Wednesday, May 7, 2003

Howard's ethics seeks reverence with the Queen about war in Iraq? Or about Dr... Hollingworths worth?

Most learned Australians would argue that killing innocent families including children in Iraq to fix the problem [lack of resources] also had no valid principals, values, morals or ethics.

PRIME Minister John Howard who is responsible for Australia's army killing innocent families including children in Iraq has spent an hour with the Queen at Buckingham Palace, while the furore over Governor-General Peter Hollingworth continues to grow back home.

The meeting, the PM's first with the Queen this year, was expected to include discussion about the pressure on Dr Hollingworth to step down.

In this instants if Howard were to be discussing Dr Hollingworth in relation to his ethics, as Governor General then it would have to be said in my respectful view that this is the pot calling the kettle black.

But details of the meeting are not expected to be revealed by the prime minister who has grown increasingly testy with questions about the issue.

Howard has been out of the country since a report by the Anglican church found Dr Hollingworth failed to properly deal with sexual abuse claims while he was Brisbane archbishop.

But most learned Australians would argue that killing innocent families including children in Iraq to fix the problem also had no valid principals, values, morals or ethics. And indeed with the greatest respect a contradiction within itself for Howard in terms of Dr Hollinworth's handling of child sexual abuse.

In his only public comment on the report, Mr Howard said he could see no reason for him to recommend to the Queen that Dr Hollingworth be sacked. In short Howard's behaviour since sending our militants to Iraq leaves his own ethics questionable in the eyes of the innocent victims families and friends and Howard knows it.

Today, when questioned again about the issue and polls showing strong support for Dr Hollingworth's removal, Howard refused to answer. But the polls apparently approved the war in Iraq and the killing and maiming of innocent families in Iraq so why should news polls dubbed news propaganda pill's by GKCNN have any issue with the PM indeed? Polls don't tell you how much your worth as a human being who is blown to bits because you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. Polls tell you about your political career correct me if I am wrong.

Howard "I don't have anything to add to what I've previously said on that issue," he replied.

The Hollingworth issue is clouding efforts by Howard to focus on the post-war Iraq reconstruction [?] talks he has had with the United States and will take up with British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The two leaders will have something to celebrate when they meet, with Howard to present Mr Blair with half a dozen Australian red wines to mark the British PM's 50th birthday this week.

Once his British engagements are concluded, Howard will head to Doha in Qatar to meet some of the 2000 Australian militants who were involved in the resource war in Iraq.

The pressure on Peter Hollingworth to resign as Governor-General intensified last night as three Anglican bishops said it was time for their former colleague to step down. "Australians deserve unequivocal ethical behaviour and best practice in all aspects of community leadership," said the Bishop of Bathurst, Richard Hurford. Divisions within the Howard Government over the Governor-General's future became more obvious yesterday when some ministers appeared to urge Dr Hollingworth to ride out the storm.

But he had little support from his church, which is reeling from an inquiry's finding that Dr Hollingworth failed to deal with child sex offenders among the clergy when he was Archbishop of Brisbane.

The Bishop of Armidale, Peter Brain, was forthright. "He hasn't got much choice. I feel for him and his wife and their personal circumstances. But the more I've thought about it the more I think he should resign, for the sake [of the office] and for the sake of the church."

Last night, a Government House spokesman said the Governor-General was hanging on and had "no current plans" to attempt to explain himself further to the public - a day after a Herald, ACNielsen poll revealed 76 per cent of Australians want him to quit.

The Anglican Primate, Peter Carnley, has already admitted the church has been seriously damaged by the scandal - but Bishop Hurford said there was more at stake than the church's reputation. "Public perception has become the reality and it would appear that Dr Hollingworth's position has become untenable. While the Governor-General alone must make the decision whether to remain or to relinquish the office, it is now imperative that the moral authority of the office of the Governor-General is not squandered."

The Bishop of Newcastle, Roger Herft, said that if he was in Dr Hollingworth's shoes, his course of action would be clear. "With such a significant proportion of people saying the position [of Governor-General] is being diminished - and even given concerns that my successor could face similar mauling - for the good of the nation I would say it is time for me to move on."

An advocate for a Wagga Wagga woman says the office of Governor-General has been sullied by the report into Dr Peter Hollingworth's handling of child sexual abuse cases.

An Anglican Church report has found Dr Hollingworth should have been more compassionate in recognising the wrong suffered by the Wagga woman who, when she was 15, had a sexual relationship with a priest who later became a bishop. Since the report's release last week, calls for the Governor-General to stand down have continued, but the Prime Minister is sticking by Dr Hollingworth.

The woman's advocate, Wendy McCarthy, says the former Archbishop of Brisbane failed to respond at a proper level. She says while Dr Hollingworth apologised to her friend, it was only after the Australian Story television program. "If you damage the role of the bishopric, you damage the role of the priesthood and you're now damaging the role of governor-general. I mean...I don't care one thing about the individual concerned, but I do care about the institution that person has represented," she said. Ms McCarthy says the Wagga woman has not sought compensation, but she believes she should. "She hasn't had emotional support, psychological compensation, nobody's paid for her to have a counsellor, nobody's given her a chance to go back and be retrained and re-educated," she said. "She's had no opportunities offered to her by the church except a rather mealy-mouthed apology after Australian Story."

Boat people and John Howard don't have anything in common because John Howard can't put himself in the same boat and that's the problem. Howard never once stopped to think about having his son or daughter or family member under a bomb to fix the problem in Iraq or he would never have joined the coalition of pre-emptive terrorists wagging war on innocent people.

By Uncons Cionable in London 7 May 03

THE LEADER: If you lead by example you will always have the ability to change the values of the whole community and sadly we have been disgraced by the Howard government who stumbles to make any ground in relation to Human Rights in Australian in 2003.


PM man of steel? Or killer and a thief?
Is JOHN Howard a killer and a thief or a man of steel after he dropped bombs on innocent civilians in order to fix the problem in Iraq for trade agreements with the US? Thousands of children are now dieing of disease.

Boat people and John Howard don't have anything in common because John Howard can't put himself in the same boat and that's the problem. Howard never once stopped to think about having his son or daughter or family member under a bomb to fix the problem in Iraq or he would never have joined the coalition of pre-emptive terrorists wagging war on innocent people.

Thousands march for peace! But does that mean no war?
THOUSANDS of people took to the streets around the country yesterday to march against the war in Iraq and for world peace.

The Empire Strikes Back: Sydney anti-war rally
School children in uniforms, groups of young men and older protesters have gathered on one side of Town Hall while at least 200 police have gathered around the area.

Human shield describes 'sickening' scenes
An Australian 'human shield' who has fled Iraq into neighbouring Jordan has described the sight of bombed out buildings and distraught Iraqis as "sickening".

US disturbed over 'biased' reporting in Arab media! But the US lies to the world! How could anyone describe pre-emptive strikes on a sovereign nation, occupation, genocide, torture, and human rights abuse by the Coalition of the Killing in a positive light?

Coalition force 'surprised' by stiff resistance for food aid
About 4,000-5,000 allied forces have launched what they vowed would be an all-out blitz. "We're going straight through that city," a US Marine officer, who asked not to be named, said. "It will be a Hail Mary with guns ablazing."

Australians don't support US military action: poll
The second Australia-wide poll since the war began has found most Australians disapprove of the United States using military force to depose Saddam Hussein.

Explosions rock Baghdad, jets overhead Iraq
BAGHDAD, March 20 [Rooters] A handful of explosions rocked Baghdad at dawn today as jets roared overhead, Iraqi anti-aircraft batteries opened up and air raid sirens sounded.

AUSTRALIA AT WAR! Moment of death...
"The opening stages of the disarmament of the Iraqi regime [? resource war on Iraq regime] have begun ," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer [should have] said minutes after the strikes. He said Bush would speak at 2.15pm (AEDT).

Hit the road Jack and don't you come back No War, Jack Straw, No War, No War! LONDON: Nick Buxton, organising the protest outside Mr Straw's house, said: "We got the message across that the war is going to have a very huge humanitarian impact and people are angry about this war."

Moment of death 'HoWARd'
JOHN Howard lost the war for public opinion as Australia braces to invade Iraq by the end of the week. With nationwide anti-war protests, and Labor scrapping 30 years of bipartisanship on sending troops overseas, the Coalition has failed all Australians.

Evidence that Howard was complicit in CIA, false flag, call to arms, Bali bombings War criminal John Howard was complicit in the call to arms - false flag operation - Bali bombings - instigated by the CIA - and the Coalition of the Killing - to bolster support - and quell dissent for their illegal and degrading resource wars in the Middle East.

War criminal Howard high-jacks HRCA to 'legitimise killing'
The Human Rights Council of Australia (HRCA) says it fears Prime Minister John Howard's comments in support of the execution of [CIA operative] Osama bin Laden show his eagerness to overturn three decades of national opposition to the death penalty.

PM lost in space! Pre-emptive Strikes & Star Wars Defence!!
War criminal PM backs missile defence investigation but he is not on his own. Bob Carr dubbed Darth Vader after draconian laws were introduced in NSW following John Howard's threats to strike first and ask questions later.

Doom gloom and 'Boom' Downer shakes the room?
"Optimism is better and so is 'constructive feedback' because using constructive feedback means that the negatives also have a role in the construction of a nation. In short we have all the time in world to solve problems properly and that is what our leaders should be focusing on when they decide to inform all Australians. Hey what's the rush?" He said.

Hypocrisy not Democracy? No Blood for Oil!
Howard has refused to back down on the threat of war despite hundreds of thousands of Australians rallying against it. The question is why?

Australia backs CIA Reichstag, Downer's propaganda
The Foreign Affairs Minister says the latest message from Osama bin Laden is worrying. [Just plain rubbish!]

UK Reid, Blair and the reichstag London threat!
The nature of the [alleged] terrorist threat to London is on the scale of the [USA false flag] September 11 attacks in the United States, the chairman of Britain's governing Labour Party said.

Bin Laden calls? CIA blind man's bluff!
A [US propaganda, fear-mongering] taped message purportedly from Osama bin Laden has warned Arab nations against supporting a war against Iraq but has branded Saddam Hussein an infidel.

The Australian Federal Opposition and Labor Party Leader, Simon Crean, has again warned the U.S. ambassador to stop meddling in Australian politics.

War: Part one The human cost
On the road to Basra, ITV was filming wild dogs as they tore at the corpses of the Iraqi dead. Every few seconds a ravenous beast would rip off a decaying arm and make off with it over the desert in front of us, dead fingers trailing through the sand, the remains of the burned military sleeve flapping in the wind. "Just for the record,'' the cameraman said to me. Of course. Because ITV would never show such footage.

Mandela speaks out against Bush, Blair
Former South African leader Nelson Mandela has lashed out at US President George W Bush's stance on Iraq, saying the US leader has no foresight, and cannot think properly.

All the way with (LPK) Love Peace and Kindness: Dalai Lama
Communication is a two way street. Threats and punishment solve nothing and serve none. In fact it is against the law in most countries to threaten or punish a person.

Hill defends decision to attack Iraq: Step by step?
FEDERAL Defence [War] Minister [Sinister] Robert Hill has defended the government's decision to send troops [ send militia] to the Persian Gulf [ to attack Iraq] in readiness for any [pre-emptive strike that would cause a] conflict with Iraq.

Pleas for peace ring the globe
Anti-war demonstrators turned out in their hundreds of thousands around the world on Saturday to protest against United States military preparations for an invasion of Iraq.

Not too late for Iraq peace, Blix says
But we all know that's rubbish now. The Coalition of the Killing were not seeking WMD in Iraq, they were there for their resource wars. So who gave the 'UN' and Blix the wrong information back then? War criminals!

George Bush's other poodle
John Howard, Australia's PM, is the mouse that roars for America, whipping his country into war fever and paranoia about terrorism within.

US prepares for trade talks with Australia but it's not worth it!
The office of the United States Trade Representative has started formally preparing its negotiating position for the first round of talks on a free trade agreement between Australia and the US.

First strike and you're out!
The ideology of a super loser? John Howard shocks the nation again. A nation who cannot believe Howard's stupidity following his [complicity in the CIA's false flag operation, the Bali bombing.]

UN charter doesn't reflect new self-defence needs: Hill?
The Defence [War] Minister, Robert Hill, says the United Nations' charter needs to be changed to help countries defend themselves against potential threats. [?] [Pre-emptive strikes on soveriegn nation states like Iraq and Afghanistan?]