Thursday, February 3, 2005


Mob Mentality?

No one here is afraid of Dennis Ferguson. We and our children welcome him...

Governments have been trying to get rid of their problems by making people into outcasts for over 200 years. Transportation, execution and imprisonment didn't work and we should know that by now.

The image of Dennis running from the fearful town of Murgon shows the failure of our criminal justice system.

Dennis has paid his penalty as decided by the courts. He is legally entitled to move on with his life and resettle into a happy accepting community, with a home and income like the rest of us. It is in our interest that he does so as soon as possible.

Instead the justice system has isolated him for 14 years costing well over a million of our dollars, and created a climate of fear that he will attack our most vulnerable children. It hasn't prepared him for safe resettlement, and has given him no chance of survival. Several communities are understandably in uproar due to his proximity.

The solution is not difficult. The Dennis Fergusons are all around us, doing this and other offensive acts. Most sex offending happens in the family. We can't exclude the problem as they are community problems.

Mentoring and restorative justice in the community is the only way forward. And there is a million dollars for every Dennis to spend on it.

We speak for the prisoner community and have been accepting people from the courts on community service orders for over twenty years . We look after our own community. Dennis is welcome.

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By justiceACTION 3 February 05


NSW: Shadow Justice Minister Andrew Humpherson's call for the NSW government to consider chemical castration for child sex offenders is motivated primarily by the desire to create headlines rather than to actually solve the problem of child sex offending in the community.

Child porn investigation hits school morale
The Primary Principals Association says the ongoing investigation into child pornography in Victoria is having an impact on morale in the state's school system.

Partners of Paedophiles support group in demand
A Partners of Paedophiles support group says it has received an influx of calls after a police operation in which hundreds of Australians have been accused of possessing child pornography.

Dr Louise Porter on protecting children
"When I say that rewards and punishments have limited success what I mean is at the most they can only ever teach children to do as they're told and I think that's a very dangerous thing to do for children.

Expert says child porn investigation tip of iceberg
A leading expert on child abuse says the current New South Wales police investigation into child pornography is just the tip of the iceberg.

Police offer protection to family following gang rape allegations
The parents of a 14-year-old girl claim their daughter was gang-raped in Sydney earlier this year, and have raised concerns about corrupt policeman Detective Sergeant Christopher Laycock's review of the case.

NSW police prosecutor charged with child porn possession
A New South Wales police prosecutor has been charged with the possession of child pornography.

Rockspiders: Police, Teachers, Childcare Owners, and Uncle Pervy!
Police have indicated there will be hundreds more arrests as part of Australia's largest ever crackdown on child pornography even though it is some of the police themselves? Authorities have so far charged more than 190 people with a total of 2000 offences and seized more than two million pornographic images.

Police, teachers charged in child porn bust
One-hundred-and-fifty people, including police officers and teachers, have been arrested in what the Federal Police (AFP) describe as Australia's biggest Internet child pornography bust.

Child sex offenders to be monitored in NSW
New South Wales Police Minister John Watkins says convicted child sex offenders in south-western Sydney will be monitored during a six-month trial.

Restorative Justice Conferences
Two Restorative Justice-related conferences will be held days apart in February and March 2005, in Australia.

NSW: Rapists more criminally versatile than Paedophiles
Parents to be given paedophile details? But rapists are more criminally versatile than Paedophiles! So who let the dogs out? Police Minister John Watkins! That's who.

NSW Prisons Inmate Development Committee speaks out
I am writing on behalf of the IDC Inmate Development Committee in area 3, MSPC at Long Bay. Area 3 is where, the Department is congregating minimum-security offenders within maximum-security walls whilst awaiting mandatory programs at Cubit (Sex Offenders Program).

Vic database to track sex offenders' movements
The Sex Offenders Registration Bill is due to be tabled in Parliament later this week. Sex offenders will have to tell police if they change their names, address or work and will not be allowed to work with children.

Today Sex offenders TOMMORROW YOU!
To suggest there is a need to restrict their movement is rubbish! This is a grab for civil liberties in NSW and it offends everyone else who is free to associate because soon it could be you who is restricted or someone you know.

Gang-rape, police, disparity and the law..
The young woman and her friend have told police they met the players in Coffs Harbour on the evening after the Bulldogs played a trial match there and went back to the team's hotel with them.

Govt stands by child sex offender program
The Western Australian Government is standing by a taxpayer-funded agency that offers conditional confidentiality to child sex offenders.

Therapy key for teen sex offenders
US: One girl allegedly was raped in the boys' bathroom at Folsom High School on a warm midday in March. Another told officials the same boy, a freshman at the school, had tried to rape her days earlier in a girls' bathroom. Two other girls told investigators the boy had committed lesser sex crimes against them at school within the previous week. If true, such a pattern of escalation is worrisome, according to experts who study and treat sex offenders.

Ferguson vilified duck witch: Target ex-prisoners!
A suspected witch being tried with the ducking stool - if you drowned, you were innocent. If you lived, you were burnt at the stake.

Sex offenders: The Umbrella and the Violin [REGISTERED]
The Umbrella: John Watkins the NSW police minister has now convinced State and Territory Police Ministers to categorise label, packaged and bar code people, who have been convicted of Sex offences, as dogmatic.?

Sexual Abuse: Testimony
I'm Debbie Ingraham, and I'm an activist for Restorative Justice. I'm also a former litigant who filed an unsuccessful civil suit against a family member for incest, and a former victim advocate. I bring a 30 year personal perspective of "real life" experiences that come from living with the effects of sexual abuse.