Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Australia: Howard's fortune cookie

Coalition witnessed a big turnaround in the opinion poll?

Australians have witnessed a big turnaround all right, forget about the corporate media's latest opinion poll just look at, [war criminal], John Howard's social and foreign policies. What do they reflect?

The Un-Australian Newspoll is like a two dimensional view of a four dimensional object opposed to a four dimensional view.

When we take into account the poor and disaffected in our communities, the marginalised and weak, not to mention the middle class workers and those youth climbing Howard's ladder of survival (opportunity without rungs) then its hard to actually witness anything other than wrath, indulgence and corporate interests, trying to manipulate the general public with a thing called a Poll. Especially when the source is Un-Australian.

Now it has become clear that the next generation of youth from middle, lower and peasantry class will have to pay off university debt if they want to learn even if they do get a place in university.

Before they consider buying a house they have to decide if they can afford one and unless they're filthy rich, it's nearly impossible to buy a house. Might they decide to add opportunity to their lifestyle?

So without some rungs on the ladder of opportunity itself, then it may be a little hard for some people to be able to see that the Coalition have allegedly done a turnaround in the opinion poll!

Just add that to the financial fortune cookie!

Unfortunately" Newspoll doesn't reflect the views of the people who died, and who were mistreated and less cared for in public hospitals, no matter how good Howard's economical management or financial backlash on Medicare sustained his overflowing goblet.

Just add that to the financial fortune cookie!

Unfortunately Newspoll's don't show you the prisoner abuses, and lies perpetrated by the Howard government, and don't forget who the Newspoll does reflect, column "A" the filthy rich, those protected species.

Just add that to the financial fortune cookie!

In fact the only gift Howard can grant the Australian community is financial security for the rich who are all too willing to plunder the savings from the middle class and poor with excessive taxing and who reap from third world countries their dignity like in Iraq.

But ask yourself about this wealth tag that Howard relies on? Good financial management? Or theft? Corporate dollars from privatising our public institutions, higher taxes, resources dug out of the Australian Soil and black money for helping the coalition of the willing under the heading of a Free Trade Agreement with the US.







What did Howard do besides financial security for the wealthy? Baton down the hatches? Duck and weave? This financial management is reckless in the grand scheme of things. Security that's sinister, elusive and dark. When you work it out, the problems this illusionary security will cause down the track, will actually outweigh any of the benefits, even to the wealthy because it lacks morals. What good is money if you look like an arsehole?

Just add that to the financial fortune cookie!

For example just take the cost of Australia's current National Insecurity away from the Howard government's financial management. Bad foreign policy? Means now we have invaded Iraq and occupied that country, bad enough and right in front of their eyes we attempted to get paid off $$ by the USA in the way of a Free Trade Agreement.

How do you think the rest of the world views that? Why wouldn't Iraq's mates want to throw rocks at Australians, and not just in Australia but at Australians and their institutions throughout the world, including tourists and those living overseas.

Just add that to the financial fortune cookie!

The reality? There can be No Hope With Howard a liar and a cheat, a mongrel to humanity and the rest of the world all comes down to bad will and that bad will inherited by all Australians.

Just add that to the financial fortune cookie!

They witness the Coalitions fortunes? We witness Regrets? If this puts Howard in the best position according to a Newspoll then that surely doesn't say much for the Australian people? What about our ethical standards and their human rights abuses regardless of their illusionary fortunes? What have we got to show for it? What's the good of their illusionary fortunes if people are locked up and framed for a crime they never committed? Or if people can't receive proper medical treatment because their illusionary fortunes have been directed away from public hospitals?

Just add that to the financial fortune cookie!

According to the Un-Australian poll, Prime Minister John Howard and the Coalition are now in the best position to retain government since Mark Latham became leader of the Labor Party.

The result comes as Howard prepares to fly to the United States this afternoon where he will meet, [war criminal], President George W Bush to discuss Iraq and the Guantanamo prisoners and lobby for the free trade agreement before heading to Europe for the D-Day commemorations. And when Terrorism, [? fear-mongering, propaganda, false flag operations,
scapegoat and patsies for the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East], rules the air waves from perth's, [ASIO provocature], guilty plea from Jack Roche to Sydney's Terrorist drill by emergency services.

The poll published in The Un-Australian, [allegedly], shows support for the Government forget about the figures.

Shadow Finance Minister Bob McMullan says he does not believe there has been such a massive shift in public opinion.

"It doesn't reflect what any reasonable measure could be of the political situation, that we're going up and down like a merry-go-round, that is just not happening and doesn't happen," he said.

"Australian people aren't out there changing their mind every day or every fortnight, it never happens."

Newspoll managing director Sol Lebovic is a Coalition manipulator because Australians were not only influenced by the budget but rather more influenced by Howard's track record as a mongrel to children in detention, refugees and asylum seekers and out of touch with the dignity and human rights of prisoners in Iraq and Australia who are locked up some in solitary confinement and tortured by maintaining them below the survival level of human existence some in the name of terror suspects.

Sol: "I've seen in budgets before a delayed reaction," he said.

Well Sol oils and oils and I guess we need to give you the slip you greasy slime ball!

What you did not take into account Sol was the current climate! Sure you took into account the current economical climate, without deducting the inflation of it, but definitely not Australia's current foreign policy, national insecurity and human rights record.

In the Newspoll taken a fortnight ago, just after the Budget, the Coalition slipped further behind Labor, with 46 per cent support on a two-party preferred basis to Labor's 54 percent.

Labor will hold on to the lead it's secured regardless of an Un-Australian opinion perhaps if we could ask you to keep your opinions to yourself in future Sol! Just remember Oil's ain't Oil's Sol! Should I need to remind you!

By Charlie Chan 1 June 04


Australian officer visited Abu Ghraib
An Australian Army legal officer who served at the coalition's military headquarters in Baghdad visited the notorious Abu Ghraib prison on a number of occasions, a Senate committee has heard.

Australia: Reconciliation dreaming
Djerrkura had witnessed the collapse of ATSIC, which he led from 1996 to 1999, with sadness. Despite the peak indigenous organisation's flaws, which he did not deny, its abolition, he said, had been done in "the classic imperial fashion, without negotiation, without understanding and with little empathy". He noted that as early as December 2001 he had called on his successor Geoff Clark to resign for the good of the organisation. But he reserved his harshest words for John Howard.

Greens call on Mark Latham to commit to ending Howard's abusive policies Greens Senator Kerry Nettle has called on Mark Latham to commit to abolishing the human rights abusing policies of the, [war criminal], Howard government if they win the next election.

Howard's bribe political nonsense!
ALMOST 10,000 NSW children will be denied a bribe of $700 handed out to help them read and write because of a political bunfight between the State and Federal Governments? Or because Howard's bribe is being used as leverage to get satisfactory results from State governments about education policy? Howard's bribe is seen as a political stunt due to bad opinion polls.

F-word used in erection year
WHO said the Treasurer was routinely a purveyor of boring statistics and bad news? "Go home and do your patriotic duty tonight," Mr Costello mischievously demanded of Australians, ensuring his pre-poll spending spree was forever remembered as the "erection budget". Who said that?

Young men terrorised, tortured, and threatened with charges for no crime by Australia mate the lucky country. Lucky if you're not used for Howard's FEDERAL ELECTION and George Dubya's WAR ON LIBERTY! Who shot liberty? IGNORANCE!

Govt urged to invest more in public schools
The Australian Democrats are calling for the Howard Government to allocate an extra $2 billion each year for Government schools. Democrats schools spokeswoman, Lyn Allison, says the Prime Minister must invest heavily in public education to reverse the decline in government school enrolments.

Skippy's: Last word on who we are?
An alternative way to interpret the Prime Minister's remarks is to consider that on the cusp of asking the people to elect him for a fourth term, he has nothing more or new to say about Australia. This is the inherent danger in announcing an end to national navel-gazing.

Govt is unaccountable, ALP primary votes
The latest GKCNN Newspoll published today shows the Howard Government is unaccountable. The primary votes are back to the ALP this would see in a Labor Government if an election were held now. With the illegal occupation of Iraq the government lost any chance of winning support of its basic principals, the politics of fear and lying to the Australian people.