they drove me into bankruptcy. They treated me like a criminal fighting my case from 1979 to 1996, when I had three days of hearing Justice Mcinerenery was a senile.

I don't think he understood what we were talking about because he was napping that's how I lost my case. But he mentioned that he did not understand the witness. We went to High Court and the judges think that its not an error by law.

I believe that it was a negligent case and it was an error by law, as we know money talks and bullshit walks. We all know today money is justice if anyone has no money they cannot have justice.

I ask every Australian to give his opinion if any judge who does not understand any aspect of any particular case then that is an error at law. Therefore we should voice our your opinion to the parliament that judges should have a regard for the law.

Just like others I waited my time to get housing commission accommodation, but when I broke up with my ex they changed the premises to her name, like I don't exist and they left me homeless? I applied for priority housing twice, I might have to wait another "10 ten years"...As we all can see government employers have been trained to brush us off, we cannot find somebody who listen anymore?

I bought a computer from (ARC Computers) I placed an order for particular parts to be fitted into the computer, I found out later that the parts to be fitted were different from the ones I ordered. I went to fair trading and the registrar dismissed the case on the grounds that he didn't know anything about computers.

Shortly thereafter, early in the morning I woke up with severe pain, the ambulance took me to Canterbury Hospital they gave me a large injection of morphine my blood pressure dropped. I thought I was going to die. Firstly I thought the conspiracy is against me only but later I understood how the game works; now I have been directly affected and for everyone else who may be affected in the future.

As you see the injustice will continue not just for me only, but for all of us, we are all spiritually related and we share many lives, because we are the past and the present and the future but every life we come back as a different individual and programmed differently with a different ideology no matter where we were born in this world.

The Free Trade Agreement is part of the devils plan:

The injustice and the abuse will be waiting for us all unless we wake up and unite and speak out against the fools all over the world killing each other. The devil relies on divisions and blindness and looks at everything happening nationality and internationally and the transformation of the devil tightens his grip around earth.

We call it Globalization or the New World Order, while he is deceiving and bribing everyone and many people in high positions are serving the devil, he created terrorism to reach his goals. Look at Australia today the transformation into the American system and this will kill everything Australian, and we will be called the united states of Australia. Look at how the states run by labor governments are run today?

But we cannot see any difference to the other criminals and the corruption and rip off is widespread. I must say beware of overseas companies they are supported by our government, just look at what we are doing and think about what we are gaining. We all need justice and equality lets all hold hands and let our politician know that we are not suckers before it's too late.

Many Australians who died in hospitals all over Australia from derelict policies and the many people who could not afford justice were divided in Australia. Prime Minister John Howard has blood on his hands, but he is still the caretaker Prime Minister? I also ask the NSW Premier Bob Carr to take some action to support workers who have been affected by greedy companies.

International Human Rights Day 10th December:

On October 9th we should decide our fate by voting with regards to human rights and dignity. I would ask everyone of you as a sign of solidarity to be fully committed to International Human Rights Day which is the 10th of December every year.

This day brings awareness to others of the possibility that the loss of our basic human rights and justice may also affect them somewhere down the track. The Government should act without hesitation to restore justice and help people in need and ensure we live in as just and equitably sustainable community as there can possibly be.

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by Houssam Minkara, 27 September, 2004

Australian government selling us out!

The Federal Opposition says it now has proof the Government has been "playing politics" with the US free trade agreement (FTA), [Free Raid Agreement (FRA)], after the Trade Minister Mark Vaile admitted the future of the deal will not be affected by a change in government.


Thousands march for disability protest
But the thousands of people rallying in front of NSW Parliament House one Wednesday wanted only one thing - a fair go for people with disabilities. About 2000 people from across the state converged on Macquarie St, Sydney, to protest against the State Government's planned cuts to disability programs due to be rolled out from January.

Crean slaps down Costello's 'incompetent' tax analysis
The Federal Labor Party says Treasurer Peter Costello has egg on his face after making wrong allegations that Labor's tax and family policy is under-funded by $700 million.

Wentworth voters turn to the Greens: poll
A new opinion poll published today shows voters in the blue ribbon Sydney seat of Wentworth are turning away from the Liberal Party just like everybody else. The party has held the eastern suburbs seat for 103 years and that's far too long.

Australia: Cancel the election and call a republic!
Industrial relations in Australia under the Howard administration are no different from what might be expected from a terrorist organisation since both are engaged in the lawless pursuit of short-term profit and personal gain to the exclusion of natural justice.

Labor slams GST windfall figures
The Federal Opposition says the latest figures on GST revenue confirm the Howard Government is the highest taxing government in history. The Government has revealed revenue raised by the tax is $2.9 billion greater than forecast.

Work for the dole is legal slavery
Work for the dole was originally sold to us by Howard as a warm and fuzzy light work project. We would be working for nothing but we would be enjoying giving back something to the community, so it was reckoned.

Transport costs 'discourage' unemployed renters
A report on housing assistance has found that one of the biggest work disincentives for unemployed renters and public housing tenants is the cost of public transport.

Governance a misfortune to experience
As an employee with the Australian government agency Centrelink my job was to interpret Australian law to determine entitlements for Australian citizens.

Families worse off under Lib/Lab: Community!The London lights are far abeam, behind a bank of cloud. Along the shore the gaslights gleam, the gale is piping loud; And down the Channel, groping blind, we drive her through the haze. Towards the land we left behind -- The good old land of "never mind", and old Australian ways.

Democrats call for improved accountability
Democrats' Senator Andrew Murray says reform of the rules governing political donations and politicians' salaries is needed, as well as measures to help whistleblowers in the public service.

Peter Costello commended this result in his budget speech. Even if we were to believe this figure it still means more than half a million living at a level much lower than that is recognised as poverty.

Mark Latham's, token gestures for older unemployed
StandUp appreciates the fact that Mark Latham is concerned about older unemployed people. His specialist job network proposal aimed at older people might provide a bit of assistance.

Department of Housing Tenants
A leaflet put out by the Inner city Tenants Advice and Advocacy Service contains some interesting information about how the Carr Government is planning to take some more rights away from the Department of Housing tenants.

Govts failing homeless, ACOSS says
The Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) says many homeless people are being refused shelter because support services are not properly funded to cope with demand.

Work for the dole failure for two thirds
"The study provides strong support for our view that 'Work for the Dole' is a "cruel hoax" that fails to truly help jobseekers." ACOSS President Andrew McCallum.

Bonus prompts baby talk, principal says
A western Sydney school principal says the Federal Government's $3,000 baby bonus is encouraging his students to fall pregnant.

Government ignoring housing crisis: ACOSS
There are 100,000 homeless people nationwide and one third of those are children. The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) says low-income families are facing a crisis in affordable housing that the Federal Government is choosing to ignore.

Youth welfare system unfair: ACOSS
The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) is warning urgent action is needed to fix youth poverty and disincentives for the unemployed to improve their job prospects.

Australia: Private job network agency blues
Can you trust a private job network agency? No you can't! A friend of ours is registered at MTC Marrickville. This agency has a practice of forcing unemployed to fill out preparing for work agreements. Of course they didn't offer him any work! So why was he cut off the dole?

Work for the dole? $10.00?
StandUp! Wishes to draw your attention to a serious attack on all of us--work for the dole. We were assured that unemployed would not be forced to work in areas where employed workers would normally be employed.

If we want to survive we must work at it Indigenous unemployment reaching crisis: welfare group Action to lower Indigenous unemployment rate Govt underspends on indigenous employment: dept Economic development: The outback malaise Call for end to Indigenous welfare cycle.

Howard's Job Network Bailout
Up to 670,000 people on disability support pensions will be encouraged to sign up to the Job Network under a radical new plan to get disabled people off social services and into work.

ACOSS urges C'wealth to invest in families
The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) is urging the Federal Government to abandon any plans for a pre-election tax cut and instead increase benefits for families.

The Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act 1986 Qld
The Criminal Law (Rehabilitation of Offenders) Act 1986 (Qld), requires that any person who has committed an offence which is less than 10 years old or which resulted in a prison sentence of more than 30 months, must disclose that offence if requested eg. for employment purposes. If a criminal record is disclosed in a job application, it is unlikely that person will be given the job.

Tax cuts wrong way to help battlers: ACOSS
The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) says the Budgets fails to deliver anything for low and middle income Australians.

Public housing on a precipice
THE booming housing market was squeezing thousands of low-income earners out of private rental accommodation into a public housing system on the verge of collapse, Australia's peak social body has warned.

Democrats approve tougher welfare penalties: But how does that pan out? There used to be an old saying in Australia" if you're hungry steal a sheep and leave the pelt on the fence. How do you plead, Peter Saunders?

Shoplifting and homelessness
Shoplifting increased by 7.5 per cent last year, making it the only major crime category to register a significant increase in 2002, crime statistics show. "It's a chain reaction kind of thing. No payments, more crime. More crime, more cops. More cops, more harassment. It goes back to the bloody payments, basically," he said.

Fears for poor if Social Services take a social slide?
The director of the NSW Council for Social Service, Alan Kirkland, said it was very difficult to balance the impact of problem gambling against the broader community benefits.

Democrats approve tougher welfare penalties: But how does that pan out? There used to be an old saying in Australia" if you're hungry steal a sheep and leave the pelt on the fence. How do you plead, Peter Saunders?

Social services groups swamped
A new report has revealed higher costs and increasing demands are forcing [social services] groups to turn more people away.

Fears for poor if Social Services take a social slide?
The director of the NSW Council for Social Service, Alan Kirkland, said it was very difficult to balance the impact of problem gambling against the broader community benefits.

Social Services small change? Or wast the money on WAR!
Lone parents on [social services] average 12 years of benefits - and are often worse off if they work. But reforming the system is risky and often costly, Bettina Arndt explains.

Name removed by request served time in prison decades ago. Shes still being punished today. According to commonwealth and state legislation, ex-prisoners applying for jobs must declare any conviction that fits into the following categories: less than 10 years old, more than 10 years old but served more than 30 months in prison.

Unemployed farm postings would cost jobs: AWU
The Australian Workers Union has rejected a proposal to place work-for-the-dole participants on drought-affected rural properties.

Tough luck! Kicks the poor to death
Australia is urged to adopt a United States-style welfare system, [?] cut welfare spending [social services spending] and encourage people to help themselves in a book on poverty published today.

Economy benefiting from non-profit institutions
Non-profit institutions are contributing $30 billion a year to Australia's economy. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found about a third of that comes from volunteers who worked free for more than 550 million hours in 1999/2000.

NSW prisons - primary industry bailed up!
In many quiet regional centres around NSW there is a new primary industry shaping up. It has something to do with Bail but not with bales. The minister for Agriculture Richard Amery who also has the prisons portfolio is now committed to farming prisoners.

Robin Egan
Two thirds of fines are never collected because they go beyond the means of the defendants and because in lots of cases people do not see that they are responsible. Especially where people know their in the right and no fine ought to have been a penalty.