Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Nick Papps not guilty but far from innocent?

Nick Papps may be a free man but he's still a superstar molester...

Jermaine Jackson: "We always felt he was 1000 per cent innocent." "It takes one person to tell the truth, but it takes many to concoct a lie."

That was the stunning admission from one of the fans just the next day after Jackson was acquitted yesterday and went home to Neverland for some peace and quiet away from that mongrel want-to-be journalist at the Daily Telegraph. Rough, Ruff.

The journalist wrote an article this morning claiming amongst other things "Michael Jackson was found not guilty, but far from innocent".

Well is he drunk as skunk on alcohol? Drugged up to the max on cocaine? Super bias? Or just plain deluded beyond belief?

There has got to be some reason why Papps is in contempt of the community and still gets paid by the right wing media corporation to do the devils work.

But as he grovelled with the decision, the jurors went on TV to talk about how they came to their decisions.

'And that evidence made us come back to the same thing: it just wasn't enough.'

Jurors in US criminal cases are required to find that a defendant is guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt," a standard that Sundown's team failed to meet despite an exhaustive search of Jackson's sprawling Neverland estate and prosecution victories on every key ruling by the judge

'We had to look at him like any other individual, not a celebrity'".

The jurors made it clear that they did not like or trust the accuser's mother and suspected that she could be behind the charges.

"I disliked it intensely when she snapped her fingers at us," said a 79-year-old grandmother on the jury. "I thought, 'Don't snap your fingers at me, lady.'"

Legal experts say another critical flaw in the prosecution case was the timeline.

The boy said he was molested by Jackson weeks after the broadcast of a documentary about the singer that touched off a worldwide furor over his practice of sleeping with young boys. Jurors found that claim difficult to accept.

The jurors' comments followed a dramatic day in court where Jackson was emphatically found not guilty of 10 charges that could have sent him to jail for 20 years.

Michael Jackson fans said Nick Papps, has been proven "beyond a reasonable doubt" that he's a superstar molester, taking into evidence his article this morning in the Daily Terror.

But the reason he won't be found guilty of contempt of the community is because there is no one policing the corporate media.

"Have police the means to prosecute them?"

"Have you been a victim of newspaper abuse?"

Jackson appeared relieved as the verdicts were announced yesterday, wiping tears from his eyes and hugging his mother.

Moments later a feeble looking, emotionally drained Jackson was whisked from the court after giving a weak wave to the dozens of fans screaming for him outside the court.

"Justice has been done," Jackson's lawyer Tom Mesereau declared just minutes after the verdict was read.

Jackson himself was saying nothing last night, leaving it to his brother Jermaine to declare the Jackson family was "very, very happy".

"We always felt he was 1000 per cent innocent," he said.

"It takes one person to tell the truth, but it takes many to concoct a lie."

As Jackson bunkered down in Neverland, famous friends like Elizabeth Taylor came out in support of the 46-year-old father of three.

"Thank God Michael is vindicated for all time. Now maybe people will leave him alone," Taylor said.

Jackson's former wife and the surrogate mother of two of his children, Debbie Rowe praised the court decision declaring: "I would never have married a paedophile. And the system works."

Super losers

Disappointed prosecutor Tom Sneddon, who tried unsuccessfully to prosecute Jackson but said he would not just move on to other cases.

Disappointed want-to-be journalist Nick Papps from the Daily Terror a fascist, religious pro government right wing tabloid, also tried unsuccessfully to prosecute Jackson, and Jackson's fans believe Papps could possibly be suffering from delusions of grander and they have suggested he see a good therapist.

In the end, for a jury, which had to decide on guilt beyond reasonable doubt, there could only be one verdict -- not guilty.

As another jury member said: "We actually challenged one another in the deliberation room. We challenged the issues, and we came to the decision that pointed to reasonable doubt."

"We were able to deal with it as fairly as we could as with anybody else," a juror said.

Newspaper bullies destroy people's lives!

NSW: Who's policing corporate media? Have police the means to prosecute them? Have you been a victim of newspaper abuse? Please make a comment and send your complaint to the Daily Terrorist, the police and ATTORNEY GENERAL Bob Debus!

By Michael Jackson Fan 15 June 05


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