Sunday, November 27, 2005

Why is the prime minister so angry: Leslie

John Howard 'angry'. Not a good role model for a Prime Minister!

IF you were looking at 15 years in a filthy Bali prison what would you do to get out?

Michelle Leslie posed the question and suddenly did not seem the bad person the Prime Minister painted her as.

Fluctuating between strength and vulnerability, the model called a snap conference Friday to hit back at her critics, from the pro-government media in the studio to our infamous Prime Minister John Howard.

"From the day of my arrest until the day I was released, I really believed I would spend the next 15 years of my life rotting in an Indonesian prison," Michelle Leslie said before breaking down, tears dampening her cheeks.

"I can't begin to describe how frightened I was and how confusing it was to find myself in that situation.

"I don't think anyone could blame me or my family or friends for doing everything they could to get me out."

"I think anybody else in that situation would have done the same."

For those unfamiliar with Bali's Kerobokan jail, she offered a quick verbal tour. Her cell was "infested with cockroaches and had no ventilation and no sunlight".

"I had to share that cell with up to 13 women at a time," she said.

The only relief from the heat "was a daily shower with a bucket of cold water in an open sewer".

She then criticised Prime Minister John Howard who -- like his newspaper the Daily Terror and others -- said she should not be paid for her story.

"What has really shocked me is the amount of anger that has been leveled at me, especially from the Prime Minister," Leslie said.

"I know there has been a lot of speculation about whether I was going to tell my story -- let me tell you now, all I ever wanted to do was clear my name and also that my story is not for sale."

She made it clear from the start that she would not talk about her case or criticise the Indonesian legal system, because this could make life worse for other Australians in Bali awaiting their fate.

Her softly spoken father Albert sat on her left.

On her right was mentor Sean Mulcahy.

Albert Leslie spoke with disbelief about his daughter's treatment.

Mr Leslie blasted Foreign Minister Alexander Downer for taking no interest in his family.

Her father, Albert, said he was staggered and amazed Mr Howard would get involved in the case.

Mr Leslie referred to the Bali Nine drug accused, who face possible death sentences for heroin smuggling, and said "... from what we've read and heard, it was his Australian Federal Police that dobbed them in to the Indonesian police - we find that absolutely amazing."

Open letter to Michelle Leslie

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for being such a real person and I hope you get better soon.

Please try and get on with your life now and continue to be what you always wanted to be.

I hope that your friend gets back the $600,000 that your family was robbed of by that evil and corrupt Indonesian government.

I know our government conspired to let it happen, amongst other things, and that they will continue to tell us that Indonesia is a 'true' and 'just' place to be relied upon, 'believed', 'visited', or 'live'.

But most people know that is not true.

John Howard can be a very nasty person and should be removed from public office just for lying to the Australian people about it and everything else he's lied about in the past.

He doesn't set any example to the Australian people because he also has yet to face his own trial for his war crimes against humanity, at the Hague.

Perhaps a taste of prison life would change his mind about what he expects others to endure?

Your case has proved what a lot of people have believed for a very long time now.

Why is the Australian government in bed with Indonesian government?

When we know that Indonesia is amongst the most corrupt governments and that Australia should not be taking for granted anything that the Indonesian government say is true, on face value! Then acting on that advice alone!

People who are being blown up in Indonesia on the dance floor, the cafes and the Embassy deserve nothing but the truth, so help me God and I'm here to provide it!

And dear person you were the one chosen to deliver that message to the people, through the Universe the Highest Power from the kingdom of heaven, and onto planet earth.

So whether you know it or not or whether you like it or not! From me to you 'This is a Sign' and the light. Not an ordinary light, 'superflurient' the 'brightest light'. Chromium Blue in colour.

The Universe has spoken through you and given all Australians a very special gift for Christmas.

Avoid Indonesia like the plague because your life depends on it!

That gift as it should, has now been past on as a gift by your good self - even though you have paid for it dearly.

The big picture though, is that with your help, other people may avoid the DANGER, and may be prevented from having a bad experience, take greater care and survive.


PS) John HoWARd and the Coalition of the Killing might be angry because your case shows that his 'deals' and subsequent 'complicity' with Indonesian officals can easily be corrupted or bribed to do or say anything. Therefore you have become the person who has proved that,(amongst many others) and beyond any reasonable doubt.

By In Solidarity 27 November 05


Indonesian Police Set Free After Torturing West Papuan Students to Death If you thought Schapelle Corby got a raw deal from the Indonesian justice system, spare a thought for the West Papuan students who survived a vicious attack by police as they slept in their dormitories in Abepura, West Papua, in the early hours of 7 December 2000.

Say no to Indonesia as a tourist destination
Australian tourists visiting Bali's nightspots will face random urine tests under an escalating anti-drugs crackdown on the Indonesian holiday island.

WHY IS THE HOWARD GOVERNMENT PLAYING 'DEATH' WITH AUSTRALIANS: There has been much controversy recently on whether the Australian Federal Police should have tipped-off the Indonesians over the arrest of the Bali Nine. Due to the fact that Indonesia executes convicted drug-traffickers, ACADP believes that any evidence collected by AFP should have been withheld from Indonesian authorities until they have a written guarantee not to pursue the death penalty for the Bali Nine.

On page19 of the BRISBANE "SUNDAY MAIL" there was an article entitled "CORBY VIDEO HELP REBUFFED". IF it is true, (the article which follows) it PROVES (IN LAW) the claim that OUR GOVERNMENT HAVE WITH-HELD EVIDENCE FROM THE LEGAL DEFENCE OF A CITIZEN.

It was me! 'New Corby trial'
SCHAPELLE Corby has been handed a second chance to fight for her freedom. But she got no second chances with the Daily Telegraph.

Australian man denies owning drug stash
AN Adelaide man facing up to 10 years in a Bali prison for drug possession has denied owning a stash of hashish allegedly found at his rented bungalow.

The Corby drug trial has become Bali's latest tourist attraction. Australians are taking time off to lend moral support to Schapelle Corby.

Corby lawyer pleads for Australian help
The lawyer for a Queensland woman facing drugs charges in Indonesia says it is not too late for Australian authorities to assist her defence.

Chris Allen, took to the streets of Bali and found it possible to buy a smorgasbord of illegal narcotics from dealers.

People: 'Prisoners' of Drugs'
People who are addicted to heroin usually take the drug because it relieves them of problems such as low self-esteem, distrust and fear of abandonment. They may have poor communication skills & poor relationship skills.

UK: This absolutely preposterous idea/theory of allowing a person/s to be possibly charged with 'possession', if found to have a drug substance within their bloodstream, just goes to prove such hypocrisies which certain hierarchies feel justifies passing legislation, is another blow for democracy!

Currently, 214 Australian citizens are languishing in prisons around the world. The majority of these having been convicted of drug-related crimes.