Monday, September 8, 2003

Howard, Ellison, Williams, Australian terrorists, Muslim bashing! Brothers sacrificed!

AUSTRALIA will consider making special arrangements to extradite two men wanted for questioning by [alleged] Lebanese intelligence officials over [alleged] terrorist activities against US businesses in Lebanon.

[But is this just a PR stunt for free trade with the US? Good timing, with war criminal, George Bush making a brief visit to Australia late next month for talks with war criminal, Prime Minister John Howard.]

George W Bush will fly in after the APEC leaders meeting in Bangkok to discuss the [alleged] Free Trade Agreement and to thank Australia for the contribution to the [illegal and degrading] war on Iraq.

[Keyword: Trade Agreement, after all what's another two Muslim's in the grand scheme of things. Just throw them into the melting pot.]

Justice and Customs Minister Chris Ellison said he was considering the extradition of brothers Bilal and Maher Khazal, for whom warrants have been issued in Lebanon over a[n alleged] series of bombings in the capital.

The brothers are members of the southwestern Sydney-based Islamic Youth Movement, which claims the men are the victims of lies to incite hatred against Muslims.

"This only shows the relationship, the co-operation of the US and Lebanese intelligence agencies who continue to hurl baseless allegations against Muslim youth without evidence," says the latest issue of the youth movement's magazine.

"As the CIA have accused brother Bilal Khazal, also known as Abu Suhaib, of planning to blow up American embassies in The Philippines and Venezuela, so the Lebanese intelligence agencies rush to also direct allegations against these brothers, and all this indicates is the hatred towards Islam and Muslims," it says.

[War criminal], Attorney-General Daryl Williams said the Australian Federal Police and ASIO, [Australian state-terrorists], had been in contact with Lebanese authorities over the Khazal brothers. "The Australian authorities are well aware of the fact that a warrant was issued for the arrest of Mr Khazal and his brother in June," [war criminal], Williams said yesterday. He said ASIO, [state terrorist group] annual reports had referred to people inside Australia who [allegedly] supported overseas terrorist organisations. It knew who they were and continued to monitor them. But it was not easy to determine if they had committed criminal offences. [Because it was a pack of lies.]

[This is a sacrifice of two people and their families to the war criminals. In reality this totally undermines the Muslim community in Australia and leaves all of them uncertain. Uncertain about the truth for one thing and uncertain about their future in Australia as well.]

[Adelaide Magistrate Brian Deegan whose son was blown up in the CIA, false, flag, call to arms, Bali Bombing said it the best; "Canberra is in an absolute vacuum on compassion, reality, and justice.]

Bilal Khazal was broadcast last week as having [alleged] links [keywords: links, cells, plots, jihad, training camps, terrorists, JI, al-Qa'ida], to suspected al-Qa'ida terrorists in documents allegedly filed in a Spanish court case.

[But In the grand scheme of things. Just throw that into the melting pot.]

Mr Khazal [allegedly] had telephone conversations with top terror suspect Abu Dahdah, who is on trial in Spain over claims he is an al-Qa'ida operative. Documents [allegedly] obtained by The [Un]-Australian Newspaper, [who incidentally don't know anyone in the Australian Government ?] say Mr Khazal is [allegedly] Mr Dahdah's contact in Australia while the youth movement's quarterly magazine Nida'ul Islam [allegedly] (The call of Islam), [allegedly] produced and distributed in southwestern Sydney, was [allegedly] sent to Mr Dahdah's home in Madrid.

[By whom? And would that have been a crime in any case even if it were true?]

A former baggage handler for Qantas at Sydney airport, Bilal Khazal has refused to comment on the allegations but has denied terrorist links in the past. He [allegedly] also reportedly has been named in a 2002 CIA report as having terrorist connection.

[But who would believe the CIA, a US terrorist grouup involved in many false flag operaions around the world?]

[Allegedly], a Melbourne Muslim spiritual leader, Sheikh Mohammed Omran, also was named in the court documents as being [allegedly] linked to Mr Dahdah an allegation he has denied.

Australia does not have an extradition treaty with Lebanon but a spokesman for Senator Ellison said the Government would consider extraditing the Khazal brothers if the Lebanese Government requested that the pair be handed over.

[And in the grand scheme of things just throw that into the melting pot.]

"If a request for extradition was made by Lebanon in this specific case, or if there was a request for a general treaty. Australia would consider it," the spokesman said.

[Yes and especially if Australia set them up in the first place, and the Lebanese government have been invited to play ball, by someone who now speaks for Ellison. Ellison who should have his head buried in the sand by now may be responsible for the set up.

The Khazal brothers [allegedly] raised money for a group responsible for a bombing campaign against fast-food restaurants, including a McDonald's, and other American interests in Lebanon.
[War criminal], Williams said ASIO had not yet used its new powers to detain and interrogate people who could have information about terrorism. The powers became operational when the protocol governing interrogations was tabled in parliament on August 12.

The September 9 edition of Nida'ul Islam says the brothers have been unfairly targeted.

[In the grand scheme of things. Just throw that into the melting pot.]

[Do you believe war criminal, Williams when clearly these men have been a target before and recycled many times over? Are Australian's that stupid? Or are Australian's Muslim Bashers.]

[The brothers sacrificed prior Bush coming to Australia and now that Abu Bakar Bashir is no longer a demon, and never was anything but a cleric and a teacher, who believed in God.]

[Williams needs a new demon, and a Muslim bashing he will go.]

Williams:"Worthy of mention is that Judge Riyad Talia issued a warrant against two youths from the Islamic Youth Movement, and they are brothers Bilal and Maher Khazal, to question them in relation to allegations that they participated in the planning and fundraising for some of the activities of Muslim youth in custody," it says.

[But don't expect Labors Kevin Rudd to back them up if the losers want to sacrifice them, he's stamping Muslim traitor on their heads, saying the Government's keystone cops have dropped the hot potato and failed to act. Who needs a cheer leader?]

The Federal Opposition says it plans to keep up the attack on the [war criminal], Howard Government's honesty when Parliament resumes today. [?]

The issue of the Labor party's leadership has been reignited. "Labor plans to question the Government over the timing of inquiries by Australian authorities for access to interview an Al Qaeda suspect with alleged Australian links being held in Spain. [?] The Federal Police have been criticised for not asking Spanish authorities for access to the suspect until late August. [?]

[But the Howard Government's honesty is in question isn't it. So why not question the allegations raised, and find out who actually raised them in Australia. Both the Australian government and its alleged opposition are frauds and when treason has been committed on the Australian people, nothing is done about the real crime or criminals and their terrorist acts.]

US Deputy Sheriff dismisses Indonesian comment that US king of terrorists

Deputy Sheriff to the US Prime Minister John Howard says he does not agree with comments by the Indonesian Vice-President Hamzah Haz that the real terrorist is the United States for attacking Iraq.

By Set Up 8 September 03


Qantas handler handcuffed to al-Qa'ida
War criminal, Attorney-General Daryl Williams who? Daryl Williams who? Oh you mean that Daryl Williams, would you believe him? You say he what? Confirmed last night the Government was aware of claims that Sydney man Bilal Khazal and Melbourne cleric Sheikh Mohammed Omran were linked to an al-Qa'ida detainee known as Abu Dahdah.

Islamic movement denies links to Al Qaeda
The Islamic Youth Movement has denied having any links to Al Qaeda and says it is considering legal action against the Four Corners [Walls] program. In a statement released early this morning, the group rejects allegations it is helping coordinate any kind of terrorist network inside Australia and says it is being unfairly targeted.

Former Qantas worker denies Al Qaeda link
Four Corners [Walls] has [allegedly] cited a CIA document alleging Bilal Khazal was not only an Al Qaeda operative but was planning attacks on US interests in Venezuela and the Philippines, but Mr Khazal has denied the claims.

Woman linked to Four Corners worked at Sydney Airport: JI
Parody: New airport security concerns have been raised by reports that a woman believed by JI to be associated with Four Corners worked as a baggage handler at Sydney's international terminal.

Evidence emerges of proposed Four Corners base in Bali
Parody: More evidence has emerged that the ABC terrorist network believed to have been behind the propaganda in Australia has tried to set up a long-term base in Bali.

Australian Terror cell here long before Bali
The Australian terrorist Captain Cook infiltrated Australia years before the Bali bombings in which 202 people perished. Aboriginal people attempted to remember Captain Cook not as a founding father but as a harbinger of dispossession and death, a sign of white amnesia. Another anniversary year-used to mark two hundred years since Cook had journeyed along the east coast of Australia and, for some people, discovered a continent.

NSW police confirm don't use the phone to talk about terrorism!
The New South Wales Police Service has confirmed it is using phone taps and other forms of electronic surveillance to monitor suspected terrorist activity [ ? To monitor potential scapegoats for the Coalition of the Killing's illegal and degrading resource wars in the Middle East.]

Australia: Terrorising you in secret
Suspected terrorists [scapegoats and patsies for the Coalition of the Killing's resource wars in the Middle East] will be tried in secret under new laws to be introduced by the Federal Government.

NSW Police Force may get 'special powers'
Civil libertarians are questioning the need for further anti-terrorism laws, which will be announced in the New South Wales Parliament on Tuesday.

Evidence that Howard was complicit in CIA, false flag, call to arms, Bali bombings War criminal John Howard was complicit in the call to arms - false flag operation - Bali bombings - instigated by the CIA - and the Coalition of the Killing - to bolster support - and quell dissent for their illegal and degrading resource wars in the Middle East.

War criminal Howard high-jacks HRCA to 'legitimise killing'
The Human Rights Council of Australia (HRCA) says it fears Prime Minister John Howard's comments in support of the execution of [CIA operative] Osama bin Laden show his eagerness to overturn three decades of national opposition to the death penalty.

State terror units caused the terror!
The level of suspicion and surveillance created by the [US false flag operation and call to arms] Bali bombings, created by [ the Coalition of the Killing and Australian's complicity to go to war on Iraq] means that all Australian's suffer the loss of their human rights, civil rights and their democratic rights, as well as those Australian's who lost their life in Bali.

Al-Qa'ida or poor people without hope?
Anyone contemplating war without a UN sanction is nothing more than a common criminal and not acting in accordance with the law. Isn't Richardson the head of ASIO? A law enforcement agency? Al-Qa'ida is a Coalition of the Killing demon made up by the CIA. These people are just scapegoats, patsies, and peasants."

Red paper classes Australia as terrorist suspects
Australia's old foreign policy red paper says Australians have become targets because their own government is being run by war criminals that are complicit in state terror, torture, murder, occupation and genocide.

Australia backs CIA Reichstag, Downer's propaganda
The Foreign Affairs Minister says the latest message from Osama bin Laden is worrying. [Just plain rubbish!]

UK Reid, Blair and the reichstag London threat!
The nature of the [alleged] terrorist threat to London is on the scale of the [USA false flag] September 11 attacks in the United States, the chairman of Britain's governing Labour Party said.

Bin Laden calls? CIA blind man's bluff!
A [US propaganda, fear-mongering] taped message purportedly from Osama bin Laden has warned Arab nations against supporting a war against Iraq but has branded Saddam Hussein an infidel.

Middle Eastern: Specific Legislation
"If there is a target person the police would have powers in relation to that type of person," Mr Costa said. Asked what he meant by "type of person", Mr Costa said: "The example that's been given is if there's a description of somebody, an identikit photograph released by Interpol or other agencies ... these powers may well be exercised on that type of person."

Howard defends terror alert
Prime Minister John Howard says the Federal Government would not have issued a terror alert if it had not come from a credible source. (America?) Speaking for the first time since the Government revealed the warning, Mr Howard says he wants people to be more careful, but not to stop living. [As long as they don't go dancing in Bali? And sure we'll all be depressed for as long as John Howard and Bob Carr say so.]

Carr backs Fed Govt's terror alert
New South Wales Premier Bob Carr has defended the Federal Government's decision to issue a warning to Australians about a possible terrorist attack in Australia.

NSW Police Force may get 'special powers'
Civil libertarians are questioning the need for further anti-terrorism laws, which will be announced in the New South Wales Parliament on Tuesday.

When Johnny comes marching home again: 'hoorah hoorah'
Posted on the Resistance web page Bronwyn Powell, an organiser of the youth-led mobilisation told Green Left weekly that "in the face of attacks on civil liberties, it is unfortunate that some union officials have felt they need to submit. It could set a negative precedent for upholding the hard-won right to demonstrate in the street."

Give peace a chance
PIERS AKERMAN DT 28 Nov 02: JUSTICE John Dowd should be removed from the bench. His crime? Stupidity. In a breath-taking display of hand-wringing sanctimonious morality, Dowd has condemned the State and Federal Governments' anti-terrorism measures, claiming they erode rights and give encouragement to oppressive regimes.

The scavengers of terror
The NSW Government is to introduce increased police powers bill. Legislation giving New South Wales police special powers to deal with an emergency terrorist situation [emergency scapegoat situation] will be introduced into the New South Wales Parliament today.