Thursday, April 3, 2003

DPP must decide on next step in Volkers case by end of week! Rock Spider V's the Justice System?

Queensland's Attorney-General wants a report from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) by the end of the week on how it will respond to criticism about its handling of indecent dealing charges against swimming coach Scott Volkers.

The Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) has cleared the DPP and police of misconduct but says the processes leading to the decision to drop the charges were unsatisfactory.

The DPP Leanne Clare says she will consider the findings."There are aspects of the report that I don't agree with," Ms Clare said.

Child protection advocate Hetty Johnston says the way the DPP responds is critical. "Let's not forget that children and adults who are survivors of sexual assault don't have a choice where to go with that complaint, they only have the police and the DPP," Ms Johnston said. "There's too many people watching this, there's too many people out there trying to decide whether they can trust the justice system in this state or not".

One of the women behind the allegations, Julie Gilbert says she is pleased the report found shortcomings in the DPP's processes and she wants the charges reinstated. "All we're asking for is our time in court," she said.

Volkers is overseas with the Australian swimming squad and unavailable for comment.

In a statement, lawyers for Volkers say they fully cooperated with the CMC investigation.

A separate CMC inquiry into the training of police officers investigating sexual offences and the naming of people charged with sexual offences is expected to be released soon.

By Just Us 3 April 03

THE JUDGE: No special deals for people in high places that haven't any morals! Why is high profile sport in Australia more important than crime? The very same reason innocent people are set-up as scapegoats, to take a fall for backpacker murders, for the tourist industry, MONEY $$$$$. In Australia image and money are more important than the people who live here.


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Volkers was committed to stand trial last year after being charged with indecently dealing with three girls he had coached in the 1980s.

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One of three women behind indecent dealing allegations against top swim coach Scott Volkers says the matter will continue to haunt her unless it goes to trial.