Thursday, April 18, 2002

Robin Egan

Michael Egan want's to rob the poor and give it to the Government.

Two thirds of fines are never collected because they go beyond the means of the defendants and because in lots of cases people do not see that they are responsible. Especially where people know their in the right and no fine ought to have been a penalty.

Being set up on the trifecta for instance, abusive language, resist arrest, and assault police. Where base charges are not proven but nonsense charges are held. Where you're busted for a joint or small amount of illicit drug floating around in your pocket from a late night out.

Traffic offenses when you know you are in the right but through some fluke of nature you're held responsible but the traffic branch won't listen to your reason.

What about good will when some of the poor cannot pay and sometimes they can, then you could way up the fact that you get one third and have allot of good will. Good will, always receiving one third in three. You know what they say; "a bird in the hand is worth three in the bush".

You can always line up wheel chairs for the brain injured like what happened to Jamie Partlick before fine defaulters were taken away from NSW Prisons after he was bashed for being there.

Michael Egan's new formula as follows:

Subtracted from 3 thirds the total of claims. 1. Payments, 2. Good will 3. Bankrupts, and 4. Mistakes then you end up with all the money you were due.

Then you may lead by example and pay all the unpaid compensation claims you have held back from the respondents in their civil claims against the Government left lingering until the respondents are too sick to enjoy it or deceased.

By Gregory Kable 18 April 2002

ED: Perhaps we can just open an account with the Reserve Bank, yeah!