Wednesday, November 30, 2005

There is no such thing as an Indonesian anti-corruption body

Leslie judges under the thumb!

A corrupt Indonesian government has now suggested that its anti-corruption body says it is investigating the judges who presided over the trial of Australian model Michelle Leslie on drug charges.

Don't blame me just because I am bored, I'm needy, I need to taste it all. Don't doubt me just because I am quiet. I'm thinking, thinking about it all.

But in Indonesia where they sanction state terror, there cannot be any such thing as an Anti-corruption body because the government in Indonesia is corrupt from the top down, but not for a song!

I'm helpless about the way of me. I'm thinking, thinking about it all. I'm sorting everything inside.

A Balinese court convicted Leslie after she was found in possession of two ecstasy pills and sentenced her to three months in jail.

I'm looking in the space, this time, this void. I'm making my way through the muddy minutes. The pull is in my muscle. The ache is in my bones. It's hard to be alone. (Breathe, breathe), It won't be long now (breathe, breathe).

Leslie was freed the day after the verdict was handed down as the judges took into account the time she had spent in jail during the trial.

After taking bribes the corrupt Indonesian government says its corrupt National Judicial Commission, which oversees judges in Indonesia, has confirmed that it is investigating the three-person panel responsible for the decision.

Say again? How can a filthy corrupt Indonesian government try and tell the world that they are going to get their national commission (that can only be corrupt) to investigate anything? And be believed?

An official says the sentence is regarded as being too lenient.

Sure, she should have at least got the death penalty?

How many pills would that take?

See through me when I put up a fight, like you to see the things I hide. Go deeper, than I won't let you know. I'm frightened but I won't let it show.

The commission is a set-up, a propaganda tool and a mechanism to try and bail out an embarrassed Indonesian government before the eyes of the world.

What right have the pro-government media institutions here got to try and brainwash the Australian people with nonsense and whitewash from the Indonesian authorities, trying to cover up their misdeeds?

This case is not as bad as blowing people up on the dance floor, in the cafes or at work at the Embassy because if that were what they were investigating then they'd have to start from the top down, in Indonesia.

CIA agent spreads terror fears in Australia

I'm helpless about the way of me. I'm thinking, thinking about it all. I'm sorting everything, inside.

They'll tell you that the commission was set up earlier this year to root out corruption in the judicial system, but not from the top down?

They claim that since its inception it has investigated 280 cases but has returned a corruption verdict in only one case.

See! Nothing wrong with them! I believe you?

I'm looking in the space, this time, this void. I'm making my way through the muddy minutes. The pull is in my muscle, the ache is in my bones. It's hard to be alone.

The corrupt Indonesian police say that Ms Leslie was arrested at a dance party in August after two tablets of ecstasy were found in her handbag.

(Breathe, breathe) It won't be long now (breathe, breathe).

Lyrics: Written: Kylie Minogue/ Dave Ball/ Ingo Vauk

By Gregory Kable & Kylie Minogue 30 November 05


Parents mortgaged home for Indonesian injustice
It was reported that more than $100,000 was paid out of at least $600,000 used to free Michelle Leslie.

Why is the prime minister so angry: Michelle Leslie
John Howard 'angry'. Not a good role model for a Prime Minister!

Indonesian Police Set Free After Torturing West Papuan Students to Death If you thought Schapelle Corby got a raw deal from the Indonesian justice system, spare a thought for the West Papuan students who survived a vicious attack by police as they slept in their dormitories in Abepura, West Papua, in the early hours of 7 December 2000.

Say no to Indonesia as a tourist destination
Australian tourists visiting Bali's nightspots will face random urine tests under an escalating anti-drugs crackdown on the Indonesian holiday island.

WHY IS THE HOWARD GOVERNMENT PLAYING 'DEATH' WITH AUSTRALIANS: There has been much controversy recently on whether the Australian Federal Police should have tipped-off the Indonesians over the arrest of the Bali Nine. Due to the fact that Indonesia executes convicted drug-traffickers, ACADP believes that any evidence collected by AFP should have been withheld from Indonesian authorities until they have a written guarantee not to pursue the death penalty for the Bali Nine.

On page19 of the BRISBANE "SUNDAY MAIL" there was an article entitled "CORBY VIDEO HELP REBUFFED". IF it is true, (the article which follows) it PROVES (IN LAW) the claim that OUR GOVERNMENT HAVE WITH-HELD EVIDENCE FROM THE LEGAL DEFENCE OF A CITIZEN.

It was me! 'New Corby trial'
SCHAPELLE Corby has been handed a second chance to fight for her freedom. But she got no second chances with the Daily Telegraph.

Australian man denies owning drug stash
AN Adelaide man facing up to 10 years in a Bali prison for drug possession has denied owning a stash of hashish allegedly found at his rented bungalow.

The Corby drug trial has become Bali's latest tourist attraction. Australians are taking time off to lend moral support to Schapelle Corby.

Corby lawyer pleads for Australian help
The lawyer for a Queensland woman facing drugs charges in Indonesia says it is not too late for Australian authorities to assist her defence.

Chris Allen, took to the streets of Bali and found it possible to buy a smorgasbord of illegal narcotics from dealers.

People: 'Prisoners' of Drugs'
People who are addicted to heroin usually take the drug because it relieves them of problems such as low self-esteem, distrust and fear of abandonment. They may have poor communication skills & poor relationship skills.

UK: This absolutely preposterous idea/theory of allowing a person/s to be possibly charged with 'possession', if found to have a drug substance within their bloodstream, just goes to prove such hypocrisies which certain hierarchies feel justifies passing legislation, is another blow for democracy!

Currently, 214 Australian citizens are languishing in prisons around the world. The majority of these having been convicted of drug-related crimes.