Monday, July 26, 2004

Australia must stand up to Downer this Federal Election

Australia must stand up to terrorists: Downer?

Yes... I can't believe the news today. Oh, I can't close my eyes and make it go away...

[More likely a scenario is the Liberal Coalition will seek out, find or push stories towards the media, they found on the Internet or from any other source that builds the Coalitions case for War and the Politics of Fear-mongering - necessary to provoke a general fear amongst the community, so we can vote for "Superman" to Save us all. SOS?]

Australians to be sacrificed: Howard

Howard vowed hostages wouldn't sway policy? The Federal Government say they would not negotiate with terrorists if an Australian were taken hostage in Iraq.

The Terrorists they proscribe are the "Enemy" they created in Iraq.

So how long must we sing this song? How long? How long... 'cause tonight...we can be as one tonight...

The Federal Government has asked ASIO, [an Australian terrorist organisation], to find out more about the, [alleged], Islamic Tawhid terrorist group, which has, [allegedly], threatened to attack Australia with "columns of rigged cars". [?]

[Just plain rubbish and propaganda.]

But Foreign Minister, [war criminal], Alexander Downer says while he takes the threat seriously, the Federal Government will not negotiate with terrorists.

[Even when the Coalition of the Killing pre-emptively strike sovereign nation states and stand to gain incentives from the US for our plunder in terms of a Free Raid Agreement?]

US-Australian 'Free Raid Agreement' and Labor's Ploy?

[Allegedly], speculation is rife in political circles about whether the Senate will follow the lead of the US Congress, and approve a free trade deal with the United States?

Downer won't negotiate with the enemies he and his war criminal government has created.

Blood, blood, blood.... Sunday Bloody Sunday.

[Allegedly], the Islamic Tawhid Group claims to be the European wing of Al Qaeda, [ a US demon. Makes you wonder who will be next?]

In an, [alleged], statement on the Internet, the group, [allegedly], says it will attack Australia unless Australian troops, [militants], are withdrawn from Iraq.

"Australian people, if your Government refuses to withdraw and respond to us we will shake the ground beneath your feet as we did in Indonesia and columns of rigged cars will not stop," it said.

[Notice how Indonesia have been dragged into it? Suits the Australian and US Governments perfectly wouldn't you think? As the CIA were involved the military hardware, Bali, false flag operation in 2002, blowing people to bits off the dance floor. So we know that, that statement is just plain rubbish and fear-mongering propaganda from the federal government.]

Broken bottles under children's feet, bodies strewn across the dead end street. But I won't heed the battle call, it puts my back up, puts my back up against the wall.

Downer says he has "not heard of the group" but Australia will not bow to that demand, even though the threat could be genuine? "This group, Islamic Tawhid Group, isn't a group that we're familiar with, but nevertheless it's a threat," he said.

[When any threat will do!]

Downer: "We take it seriously and what it does is it reminds us that we have to be absolutely determined in the face of the "threats of terrorists" to make sure that we don't give in to those threats. "Terrorist groups will not determine the policy of the Australian Government or the Australian people."

[But enemies will!]

Sunday, bloody Sunday. Sunday, bloody Sunday. Sunday, bloody sunday (sunday bloody sunday...) (allright lets go!)

Downer says it seems that terrorists are issuing more and more threats.

[Oh my God! The closer the Federal Election the more threats we seem to get?]

Downer: "The problem here is that at the time of the Spanish election, the Spanish began the process of withdrawing their troops," he said.

[Is that the problem? We don't think so......]

Downer: "More recently the Filipinos have withdrawn their troops in the face of terrorist threat.

[Is that the problem? I don't think so.......]

Downer: "Unfortunately, these actions have encouraged the terrorists to continue these threats.

[Is that the problem? I don't think so......]

Downer: "Within a day or so of the Filipinos doing that, six more people were taken hostage in Iraq."

[Get out your nerve pills because the Filipinos are not there to be taken hostage by the 'Enemy'. Nothing has changed has it? How come these threats seem to go hand in hand with the Governments policies and warnings? Just a coincidence I suppose.]

And the battle's just begun, there's many lost, but tell me who has won? The trench is dug within our hearts, and mothers, children, brothers, sisters torn apart.

[Downer says Australia must stand up to the terrorists, but he has made lots of 'enemies'.]

Downer: "You have to stand up to these people because if you don't you empower them," he said.

[But what he has to do is not make 'enemies' then he doesn't have to stand up to them and can walk away...]

Sunday, bloody Sunday, Sunday, bloody sunday.

Labor support

The Labor Party's Kevin Rudd says his party supports that policy.

"We do not believe anybody should negotiate with terrorists," Rudd said.

[So now Rudd has to play the same, me too, game otherwise the governments propaganda won't help Labor into power. Because the 'power' used in the mass media campaign would see Labor as 'unpatriotic'. Yeah? Yeah!]

How long...How long must we sing this song? How long? How long...'cause tonight...we can be as one. Tonight... Tonight...

New South Wales Labor Premier Bob Carr says Australia should ignore the threat.

[The propaganda threat from the stink tank? You mean just plain rubbish and propaganda? Yes we should ignore rubbish and lies.]

Carr: "At no stage can we be seen to be giving in to terrorists. There will be threats made at us,"he said. "There will be threats directed at us from Al Qaeda cells for anything we do or say. You can't shape policy because of a terrorist threat."

[Same game different face. Actually it's a shame about the face.]

The ALP's fascist police states

Wipe the tears from your eyes, wipe your tears away. Wipe your tears away, I wipe your tears away.

At this stage, the Federal Government says there is no information to suggest Australia should upgrade its security threat level. [?]

[Actually I think it should be upgraded to a 'Propaganda Threat'. High alert status. Be alert and alarmed.....]

I wipe your blood shot eyes, Sunday, bloody Sunday, (Sunday, bloody Sunday). Sunday, bloody Sunday, (Sunday, bloody Sunday), (here I come!)

And it's true we are immune, when fact is fiction and tv reality.

And today the millions cry, we eat and drink while tomorrow they die.

The real battle yet begun, (Sunday, bloody Sunday).

To claim the victory jesus won, (Sunday, bloody Sunday).

On...Sunday bloody sunday.....

By Gregory Kable & U2 posted 26 July 04


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Australians to be sacrificed: Howard
Howard vowed hostages wouldn't sway policy? The Federal Government say they would not negotiate with terrorists if an Australian were taken hostage in Iraq.

US-Australian 'Free Raid Agreement' and Labor's Ploy?
Allegedly speculation is rife in political circles about whether the Senate will follow the lead of the US Congress, and approve a free trade deal with the United States?

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Howard Vs Regina in Canberra the Capital Territory of Australia- Friday January 30 2004.

Well think about this! Australia's intelligence agencies look set to receive a substantial funding boost in this year's Federal Budget, with the Prime Minister saying it is an obvious step to take.

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