Friday, July 9, 2004

Don't bash us on Saturday

The Darwin communities ongoing struggle against the Northern Territory Labor Government's 'drug house' legislation which allows police to place a 1.2 metre high fluorescent green sign on the front fence of a house or business.

Human rights activists in Darwin are concerned for their safety and the safety of the public at this week's Network Against Prohibition (NAP) Community Smoke-In for Human Rights.

Event organisers have vowed that the event will go ahead on Saturday despite the refusal of Darwin City Council to issue a permit. An appeal has been lodged with the Local Government Review Tribunal however it is not expected that the appeal will be heard before Saturday.

The Community Smoke-Ins, held regularly in Darwin's Raintree Park, form part of the Darwin communities ongoing struggle against the Northern Territory Labor Government's 'drug house' legislation which allows police to place a 1.2 metre high fluorescent green sign on the front fence of a house or business.

Once a house or business is sign-posted, police can raid the premises without a warrant whenever they like, they can conduct cavity searches on anyone on the premises and stop, question and issue restraining orders to anyone within 200 metres of the sign. No charges need to be laid and police do not need a conviction to declare a house a 'drug premises'.

Police attacked peaceful protesters at the first Community Smoke-In held in April 2002. Two activists were injured and five arrested.

Police attacked again in October 2002 provoking a mini-riot in Darwin's Smith Street Mall. Four police vehicles were damaged in the mayhem and NAP activists still face a trial for criminal damage charges later this year.

NAP spokesperson Michael Barry said "We have conducted seventeen Community Smoke-Ins since April 2002 and we have only had trouble at two of them. If police stay away we can guarantee that there will be no trouble."

"We are concerned that Council's refusal to issue a permit for our regular drug law reform event paves the way for unnecessary and unwelcome police interventions on Saturday. The police have a vested interest in drug prohibition and the 'drug house' laws and they have always been keen to stomp on NAP's drug law reform activities whenever they have the opportunity."

"Council's refusal is politically motivated and aimed at silencing vocal dissent over drug prohibition."

NAP members are on edge after a police raid on the home of NAP Coordinator Gary Meyerhoff this morning. Meyerhoff has been issued with a Cannabis Infringement Notice.

This month's Community Smoke-In has a Christmas in July theme and Santa will be taking time out from his workshop in the North Pole to support drug law reform in the Top End of Australia.

The event kicks off at 12 noon this Saturday.


Gary Meyerhoff - NAP Media Facilitator - 0415 16 2525 from overseas +61 415 16 2525 Darwin City Council - Chief Executive Officer - (08) 8930 0505 from overseas +61 8 8930 0505 Sue Bradley - NT Police Media Unit - 0417 770 686 from overseas +61 417 770 686

Further information: Network Against Prohibition NT

By NAP 9 July 04


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Between moments of pungent humour, The Barbarian Invasions is a confronting movie. Facing a painful death to cancer, Remy, a self-described "socialist, hedonist lecher", accepts Montreal's crumbling, cramped public health system as his left-wing fate.

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The Syringe Festival was first held in Darwin in August 2002. The event, organised by the Network Against Prohibition was held as a protest against the Territory's new "drug house" laws that came into effect on August 1 last year, as well as a celebration of drug culture.

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Ten unions are involved in the campaign against the program. They say they do not oppose drug and alcohol testing to prevent and determine impairment, but they are concerned that the trial will force workers to reveal use of prescription medicines or over-the-counter drugs.

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Concerns have been raised that police may be unfairly targeting young people. The audit is part of a review of the extra powers officers were given to help tackle the illegal drug trade in Cabramatta in south-west Sydney.

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THE federal Government's conservative tough-on-drugs policies have triggered an explosion in hepatitis C infections, a secret health department report has found.

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Professor Harding found evidence of bullying and standover tactics at the jail, often associated with the distribution of illegal drugs.

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PERCEIVED as the height of conservatism, the Country Women's Association has had a reputation for baking and handicrafts until now. The organisation yesterday confirmed it is seeking to have cannabis legalised for health reasons. A recommendation to be put forward to the annual meeting in May calls for the legalisation of the drug for the treatment of terminally ill patients.

The Thai Drug Users' Network is a group of individuals who use or have used drugs We have come together to respond to the deplorable health and human rights situation of drug users in our country, and in particular the current climate of fear caused by the extrajudicial killing of people allegedly involved with drugs.

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This is another lethal party drug article by the Daily Telegraph's (DT)'s Super Crime Buster Division, but I'll try to straighten it out a bit so you can understand it.

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Everything is a drug love, money, vegemite, and honey so why the hang up on coke? Things go better with Coke. at least that's what we're told each and every day by advertising. [?] So why the big hang up on alcohol, amphetamines, cigarettes, marijuana, speed, ecstasy and cocaine?

Police selling drugs? Bikies selling drugs? Pharmacies prescribing drugs Of course there will be criticism when you cross that thin blue line! You have to realise how the government itself has been corrupted because of the drug scene and the money involved.

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But a spokesperson for Citizens Against Being Forced Mr Ihave Amind Ofmyown said, "Major Watters is John Howard's adviser because he's a bully. Citizens make their own decisions about what is best for them and if you don't like that step down."

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Corruption and mismanagement are still entrenched in the NSW Police, and problems at the highest levels are "whitewashed", according to evidence given yesterday to a federal parliamentary committee.

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The only two social drugs the Government sanction are cigarettes and alcohol as legal, yet they cause the most damage." He said.