Monday, November 25, 2002

Alcohol pickles your brain

Pickle point: A leading professor Dr. Bud said after releasing his report on the problems associated with alcohol.

Alcohol not only gives you depression and schizophrenia, alcohol sends you completely mad." He said."

The only two social drugs the Government sanction are cigarettes and alcohol as legal, yet they cause the most damage." He said.

When people drink one or two glasses of alcohol every day they eventually reach pickle point. Their brain is pickled.

Research shows that at that point the brain loops and anything that is said or done before can be utilised as memory but no new information can be of use because the brain is pickled.

A spokes person for Justice Action Mr Don Turps said, " I notice people on milk crates beside the pubs in Darlinghurst some of them are completely mad," he said.

"How come the taxes for alcohol are not used to keep these people off the streets. They're drinking metho and urinating in front of people. At that stage they should be taken and provided accommodation and some help."

By Mad Mans Broth 25 November 2002