Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Another lethal party drug article...

This is another lethal party drug article by the Daily Telegraph's (DT)'s Super Crime Buster Division, but I'll try to straighten it out a bit so you can understand it.

THE lethal party drug GHB, which last week killed Newcastle man Sam Ramoundous, is the latest concern for the Federal Government in its fight against drugs.

The ingredients for GHB, sold under names including fantasy and GBH, are easy to acquire and most of the growing supply is made in Australia. In its latest Illicit Drug Report, the Australian Crime Commission found amphetamines were the fastest growing of all the drugs studied.

"The increasing popularity of synthetic drugs presents a growing problem," the report said.

But they don't tell you why, up there in story land? So let me tell you why.

Perhaps it's because this drug, gives you more energy, a pain killer that takes away pain, cures ADD, reduces wait, keeps you awake, makes you dance on air and makes sex go forever.

Yes there are side effects as well like, if you take too much and you don't sleep then you will exhaust yourself. Slim yourself down to a skeleton and become malnourished. You could overheat while dancing and melt the muscle and fat on your body until you dehydrate and die, right there while your dancing. Or you could have a heart attack or stroke while having sex for too long or driving for too long on the road eventually losing your concentration.

While there were difficulties in obtaining ingredients for MDMA, or ecstasy, "GHB has the potential to be of significant concern for Australia". "Large quantities of GBL a GHB precursor are imported into Australia for use in legitimate manufacturing and cleaning."

Justice and Customs Minister Chris Ellison said the Customs Service was working with its US counterpart to stem the increasing flow of ingredients being imported from the US.

Mr Ramoundous's body was found in the DeVere Hotel in Kings Cross nine days ago lying next to his unconscious wife. They had both taken fantasy, a liquid form of GHB.

Another couple who had been at the same party in The Rocks were also taken to hospital and treated for the effects of the same drug.

The report said the heroin drought continued but users were substituting other drugs. Other key findings were:

The number of people arrested for heroin related offences fell by 56 per cent from 2000-01 to 2001-02.

Cannabis was still the most widely used drug but the number of users fell "significantly".

Illegal bikie gangs were highlighted as a major player in the manufacture and distribution of amphetamines.

"The line between 'drug of choice' and 'drug of availability' is becoming indistinct," the report said.

"The shortage of heroin has led users to supplement it with pharmaceutical opiates and benzodiazepines.

"Illicit drug users mimicking the symptoms of chronic ailments are visiting medical practitioners to persuade them to prescribe pharmaceutical opiates."

"legal drugs cause most deaths."

Legal drugs: In 1998, around 2,000 deaths among persons aged 0-64 years were attributable to the use of alcohol, accounting for 28% of all drug- or alcohol-related deaths in this age group. The Australian Burden of Disease study estimated that almost 4.9% of the total burden of disease in Australia in 1996 was attributable to alcohol consumption.

"The government wants the tax on legal drugs so it bad mouths all others."

"Illegal drugs have always been with us."

"You're never going to stop illegal drugs."

"You're never going to empty out the jails."

By Joe Roach 25 March 03

THE TAX MAN: So when is the government going to let the chemist sell all drugs and let people decide what is best for them. The tax man who normally forgets about the medicinal purposes and the fact that this would be another choice for people who get sick on alcohol or who are sick of alcohol, to do what they choose. You know what they say variety is the spice of life. Man!


Poison Ivy: Drugs and Substances
Everything is a drug love, money, vegemite, and honey so why the hang up on coke? Things go better with Coke. at least that's what we're told each and every day by advertising. [?] So why the big hang up on alcohol, amphetamines, cigarettes, marijuana, speed, ecstasy and cocaine?

Police selling drugs? Bikies selling drugs? Pharmacies prescribing drugs Of course there will be criticism when you cross that thin blue line! You have to realise how the government itself has been corrupted because of the drug scene and the money involved.

Drug rehabilitation: Threats, threats and more threats!
But a spokesperson for Citizens Against Being Forced Mr Ihave Amind Ofmyown said, "Major Watters is John Howard's adviser because he's a bully. Citizens make their own decisions about what is best for them and if you don't like that step down."

MPs told of police corruption
Corruption and mismanagement are still entrenched in the NSW Police, and problems at the highest levels are "whitewashed", according to evidence given yesterday to a federal parliamentary committee.

Alcohol is just the beginning
People who start using alcohol by their mid teens are more than twice as likely as others to experiment with different drugs and to become dependent on drugs a major Australian study has found.

Tobacco, alcohol top the drug abuse toll
Tobacco and alcohol accounted for 83 per cent of the cost of drug abuse in Australia, dwarfing the financial impact of illegal drugs, a Commonwealth Government report has found.

NSW police cracked up on antisocial behaviour
Hundreds of extra police will be on the streets of Sydney from this afternoon as part of a major blitz on crime and activities as "antisocial behaviour" says the ABC online last Fri 24 May 2002.

Alcohol pickles your brain
The only two social drugs the Government sanction are cigarettes and alcohol as legal, yet they cause the most damage." He said.