Tuesday, July 5, 2005

It was me! 'New Corby trial'

SCHAPELLE Corby has been handed a second chance to fight for her freedom. But she got no second chances with the Daily Telegraph.

Lawyers acting for the 27-year-old serving 20 years in a Bali jail have won their battle for a second trial.

Up to 12 new witnesses may now be called, including 'a man named' as owning the drugs, and baggage handlers from Sydney airport.

What? How many other people do they think it takes to include a man named?

Does that mean if I name someone they can give evidence too? After all I've been to the Airport!

The decision, which came as a surprise, was greeted with whoops of "Thanks, God" by the Corby family and CINDY WOCKNER from the Daily Telegraph Propaganda Machine.

Corby's sister Mercedes was unable to reach her sister in Kerobokan jail with the !great news! yesterday but said she would let her know this morning.

"She is going to be relieved," Mercedes said. "We really hope now the Australian Government can help fulfil some of the requests for witnesses that the Indonesian defence team have requested."

But Just then another person jumped up onto the table and said, "It was me, I did it, can you please give me 20 years or the death penalty, because I hate living."

Among the new witnesses the defence team wishes to call are former Victorian prisoner Ronnie Vigenza, who has been 'named' by 'other convicts' as the owner of the 4.1kg of marijuana [allegedly] found in Corby's boogie board bag.

But sources say any alleged evidence from a prisoner about another prisoner could not be relied upon as credible, especially whereupon the only evidence appears to be hearsay. More likely, simply conjured up in an otherwise dark and lonely prison, a prison that anyone may choose to escape from.

So, if this is just going to be a pro-government political handover of an otherwise innocent prisoner serving time for some queen of the media giants then you could also call that 'slaughter of the lambs'.

They are also keen to present the two prisoners who named him -- known only as Paul and Terry? As above!

The list of 12 also includes Qantas and Australian Airlines check-in and CCTV officials and baggage handling officials from Sydney and Brisbane airports, along with the customs chief at Brisbane airport.

Any relation

Mercedes also urged Australians to "please keep the pressure on the Government and keep supporting Schapelle as she goes through this new phase".

Not much trouble about that especially with CINDY WOCKNER from the Daily Telegraph Propaganda on the job.

Corby's sacked and then reinstated lawyer Erwin Siregar and recently rehired Jakarta hotshot Hotman Paris Hutapea admitted it was a "surprise" the court had granted their wish.

The decision came a week after appeal documents were lodged at the High Court and was announced by Chief Judge Gusti Made Lingga.

But it never happened before or did it?

He said that while evidence presented at the initial trial appeared to be sufficient, the defence had now presented "relevant" reasons for the case to be reopened because doubts had been raised that someone could have planted the drugs in Corby's bag.

Judge Lingga will sit on the case because of its 'high-media-political-profiled nature'. He has previously acquitted a drug suspect on appeal.

Oh! It has happened before, how could I have been so dumb as to not think CINDY WOCKNER would include at least one other instance in her report to satisfy anyone who may think that this is perhaps just making some new arrangements for SCHAPELLE Corby!

However, prosecutor IB Wiswantanu was sceptical, saying the only witness who could help Corby's case was if a person was charged and convicted of putting the drugs in her bag.

But there is no problem now because, 'It was me' has put her hand up. Quick lets get back to the court-room 'where anything goes' in Indonesia, especially when politicians are dissatisfied with the outcome.

One wonders if some other person or prisoner was lined up to take the fall for Corby whether they'd just get 20 years or the death penalty? I suppose that would make CINDY WOCKNER an obvious man hater!

Newspaper bullies destroy people's lives!

NSW: Who's policing corporate media? Have police the means to prosecute them? Have you been a victim of newspaper abuse? Please make a comment and send your complaint to the Daily Terrorist, the police and ATTORNEY GENERAL Bob Debus!

Is this our most dangerous Newspaper?

The Daily Terrorist should be managed with manacles and flown into Siberia via a jumbo jet tomorrow amid fears government fascists may attempt to use them again on someone else.

Murdoch's war on truth in war reporting

People who remain to be convinced that cross-media laws are important to maintaining the fabric of our democracy need look no further than today's page one of The Daily Telegraph.

By CINDY WHAT 5 July 05


The Corby drug trial has become Bali's latest tourist attraction. Australians are taking time off to lend moral support to Schapelle Corby.

Corby lawyer pleads for Australian help
The lawyer for a Queensland woman facing drugs charges in Indonesia says it is not too late for Australian authorities to assist her defence.

Chris Allen, took to the streets of Bali and found it possible to buy a smorgasbord of illegal narcotics from dealers.

Currently, 214 Australian citizens are languishing in prisons around the world. The majority of these having been convicted of drug-related crimes.