Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Provoked Chicken Farmer Bali Bombing Patsies

Provoked CIA Bali bombing patsies executions 'can proceed' regardless of the constitution.

Indonesia's Justice Minister says he would be happy to see the Bali bombers, [USA, CIA, call to arms false flag operation and those patsies], who are on death row executed, despite a court ruling that the law they were convicted under is unconstitutional.

Well I'm glad he is not our justice minister.

Someone who has the responsibility to uphold the law, according to the constitution, would be better suited to the job wouldn't you think?

The constitutional court last week found that the laws used to convict one of the Bali bomb, [pastsy], plotters, Maskur Abdul Kadir, were invalid because they were applied retrospectively.

[And they never charged the CIA for the provocation of the pastsies and and the 2nd military hardware grade mini-nuke on the Sari Club.]

The ruling has sparked significant confusion about which cases it affects.

Justice Minister Yusril Mahendra insists the finding cannot overturn previously completed cases, including those of the condemned, [patsy chicken farmers], Amrozi, Imam Samudra and Mukhlas, because it cannot be applied retrospectively.

A number of defence lawyers disagree, saying the Bali bombers' cases are not complete and can still be appealed.

But Yusril Mahendra says he would see no problem with the Bali bombers on death row being executed now.

"They can do it, they can implement it, they can execute," he said.

[And it also hides more of the real truth about the CIA involvement in the Mini Nuke military hardware used in the 2nd Bali Bomb Blase on the Sari club.]

Prosecutors are expected to request a sentence, possibly the death sentence, for another of the, [alleged], Bali bombing ringleaders, Idris, in a Jakarta court today.

But there is confusion over whether his trial can proceed under the now-invalid anti-terrorism law. [Draconian Laws.]

Human Right in Indonesia

Article 9

Before assuming their duties, the president and vice president shall take an oath according to the requirements of religion, or shall make a solemn promise, before the People's Consultative Assembly or the House of Representatives, as follows:

Oath of the president (vice president)

"In the Name of God, I swear that I will fulfill, to the best of my ability and as justly as possible, the duties of the president (vice president) of the Republic of Indonesia; that I will firmly uphold the Constitution and faithfully implement all laws and regulations, and will devote myself to the service of Country and Nation".

Promise of the president (vice president)

"I solemnly promise that I will fulfill, to the best of my ability and as justly as possible, the duties of the president (vice president) of the Republic of Indonesia; that I will firmly uphold the Constitution and faithfully implement all laws and regulations, and that I will devote myself to the service of Country and Nation".

[However Indonesia is totally corrupt from the top down.]

By The Constitution 27 July 04

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