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JACKSON TRIAL Or Inquisition

"Ye shall know the TRUTH and the TRUTH shall

William J. Wagener does a weekly Libertarian TV show in Santa Maria since October 1, 2000, which is sometimes bicycled around the nation. Libertarians believe in individual freedoms and rights to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Wagener has been a court "watcher" since 1992 in Santa Maria, and especially of Judge Rodney S. Melville, and his tendency to give Prosecutors leeway, not usually afforded to public defenders, or private defense attorneys.

As I predicted, the Jury did not come back with a verdict. Look to see it on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday. Meanwhile another 150 fans and lookee loos have pulled into town and 300 are expected to be at the Courthouse of Santa Maria, on Tuesday. And for those fans paying close attention. there will be a pleasant surprise.

No, Not Joe Jackson, who showed up today, looking for his son Michael, but something else I can not reveal until after Midnight PST. Watch Diane Diamond's face turn shades of rage when the NOT GUILTY verdict come in, as I who live here and know of two of the Jurors. But in my view she is a nut case, and not a reporter or truth. In fact, I can count on my left hand the number of Truth reporters I have seen in this Courtroom. I have told many of them of the sleezy uneven enforcement of the law, and told them were to double check what I say at the local library. Not one has done so. There ain't no money in telling the Truth, if it leads to the conclusion MJJ is getting a Kangaroo Trial. A modern day financial lynching.

I stand alone in my opinion, among those who hold a S.B. Sheriffs Press credential. But heck so did Jesus. I am not saying MJJ is as good as Jesus, but Jesus said, HIS followers would be persecuted. I have seen that MJJ does much good for inner city kids of all races. He has been persecuted.

NOT GUILTY or any bunch of dysfunctional liars can accuse any rich do gooder and ruin their life. Today Michael Joe Jackson, tomorrow YOU.

We will have several of my TV shows ready for viewing off this web site (On Second Thought) including at least one of my 10 shows on Michael Joe JACKSON inquisition. Tell me which one YOU would prefer. Number 1, which deals with the custody battle, M.J. may have to fight or IS fighting, number 2, with the footage of the Santa Maria City Council & City manager admitting they are making money off MJJ inquisition, number 3, where I sport fun at one of the Asst. Dist. Atty., number 4, where you get to see the best of the April 3 FANs RALLY for Michael. Which one, would you most like to see. Email me at

Source: MJFC

* Prosecutor Ronald J. Zonen summed up the case as being about "the exploitation and sexual abuse of a 13-year-old cancer survivor at the hands of an international celebrity."
* Lest jurors missed his initial point, Zonen likened the waif-like Jackson to a "lion on the Serengeti" on the hunt for prey.
* Make that a "lion on the Serengeti" with a "drinking problem," another of Zonen's charges.
* Zonen said the defense's contention that the boy at the center of the case and his family have simply made up their allegations against Jackson was "unmitigated rubbish."
* Zonen tied in the prior abuse allegations to the current case by arguing that the prosecution proved that Jackson "molested [the current accuser] and numerous other boys." The pop star's MO, then as now, Zonen said, was to "seduce boys into his confidence, into his bedroom and into his bed."
* In the event that jurors missed the above point, Zonen made it again, only pithier, by saying Jackson's accuser was welcomed into "the world of the forbidden."
* Zonen argued that the accuser's mother would be unlikely to make up an allegation such as seeing Jackson lick her son's head because the behavior is so "bizarre." Also, he said, the woman had no way of knowing that Jackson had been accused of doing the "bizarre" deed to another child a decade ago.
* Freed of the judge's vocabulary restrictions, Zonen called porn "pornography," instead of "sexually explicit" materials. He reintroduced jurors to Jackson's pornography stash, too.
* Zonen charged that Mesereau broke a promise to jurors by failing to prove several damaging allegations against the accuser's mother.

* Defense attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. summed up the case as being about "the life, the future, the freedom and the reputation of Michael Jackson."
* Mesereau said his client "must be acquitted."
* While Mesereau did not manage to make a rhyme with "acquitted," he did manage to disparage the accuser and the boy's family as "con artists, actors and liars."
* Mesereau brought that above point home by saying, "There is no way in the world you can find that [the accuser and his family] are trustworthy beyond a reasonable doubt."
* Mesereau said it was "absurd" to charge that Jackson molested his accuser at the same time he was "under the microscope" for the 2003 Martin Bashir documentary, Living with Michael Jackson.
* Mesereau said it was "absurd" to charge that Jackson, a man who "likes to sit in a tree and do music," orchestrated a plot to abduct children and send them away to Brazil.
¥ Mesereau said it was absurd, a paraphrase this time, that Jackson would give a child, much less an ex-cancer patient, alcohol in order to set up the boy to be molested.
* Pulling the CSI card, Mesereau said there was no DNA evidence to link Jackson to his accuser. (In child-abuse cases, there rarely is.)
* Mesereau pointed out all the prosecution witnesses who blew up on the prosecution, such as Jackson ex-wife Debbie Rowe, and all the alleged Jackson molestation victims who came to court to deny being molested, such as Macaualay Culkin.
* Mesereau accused the prosecution of a "barbaric attempt" to destroy Jackson by ridiculing everything from his penchant for legal porn to his reputedly troubled finances.
* Mesereau accused Zonen of being mean to him because the prosecutor didn't have a case.

By William J. Wagener posted 9 June 05

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