Tuesday, April 15, 2003

CWA wants pot legalised

PERCEIVED as the height of conservatism, the Country Women's Association has had a reputation for baking and handicrafts until now. The organisation yesterday confirmed it is seeking to have cannabis legalised for health reasons. A recommendation to be put forward to the annual meeting in May calls for the legalisation of the drug for the treatment of terminally ill patients.

The CWA, keen to reinvent itself and become more attractive to new members, is seeking to change its identity. This year saw the first appointment of a man as its head, with Colin Coakley appointed as general secretary.

While the CWA has long been seen as conservative, Mr Coakley said the perception was incorrect, with the organisation advocating heroin use for the same reason in the past. "This will go to the conference and if accepted will become policy," he said. "It's specific, this isn't a statement on cannabis generally, but for medicinal purposes only.

What they are looking at is cases where it can assist people that are terminally ill." A long-standing relationship with cancer sufferers has led to the proposal, with money raised from craft sales going to related charities and organisations.

Hemp advocate Phil Warner said the plant was severely underutilised in Australia, because of the negative connotations associated with the drug.

Managing Director of Ecofibre, he said the company was about to begin exporting hemp based ice cream and muesli, which is legal in most western countries and made from plants which do not contain drug properties.

There were enormous benefits for cannabis use in the medicinal arena, he said, and in the United Kingdom scientists have perfected a technique to use cannabis as a pain killer, without the euphoric effects. The Australian company has begun work in conjunction with Southern Cross University mapping the DNA of the plant.

A State Government report into cannabis use for medicinal purposes called for greater trials of the drug before it was approved. A spokesman for Premier Bob Carr yesterday said the State Government would address the use of cannabis as a health drug in the next three months, following the developments in the UK and the report.

The NSW Council of churches rejected increased use of the drug under the report's recommendations, fearful it would lead to wider community acceptance. However, nothing was said in relation to the overburdening alcohol problem that kills up to 4000 people a year legally. Actual deaths recorded from 1989-99 4,286 from alcohol.

Ray Roach President of Where Old Enough to Vote said, "Enough was known about cannabis effects on people, with fears it could lead to schizophrenia in one percent of the population.

Those people who are allergic to it have to choose herbs that agree with them like parsley, sage, rosemary or thyme when they're dieing of cancer."

He said. "Enough is known about alcohol, which leads to madness causing 4000 deaths a year.

Alcohol is a man made drug that pickles your brain. So now its time to see what it is about herb's that are so inviting. Perhaps its because God put them there and the fact that its not man made? Medicinal purposes of course. Isn't that why we take herbs?"

By Dr Herb Bud 15 April 03

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Drunks propel rise in violent crimes! But who promotes drinking really?
Every day NSW police deal with more than 300 violent offences committed by people who are drunk and they say the number is rising. But they don't say because the government promotes alcohol and only alcohol.

Another lethal party drug article...
This is another lethal party drug article by the Daily Telegraph's (DT)'s Super Crime Buster Division, but I'll try to straighten it out a bit so you can understand it.

Poison Ivy: Drugs and Substances
Everything is a drug love, money, vegemite, and honey so why the hang up on coke? Things go better with Coke. at least that's what we're told each and every day by advertising. [?] So why the big hang up on alcohol, amphetamines, cigarettes, marijuana, speed, ecstasy and cocaine?

Police selling drugs? Bikies selling drugs? Pharmacies prescribing drugs Of course there will be criticism when you cross that thin blue line! You have to realise how the government itself has been corrupted because of the drug scene and the money involved.

Drug rehabilitation: Threats, threats and more threats!
But a spokesperson for Citizens Against Being Forced Mr Ihave Amind Ofmyown said, "Major Watters is John Howard's adviser because he's a bully. Citizens make their own decisions about what is best for them and if you don't like that step down."

MPs told of police corruption
Corruption and mismanagement are still entrenched in the NSW Police, and problems at the highest levels are "whitewashed", according to evidence given yesterday to a federal parliamentary committee.

Alcohol is just the beginning
People who start using alcohol by their mid teens are more than twice as likely as others to experiment with different drugs and to become dependent on drugs a major Australian study has found.

Tobacco, alcohol top the drug abuse toll
Tobacco and alcohol accounted for 83 per cent of the cost of drug abuse in Australia, dwarfing the financial impact of illegal drugs, a Commonwealth Government report has found.

NSW police cracked up on antisocial behaviour
Hundreds of extra police will be on the streets of Sydney from this afternoon as part of a major blitz on crime and activities as "antisocial behaviour" says the ABC online last Fri 24 May 2002.

Alcohol pickles your brain
The only two social drugs the Government sanction are cigarettes and alcohol as legal, yet they cause the most damage." He said.