Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Alleged Rock Spider speaks out about sexual assault accusations

Swimming coach Scott Volkers is considering legal action [?] over renewed calls for charges against him to be reinstated.

Volkers was committed to stand trial last year after being charged with indecently dealing with three girls he had coached in the 1980s.

He strongly denied the charges and Queensland's Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the case after meeting Mr Volkers's lawyers.

On Monday 10 Feb one of the women behind the allegations said both sides deserve their day in court.

Volkers has said he wants to get on with his life.

[What about 3 times proves it and this case shows a very despicable disparity of the law and a corporate interest?]

Volkers: "You know mud sticks, it doesn't matter how loosely it's thrown," he said.

"There's two sides to every story and you don't get to hear mine and I guess that's by our choice, we'll certainly be looking into the show from last night and taking the law to the fullest extent."

By Ms Innoc Ents 12 Feb 03

THE JUDGE: Ms Sexual Assault a spokesperson for 'Keep Your Hands of Children' said, "There are, two sides to every story she was 13 and he was 20. The matter ought to go to court to be decided by a jury as in every case, otherwise people would be getting 52 years for rape and others more victims to rape? " She said.

The Queensland Attorney-General Rod Welford should stand down the Director of Public Prosecutions in Queensland pending a full inquire.


Alleged Rock Spider rules QLD DPP?
One of three women behind indecent dealing allegations against top swim coach Scott Volkers says the matter will continue to haunt her unless it goes to trial.