Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Brisbane Lions and Reloaded Corporate Predators

Former Brisbane Lions player Adam Heuskes has denied allegations that he raped a woman in London four years ago.

Well-alleged offenders certainly wouldn't admit to rape because that's a crime. And if they were not charged or tried by their peers then they were just corporate predators reloaded and on the loose.

Heuskes was reloaded and on the loose and ready to strike again and someone alleged that he did. He was charged but let off by the DPP.

Similar patterns emerged from the Bulldogs allegations that they get a second chance to victimise someone else. What do you call that? A license to rape?

Perhaps it was just a SEX AFFAIR as the Daily Telegraph would now call the Bulldogs predators that allegedly attacked and pack raped a 20 year old girl at Coffs Harbour.

Even if the Bulldogs victims were talked into sex with more than one player once doesn't mean that they wanted that to continue. Their victims may have just been seeking a relationship with one player whom they had thought they had admired because of the hype of dating a football hero

The pattern of who gets pinched and who doesn't is and should be ringing alarm bells because some of the really nasty cops say that they are protecting the human rights and civil rights of the accused.

But what is happening in the Australian States is people are getting off for heinous crimes that are excused by the DPP, who steps in over the top and that shows and enormous amount of corruption.

The rule of law represents the *power relations* of society here and not *justice*. These are interests different than ours and giving more and more privileges for corporate interests themselves.

The biggest problem letting Heuskes off the hook is that these predators will go on to influence many other players in junior ranks *that its okay to pack rape women without their consent* and *you'll get off*.

Sly! The rapists that are protected by corporate interests to the extent that no jury can feel sorry for the victim ever. Worse still is that these predators are promoted as good and not something bad therefore the community is dragged into the danger by corporations who overwhelmingly have more power and resources.

The denial came ahead of last night's ABC TV Four Corners program, in which an Australian woman claimed Heuskes raped her at a hotel where she was staying with her boyfriend's best friend, who also played for the Lions.

The woman, who was in her early 20s at the time, said she woke up to find Heuskes assaulting her.

She alleged other Lions players watched the rape.

"I remember seeing other people in the room," she said.

"It was a small room, just two single beds and a bathroom and I remember two other people on the bed next to me and there were other people down near the end of the bed.

"The person who raped me was Adam Heuskes. I know it was Adam because I met him in the pub earlier when I was completely sober and I recognised his face when I was lying on my back and he was on top of me."

British police interviewed several Brisbane Lions players, but no charges were ever laid.

A spokesman for the Brisbane Lions said the club would not comment on any of the allegations raised on Four Corners.

Heuskes later faced a police investigation over another alleged sexual assault.

Heuskes and Peter Burgoyne (Port Adelaide) were charged over an incident in which a woman alleged they had sexually assaulted her in an Adelaide park. The Sydney Swans' Michael O'Loughlin was said to be present but was not charged.

Heuskes and Burgoyne denied the charges, which were dropped after the South Australian Director of Public Prosecutions Paul Rofe stated there was "no reasonable prospect of conviction on any criminal charge".

A year later Heuskes, Burgoyne and O'Loughlin paid a reported $200,000 settlement to the woman. The trio admitted no liability. O'Loughlin said he paid to protect the integrity of his family.

The Bulldogs raised a mention as well and Four Corners [Walls] stated that, *it would probably never be know what happened to the 20 year old who alleges she was pack raped by six Bulldogs players.* Whom I may add were *not named*. Why?

That sounds more like a cover up to me that the presenter could undermine her own integrity at the same time as acknowledging a serious flaw in the Australian legal system that allows the police to cover up for predators.

At the very least some people must be named if in fact police believe that there is a danger. NSW Detective Chief Inspector Jason Breton claimed he believed that a *serious sexual assault had taken place* therefore the need to *warn the public* of the possibility that some or one Bulldogs player is extremely dangerous is essentially his job.

At least one of the known alleged offenders or even some of the alleged offenders can be charged. Even if not convicted this means that the community has some chance of knowing who not to get involved with because of the *likelihood* they may be *raped*. The matter can be brought before a criminal court and proven or not proven beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of their peers.

By Popular People 4 May 04

THE CHICKEN: What about the honesty and integrity of those Bulldogs executives who opted out because they couldn't live with Bulldogs Rugby League Club over what they knew?

If the likes of the Mortimer brothers were decent they would give evidence on oath about what they know to be true. Otherwise they were not decent people at all by resigning from the club and the community has been let down by them and including all those junior players coming up the ranks.

The AFL has been misled into believing that these people have set an example for the community. The alleged rapists promoted and given large sums of money by sponsors to promote the game of Rugby League.

THE EGG: Is there a loophole in Australia's legal system? You bet! If alleged to have committed a crime against a person where there is proof no other party should be the judge of that crime or else we have a two tiered legal system and a bunch of reloaded predators on the loose.


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