Friday, June 10, 2005

HREOC's deadline on child detainees passes

"We detainees request from human Australian to release us from Nauru cage" Years of waiting took their toll on asylum seekers. There are still two men there! They are suffering. (April 2006)

The fascist Federal Government has ignored a deadline set by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) for all children to be freed from immigration detention.

So what's new?

HREOC is an arm of government and help little if anyone.

As a caseworker I'm not sure that they could help anyone unless of course it's politically correct. I have thousands of dissatisfied complainants with complaints that have simply just been appeased or delayed by HREOC.

One aspect is that the people who need and seek out a reliable watchdog do so because they have a complaint and cannot sue for relief or damages.

Usually, because they have no money, are disabled or because they are being held in custody which means they are disabled. Those people have little if any resources. Those people usually lack the legal knowledge and understanding to do so.

And in anycase I would not advise anyone to take up their own matter in court unless they have an understanding of how the court rules work. Otherwise they could lose any prospect they may have had to seek relief or make an application for a damages claim.

Don't be fooled

If you can just imagine that all you do when you contact HREOC is make a formal complaint about Human Rights for the record.

In NSW (PIAC) the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, The (HCCC) Health Care Complaints Commission and the Ombudsman all do the same thing as HREOC.

QC at hand they'll try to stall and appease complainants all the while telling you they can help you and that's all the help you're likely to get from them.

These arms of government merely act as the Government of the days INSURANCE POLICY. Because after years of communicating the problem to them they will finally admit they cannot help you.

They'll find some excuses as to why they cannot help you. Just the same as a person might try and duck and weave a policeman trying to book them for speeding.

The person complained about doesn't work there anymore or a common phrase used by the arms is that by the time you get prime evidence against the offender or the offending department there is no utility or funding to take up your case. Even after three years.

But rest assured they won't give you that information until a year or so later or even longer but that may depend on how well you hit the ball back.

And you're unlucky if you still think they do more than rubber stamp the government's agenda. Because that means you play ping-pong with their QC until you drop dead.

One year ago, the HREOC released a detailed report into numerous and repeated breaches of the human rights of children in Australian detention centres.

It set a deadline of June 10 for all children to be released, although its recommendation was not binding on the Government.

The HREOC has expressed disappointment its deadline still has not been met?

Commissioner Dr Sev Ozdowski says the Government policy contravenes the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

"We are releasing them quite often with damaged health into the community," he said.

"It's time to have a look at the policy of mandatory detention of children again, it's time to release the children, allow them to wait in the community for the final decisions or for the time they can depart Australia."

Children's refugee advocacy group Chil-out says 68 children remain in the nation's detention centres.

Chil-out coordinator Dianne Hiles says the Government has reaffirmed its policy of mandatory detention for asylum seekers, including children.

"These children are innocent, whatever the scenario, they are caught up in a game that is not of their making and what we are doing to them is damaging them," she said.

"It has been proved time and time again and yet we still continue to treat them like political pawns and human shields.

"Children do not deserve to be treated like this - there are alternatives and families shouldn't be kept in these high security detention facilities for the purpose of sending a message to others - it's little lives we are dealing with."

Afghan children lose High Court battle against detention

Lawyers have lost their constitutional challenge to the detention of four children at a South Australian immigration centre. Four siblings from Afghanistan, aged between seven and 15, have been in detention since they arrived in Australia in 2001.

War on terror should tackle child abuse says UN...

A United Nations official has told a Brisbane conference tackling child abuse must be part of the war on terror.

Apologise to children abused in care: report

A Senate report on children placed in institutional care has called for the Federal Government to apologise to those who were harmed by their experience.

Gillard stirs Liberal leadership pot

Mr Costello yesterday said that the Federal Government should aim to get all children out of immigration detention and he suggested there should be an increase in immigration levels.

Here is a new project

1. Do you believe it is right to imprison innocent children?
2. Do you believe it is right to imprison innocent women?
3. Do you believe it is right to imprison innocent people?

Compo claims could follow child detention, group warns

A refugee group has predicted a string of compensation claims, after the Human Rights Commission found numerous and repeated breaches of the UN convention on the rights of the child in immigration detention.

Child detention breaches UN convention: human rights report

A leaked final draft report by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) is calling for urgent changes to Australia's immigration detention laws.

Report recommends freeing child detainees

The Human Rights Commission has found that some children held in Australia's immigration detention centres have been exposed to cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.

No more children for Baxter, pleads SA

The South Australian Government is urging the Commonwealth not to shift any more children into the Baxter detention centre in the state's north.

Nauru staff 'fear children are next'

Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone says women and children are sitting in on a hunger strike at the Nauru detention centre, but are not participating.

Alternatives to mandatory detention

These people did not have to be detained. Especially not with the "Pacific Solution!" Are we now going to have more people feeling caged in Nauru?

By Injustice 10 June 05

UN Dialogue among Civilizations
This roundtable is a contribution to the UN Dialogue among Civilizations project that began in September 2000. At the first round table debate on Dialogue among Civilizations, Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the UN stated that, cultural diversity - in his opinion - is not only the basis for the Dialogue among Civilizations, but also the reality that makes dialogue necessary, since the perception of diversity as a threat is the very seed of war. [The role of religion in creating a culture of peace and moving on from a culture of fear.]

Association for the Prevention of Torture
What needs to be done now? The Optional Protocol requires 20 ratifications to enter into force. All States Parties to the UN Convention against Torture should seriously consider ratifying the OPCAT as soon as possible. National Institutions and others promoting the human rights of people deprived of their liberty need to be informed of their potential role as national preventive mechanisms under the OPCAT.

WHY IS THE HOWARD GOVERNMENT PLAYING 'DEATH' WITH AUSTRALIANS: There has been much controversy recently on whether the Australian Federal Police should have tipped-off the Indonesians over the arrest of the Bali Nine. Due to the fact that Indonesia executes convicted drug-traffickers, ACADP believes that any evidence collected by AFP should have been withheld from Indonesian authorities until they have a written guarantee not to pursue the death penalty for the Bali Nine.

We the members of the Aboriginal Nations and Peoples, do hereby give notice of invoking our claim to all the land of the territories of our ancestors. Accordingly, we invoke the Rule of International Law that we have never surrendered nor acquiesced in our claim to these lands and territories.

UK report shows Iraq war illegal: former defence chief
Ruling Class Lord Goldsmith said a final UN resolution may be needed, that hard evidence of Iraqi non-compliance may have been required, and the UK could face sanction by international courts.

Australia owes Habib nothing: Beazley?
Federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley says if Mamdouh Habib is entitled to any compensation for his detention and alleged torture it cannot come from the Australian Government.

Pressure remains on Australia as Kyoto takes effect
The Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will today come into force after a decade of deliberations.

In Queensland prison sentences have become step-by-step more lengthy over the last decade according to prisoner Mr David Minty who has been in jail for 20 years.

Children of Imprisoned Mothers
United Nations lobbying body reports on women in prison and their children. I thought that two recent publications from the Quaker group that lobbies the UN might be of interest to you.

Goulburn Jail breaches UN standards
NSW: Greens MP Lee Rhiannon has called on Justice Minister John Hatzistergos to bring Goulburn Jail's Maximum Security Wing into line with United Nations standards, after a prison inmate's covert survey of his fellow inmates revealed problems with rehabilitation programs and basic amenities.

E Timor threatens campaign against Aust over oil deal
East Timor's Foreign Minister is threatening to launch an international campaign to pressure Australia for a bigger share of their own oil and gas royalties from the Timor Sea.

UN panel proposes criteria for legitimate military action
With countries still bitterly divided over the war in Iraq, a high-level panel appointed by the United Nations has recommended a five-step guideline to determine when to use military action.

Afghan children lose High Court battle against detention
Lawyers have lost their constitutional challenge to the detention of four children at a South Australian immigration centre. Four siblings from Afghanistan, aged between seven and 15, have been in detention since they arrived in Australia in 2001.

War on terror should tackle child abuse says UN...
A United Nations official has told a Brisbane conference tackling child abuse must be part of the war on terror.

Drawing the line for trade
Once upon a "lifetime" there was a Prime Minister named John Howard. Dollar signs lit up in his eyes when he was told that if he got involved in the Iraq war and aligned the Australian Government with the Coalition of the Killing, US and the UK then the money he spent would be returned in a once in a lifetime Free Trade Agreement with the US.

Australian Govt human rights record 'worsening'
Community groups have given the Federal Government five out of ten for its record on human rights this year. Mr Purcell said the Government was also marked down because of the policy of holding children in immigration detention centres.

Watchdogs slaughtered in NSW
On Tuesday the Carr Government reduced transparency and accountability yet again and New South Wales is in danger of becoming entrenched with cronyism and intimidations with the Carr Labor Government that continues to slaughter the watchdogs.