Friday, August 6, 2004

Education the key to race hate crimes, Jewish group says

Against the termagant waves of night a lighthouse solid stands and with its ever-searching beam seeks out the fragile craft of man.

Perth's Jewish community says people convicted of racially-motivated attacks should be educated so they realise the damage their actions cause.

Daniel Tyrone Klavins, 26, Frank James Lemin, 20, and Benjamin Weerhyme, 28, yesterday pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage by painting swastikas and racist messages on synagogues and Asian restaurants across Perth.

Klavins was sentenced to 10 months jail, Lemin to seven and Weerhyme given a suspended sentence for his smaller role in the crimes.

Its mission is to point the way. That those who sail might see and know whereat the land doth lie, beyond what seems and endless sea.

Kevin Blitz from the Hebrew Council says the attacks struck at the heart of the Jewish community.

"These people probably are unaware of the hurt and hatred they exhibited towards not only the Jewish people, but to all the various ethnic groups that were victims of this outburst," he said.

He says offenders should be educated about why the attacks are so offensive.

"For example there is a holocaust museum here in Perth, albeit small, but maybe time spent there to understand what went on, why people are angered, why people are so emotionally affected by these sorts of gestures, that is the type of remedy that will fit the crime," he said.

I know that in this modern age with sonar, satellite and blips. A lighthouse seems of other times, no longer meant for sailing ships.


When we have crossed millennium's gulf and find ourselves so far from land. I pray that we will not be lost, and that the lighthouse solid stands. (Rod Nichols)

By Gregory Kable and Rod Nichols 6 August 04

THE PROPHET: Perhaps a better example would be to teach RACISTS social skills because that's what they lack. Sometimes people look up to their leader for these skills but unfortunately the good ship Australia is in trouble with, [racist war criminal, Prime Minister John Howard at the helm.

Yet in a wild, tempestuous gale. With howling winds and darkest of night, ihere is no known technology. As welcomed as that faithful light.

The sad reality in Australia today is that it has become a racist country and Howard has led the way. In order to teach equality one must lead by example.

You see if John Howard had a problem with you he would drop a bomb on you to fix the problem. He would sacrifice you rather than concede and he would lock up innocent Muslims and attempt to throw their children over-board to win an election..

These are all fine examples of race hate and a very bad trait. So until that problem is fixed then people are going to get the wrong idea that, somehow we are not in the SAME BOAT.


Downer out of touch: Archbishop Carnley
Anglican Archbishop Peter Carnley has called on Alexander Downer to lift his game, saying the Foreign Minister has put Australia into a "difficult position internationally".

Muslim communities isolated and vulnerable: report
A national report looking at the extent of prejudice against Arab and Muslim Australians has highlighted the fear, isolation and vulnerability it says many people in those communities are feeling.

THE AUSTRALIAN brainwash young: Smith
Extremist's Newspaper the Australian is preaching social disharmony and intolerance in Australia specifically to target young Muslims, the community has warned.

Islamic movement denies links to Al Qaeda
The Islamic Youth Movement has denied having any links to Al Qaeda and says it is considering legal action against the Four Corners program. In a statement released early this morning, the group rejects allegations it is helping coordinate any kind of terrorist network inside Australia and says it is being unfairly targeted.

Police ' overdoing their job' in cleric arrest: 'Justice Action'
Mr Green a spokesperson from Justice Action said, "The police were overdoing their job and community leaders need to assert their personal views to the wider Australian community by reporting such abuse as Sheik Hillarly has done.

Alarm over terror in 'Australia'?
Intelligence sources claim ASIO found spent empty bottles at the undisclosed state forest training camp and listened in on some of the spiritual discussions.

Specific Legislation
"If there is a target person the police would have powers in relation to that type of person," Mr Costa said. Asked what he meant by "type of person", Mr Costa said: "The example that's been given is if there's a description of somebody, an identikit photograph released by Interpol or other agencies ... these powers may well be exercised on that type of person."

Same boat
The Premier, Bob Carr, relies on a militia. A gang of bikies and our Police Service, to show all of us he is no murderer. He should be taken to the task along with his partners in crime like Clive Small to account for those people who like my self have been maliciously assaulted and who have complained, without any service and those who cannot speak for themselves who were murdered, like Terry Falconer.Terry murdered in custody.

Remembering the Common Hood Soweto and Runnymede
I flew from Detroit, with one stop, to the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg to participate in an international conference, The Promise of Freedom and its Practice: Global Perspectives on South Africa's Decade of Democracy.

The Irrational Anthem:
Australians all let us rejoice
For we are young and free
And white and rich and middle class
And not damn' refugees
Or black, or poor, or prostitutes,
We don't want that sort here,
Or scum who use illegal drugs,
What's wrong with fucking beer
It's people who are not like us
Advance Australian Fear!

But there are Keys!
Charles Dickens said, "Life is a secret and you haven't got the key."