Thursday, May 27, 2004

Greens call on Mark Latham to commit to ending Howard's abusive policies

Greens Senator Kerry Nettle has called on Mark Latham to commit to abolishing the human rights abusing policies of the, [war criminal], Howard government if they win the next election.

"Today's report shows that Australia's human rights record is appalling and getting worse. The Prime Minister doesn't care about our Human Rights record, but Mark Latham is an unknown quantity," Senator Nettle said.

"The human rights concerns raised by Amnesty stem directly from the policies of the Howard government.

"The Greens are calling on Mark Latham to commit to ending the policies that Amnesty International have identified as abusing human rights in Australia

Polices of concern to Amnesty International

* Mandatory detention of Asylum Seekers - including the Pacific Solution

* Attack on the powers of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

* ASIO powers to detain non-suspects

* Continuing oppression of Indigenous Australians

* Detention of Australians at Guantanamo Bay

* Occupation of Iraq

"Not only are Australian policies criticised but also the policies of the US which John Howard supports, including the indiscriminate killing of civilians in Iraq and the illegal detention of suspects in Guantanamo Bay, Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Australians are committed to a fair go. The policies of the Howard government are destroying that reputation.

"Amnesty International's annual global report is another international voice criticising the Howard government's policies must not be swept under the carpet by Howard and his ministers."

Contact Jon Edwards - 0428 213 146

By Senator Kerry Nettle 27 May 04


Amnesty report criticises Aust, US
Amnesty International has accused Australia of using national security to justify the erosion of human rights and says the United States has proved "bankrupt of vision and bereft of principle" in its fight against terrorism and invasion of Iraq.

UN support for Iraq...conditions?
One of the most important acts that really needs to be done by the United Nations if it is to take over from the United States and Coalition Forces in Iraq, is to demand that ALL prisoners taken from the region, and from Afghanistan, be immediately placed into the hands of the international community (UN) and made available as soon as possible (if required upon further examination) to the International Criminal Court. This has to include Saddam Hussein. Not to do so would smack of further injustice.

Ruddock moves to give police access to emails
Police could get access to stored voicemails; emails and SMS messages under a Bill introduced to federal Parliament today.

The bone has been pointed at Howard
A Queensland Indigenous leader says an ancient Aboriginal curse placed on Prime Minister John Howard is no laughing matter and could even have deadly consequences.Suspended Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commissioner (ATSIC) chairman Geoff Clark was with a group of Aboriginal people who performed a ceremony known as pointing the bone at Howard at Colac in south-west Victoria this week.

O'Shane blasts constitution
Controversial New South Wales magistrate Pat O'shane has described the Australian Constitution as flawed and grossly inappropriate.

Demounting Auntie Isabel Coe
The information demountable and Auntie Isabel Coe's demountable were set alight at 3am last Saturday morning. The info demountable was completely destroyed- 31 years of photos and info on the grassroots Indigenous rights movement destroyed! Wilson Tukey (FUCKER)has wanted any excuse to get rid of the embassy for ages. This week he has been using the excuse that the burnt out shell is a danger to the community therefore the embassy must be removed.

HoWARd, where's your head at?
Australians is living on the edge! Seems each time the bombs go off overseas for the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East Australians are living on the edge.

Howard Vs Regina in Canberra the Capital Territory of Australia- Friday January 30 2004. Would the defendant please stand while I read out the judgement of this court.

War criminals should be tried: Human Rights
The UN War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague should try George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard for their part in the coalition of the killing for crimes against humanity.

Message of Solidarity: Greens
The Australian corrections system is appalling and rife with abuse of prisoner's rights. The spiralling numbers of those locked up, now over 23,000, is an indictment on a society which purports to be fair and democratic.

Brain injury for suspicion 'inhumane'
Faheem Khalid Lodhi refused bail by a Sydney court and remanded until June in hell at the (HARM-U) High Risk Management Unit at Goulburn. While he is in there he will receive a brain injury and is likely to self-harm due to the gross violation of living standards.

The secrecy of the unit holding several people charged with terrorist offences, [scapegoats for the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East], here in Australia was confirmed during an attempted community inspection by a delegation from Justice Action. The delegation comprised four women and two men.

QLD Politician (Community Safety?) Amendment Bill 2004
NEW LAWS: A picture of the [false flag] Madrid killer bombings was used to introduce a terror Bill so that we are so fearful we will accept it as being appropriate behaviour by the authorities and law enforcement. [So where is our protection against a corrupt government and complicit corporate media organisations?]

Dictatorship under the crimes Act?
[War criminal], Attorney General Phillip Ruddock said yesterday under the Crimes Act Izhar Ul Haque committed a crime. But the real crime was preventing a 21-year-old young man decide for himself what is wrong and what is right. What a disgrace! Under the heading, further education.

Report recommends freeing child detainees
The Human Rights Commission has found that some children held in Australia's immigration detention centres have been exposed to cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.

Child detention breaches UN convention: human rights report
There are currently 86 children in detention in Australia and more than 70 on the Pacific Island of Nauru. The Federal Opposition, [as well as of at least half of Australia], has called on the Government to act on the report immediately.

Detention centre media ban criticised
The Howard Government has been criticised in a report by media freedom advocate Reporters Without Borders for stopping journalists covering the conditions in refugee detention centres.

Refugee protests expected to move to Sydney
Refugee advocates look set to protest in Sydney this Easter instead of the Baxter detention centre near Port Augusta in South Australia's north.

Zimbardo on US Soldiers and Iraqi prisoners
My former colleague in the Psychology Department at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY forwarded this letter to me. It was distributed via the Social Psychology e-network. I think you will find it enlightening, and possibly disturbing, but I believe it is important information for us to be aware of.

Steve Stefanowicz: Adelaides new torturer!
Is the U.S. citizen Steve Stefanowicz going to be allowed to resume his working entry visa to Australia, given the revelations in the Weekend Australian May 8-9?

Hicks interrogator features in CBS broadcast
An American television program has broadcast an interview with a man who interrogated Australian terror suspect, [scapegoat for the Coalition of the Killing's resource war's in the Middle East], David Hicks at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.